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The topless and the naked brothers

June 3, 2010
I posted those photos in my FB yesterday,
Thot to share again in my blog here about this 2 cheeky boys .

Many said both doesn’t look much the same like brothers.
Some claim i bring back the wrong baby home …. lol .
Maybe baby J is still a baby , once he reach age like Jeremy,
I think they will look alike beside the eyes … for sure .. 😛

Over the pass weekend,
I been practicing and snapping photos of them especially the kids behave well .
No cranky, no crying, no angry.. everyone in good mood .
Glad to see the boys are happy .
& I like all their happy photos and faces here .

For the Big Brother @ Jeremy.
He can happily play water for more then one hour until the skin also “chow-chow”.
Especially at the back yard with the big blue tank & with his toys to keep him busy .
He even requested mummy to get him some apple cope in small pieces
or grape when he taking his long bath.

So young boy already know how to enjoy !!
How about the small J @ Jareth ?
He is real funny baby boy at this age ( coming to 10 months) .
I just love it !!
He can seat on the booster seat and play with his saliva for more then one hour too.
Some time up to 2 hour if i m really busy to entertain him … lol
Until the fingers also “chow chow”
eeee …. i know that sound “gerli” playing with saliva ,
But he is having lots of fun with his fingers and saliva !!
Until the shirt is mostly wet and i have to take it off .
Let him play la … as long he is not crying and disturbing anyone …

Thanks for taking your time to view the photos, yah is slight heavy to view.
Ain’t they just cute and happy ??

For those who interested on the photos taken above,
I m using my Canon 500D, with the basic lens 18-55mm.
Some i use AV mode, some i set auto mode .
I m also learning and just play and snap with it till i get the photos i want .
Somehow natural light is still the most important .
That why you can see the different taken outdoor for Jeremy and indoor for baby J.
At the moments, most photo i shoot in RAW and later convert and adjust in PS or leave it as it is .

Last, have a great day and weekend.
See you again next week with more posts .


A Matter of Taste : B’fest , Lunch , Dinner

May 31, 2010
2+1 meal over the Weekend

For the breakfast ,
We had Junior Chicken Burger + Vege + Cheese for my boy and also mummy and daddy .
With a cup of coffee for us and milk for Jeremy .

For Lunch ,
Pork Meat Potato Curry and Roti Canai Spring Onion

I bough one packet of Frozen Roti Canai from Giant .
This Roti Canai come with Spring Onion , some come with Chili, Onion and etc .
It’s was nice .
Just need to heat and fried over a non-stick pan .
Serve with Hot Curry .
For Dinner,
Fried Spaghetti with slide mushroom + dry chili and vege .
Really enjoy such simple meal for 2 + 1 .
Easy cooking and easy washing 🙂

Sorry, no recipe , as i believe everyone can cook this & i m not good on writing recipe too 😦
Just share the photos and my photography skill 🙂

Free Chocolate ???

May 31, 2010
What you and your family do during last Wesak Day ??
As for us, we went to this Chocolate Fair at Beryl’s ,Bangi .
Is very near my place, otherwise i will not go … cos we are not really a Chocolate lover .
Only certain brands of chocolate i like .
Yah …eat ALL u can without waste , and is FREE .
When i first received the email from my hubby about this Free Chocolate ..
I was like …. FREE Chocolate, EAT ALL YOU CAN ?? ” Biar betul ” ??
Hahaha … yah , is true … is FREE .
Alot of people actually , we reach at 10am. The Q is long .
But everyone Q in a good manner, so is alright to wait .
Just take a short while to reach your turn . So not too bad .
How many round you can go and Q is all up to you .
For me one round is enough … unless you really crazy for Chocolate .
We bring along baby J for this Chocolate Fair even he cant eat !!
Everyone is given a paper cup .
You can take as much as the paper cup can hold .
That’s actually alot of chocolate !!
Can see alot of families enjoying their free chocolate treat .
Good to bring the little one along, sure they love it !!
ha .. u can tell, Jeremy is not a Chocolate fans .
Somemore this boy choose the dark chocolate 😛
Poor baby J, Q so long, and yet not allow to eat .
I can hear he is shouting : ” This is unfair” … “unfair” .. hahah
After the Free Chocolate buffet ,
You can buy some of the chocolate at the shop ..
Yah … this the main reason to offer free choc …
I can see alot of people buy chocolate too.
The price is reasonable and cheaper compared to retail shops .
Some pack in a small cute cup as gift like this :-
Alright … no chocolate … at least got ice-cream for Baby J .. hahaha
We spend less then 2 hour at the Chocolate Fair at Beryl’s .
Tell you what ,
Half cup of the Beryl’s Chocolate is actually more then enough for me and daddy.

