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First Sport Day for Jeremy

July 6, 2010
Last Sunday marked the 1st Sport Day for Jeremy,
Glad that he enjoy so much throughout the event .
We had to gather at Stadium Universiti Tenaga .. Uniten at 745am .
It was drizzling at the beginning,
The kids at the waiting area .But it soon stopped and the weather was just right and nice for sport day .
Not so sunny and not wet !!

Well .. i prefer to show u more photos here,
Tell you how Jeremy was enjoy himself throughout the sport day .

The Montessori children were divided into 3 teams ( RED, BLUE & YELLOW)
Means, every kids get a chance to take home a medal .
Which i think is good, so no kids was left empty handed without a medal .
Doesn’t matter is Gold, Silver or bronze .
For them, they are all WIN and achieve their goal in the games .
Jeremy was in RED team,
He was smiling all time , every time he saw mummy and daddy with camera πŸ˜›
I love his happy face πŸ™‚
Jeremy team are playing this game call Truti Fruity.
( no photos, as daddy was recording video for his game)
Each one have to pick a fruit (cards) with red colour like : Strawberry, cherry……
Then stick it on a board provided .
One of the boy in his team was absent.
So Jeremy had to run two time for the game,
He is more happy to play 2 times … πŸ˜›
And his team won the 3rd place which let him took back a bronze medal .
Happily share his medal with his principle .
And also with mummyWe also took part in Parents-kids games too.
Actually was ask personally by his teacher .. not nice to reject, so we join the game πŸ˜›
Daddy and kids have to dress up mummy.
Things was provided such as : powder, scarf, bangles, ribbon , rubber band , sticker .
Powder for Jeremy to make up mummy face ,
Sticker for Jeremy to put on to Mummy ear as earring,
Rubber band and ribbon for daddy to tie mummy hair …. and so on .
The group finished with all the things provided will win .
And yes .. we won the 1st place for this parents – kid game.
Happily bring back a hamper .
Jeremy was so happy with the Big hamper ,
He is more happy to get the hamper then the medal,
Cos … there’s “SWEET” inside the hamper which he is longing for πŸ˜›
Finally i got chance to meet up with this pretty mum Ginie from Slavery Bliss .
Our boys actually at the same kiddy but different branch .
CE is in Blue team & he won a Gold Medal … Brovo boy !!:P
” Really nice to meet u Ginie, and both your kids was so “kuai” and well behave all time.
Not like my boy … so playful , climb & run none stop πŸ˜›
Now you know how cheeky he was in real ya ???
Will soon see you again … πŸ˜› “
& his 2 best friends, but both in Blue team .
Even after his games was over for 3 and 4 years old,
But this boy is still full of energy,
So i let him run and play on the big field and mummy start snapping photos πŸ˜›
Once he is happy, i able to captured many nice photos with that happy face .

The sport was held on Sunday, So Monday the kiddy was close,
Not only Jeremy was having Off day, Mummy and Daddy also take a leave off,
To accompany him and took him to Mid-velly by train as a reward .. πŸ˜›
He been longing for a train ride since long time ago .

…… a busy weekends with a good one …..


Look forward to weekend !!

July 2, 2010
We look forward to weekends like everyone else,
Making plans all week, dropping ideas of things we might do .
Sometime i realize we only got weekends to make lists,
As we are all work during weekdays from Monday to Friday .
We make lists of all the things we will do and whether or not we will actually do them,
Sometime it make us look forward to weekends and those list we are making,
Talking about them can be exciting , even for a small things
Like watching a really good movie , i sure months of July had some nice movie.
Like look forward for Jeremy very first sport day this coming Sunday .
Like going for a WHS ( warehouse sale ), we went for My Dear WHS last Saturday,
& yes … we … are few hundred poorer … πŸ˜›
That’s what we call Weekends Joys .