The Beryl’s Choc is too sweet for me .
Well, if u love Chocolate, any brands , you should come next time .
After Chocolate Fair … we head to Shopping Mall for Prince of Persia .
Yah, bring along the 2 boys for the movie .
One watch,eat ,seat , stand and walk around 😦
Another one sleep tru the whole movie :p

Hot Sunny Day at The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

March 22, 2010
We were there at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 Putrajaya.
On Saturday around 10:30am.
The day was very hot and sunny. Nice for photo shooting.
Not suitable to bring along baby J , cos is really really hot and burn !!
So we leave baby J with nanny and bring Jeremy for a while .
Just want him to experience the real big Hot Air Balloon .

But the event was not bad, full off activities for adult,kids and family.
Such as :

Balloon area opened to photographers ,

Balloon ride , RM10 per person, but all tickets sold out .

Children Colouring Contest ,
Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display,
Paper Airplane Contest,

Helicopter ride , RM120 per person.

Para motor showcase, etc etc …
We not able to ride any of the Hot Air Balloon, is all sold out and very long Q .
During our trip there, we not able to see those special and fancy Hot Air Balloon.

Don’t know where there are ….. !! quite disappointed !!
Just able to see those normal Hot Air Balloon,
We walk around that area and have some photo shoots.
Here are some of the photo we took during the events . At the end of the day, We all get sun burn .
Even for that 3 hour !! & i forgot to put on my sun block !!
Those who went during night time ,
Can even see the night glow and the firework display !!

But too bad, yesterday (Sunday) heavy rain, not sure how the ending !!
So, have u been ??

Family Portrait Session with Our New Addition .

March 8, 2010
My very first Family Portrait Session
was done when i was 8 months pregnant with baby J .
Was photoshoots by Anna-Rina at Damansara .
How time flies without our notice, now my baby J was 7 months old .
We again had a Family Portrait Session with Our New Addition 2days before CNY .
So this Family Portrait Session means alot to us .
We take this opportunity to celebrate our new baby boy.
To Celebrate our valentine for year 2010 and also CNY .

We supposed to take this Family Portrait Session when baby J was New born.

But we didn’t , due to some reason .

On 11 Feb 2010. We started shooting at 10am .
This day was super hot and sunny .

We were having fun shooting and sweating like mad .
I realize is not easy to handle 1 active boy and one baby boy .
To make them look at the camera at the same time .

To have both on a good expression .
But i believe photographer had their own skill and capability to captured every moments .
I appreciated that and she done a great job again this time .

I had designed some of those photos into Digital Scrap LO .
Cos i plan to make another
photobooks .
I really “heart” those photos .
Hope you like our Family Portrait Session with our new addition .

“The Super Family”The End

If u wandering where is the location ??
Is actually at Alamanda , Putrajaya .

There’s bamboo walk, Nice greenery landscape, indoor playground .

Even fountain ( but the time we were there, the water fountain was not function)
And the most important, near to my house 😛

For me was a great place to have photo shooting .
We had a greenery nice Landscape background .

We also had colourful and playful background as well at the playground.
After hot sunny shooting, we ran into the shopping mall for some cold air .

As what the photographer ask :
What the kids will feel when they see these shots 15 years down the road ???
I just hope my boys will have strong bound together as family no matter what happen.
I’m not sure when is my next Family Portrait Session ??
Properly few years down the road.
Maybe when my sons getting marry … O.o
Maybe mine 50 years anniversary …O.o
Maybe ….

Translating Memories to Images : Abit of here & there .

January 22, 2010
Sometime i wish i like many of the people … especially “youngster” “single”
Pack the bag and go where ever places you wish ..
Take up your favorite camera and start shooting along the way you pass by …
How nice … ??
But … we are not , i can’t … not anymore .
Just able to snap whatever we have the extra free time .
When ever my hand is free from the boys … 😛

Abit of here & there from the 500D.

Some eating out .

A places i wish to go oneday with the love one .
Mummy dream car … yah … is small …
Just a dream car for her & him only …
Jeremy’s Christmas gift last year …
A range of dinosaur cars from hotwheel.
Last …
Baby Jareth ..Pictures took last night .
No more rashes on the face … yipeee
Other wise cannot snap “cute -cute” photos …
But the whole body still very dry with rashes , rashes reduce but still have .
Sleeping routine still not good … We are working on it …
“Mummy … can i kiss the pink elephant ??”
i know … i m cute !!
To all of you … Have a wonderful weekend ahead .

A Matter of Taste : B’fest & Lunch for Lil J … Food Photos

January 18, 2010
Some eating out and photos thru the eye of my EOS 500D

Translating Memories to Images : For The First Time

January 7, 2010
I was really impressed with my Canon EOS 500D.
The First impressions are very positive ,
It’s fit into my hand nicely, compact and quite friendly user.The better way to try out this cam,
Is by explore tru snapping …. and snapping ….
Try and error on the function like ISO, aperture value,
AF mode,
Getting the best angle … and many many more….
We are still learning
Here are some of our first start thru EOS 500D.
Did we pass the test with flying colours for the first time ??
I know, we are much more to learn and experience it.
Once i m better on using this beginning set,
Will like to go for macro photography , better lens !!
I love capturing fine detail .

Last, how can i forget my lil models ???
That’s the main purpose of having this EOS Cam .
Perhaps… I’m truly in love with the EOS 500D already…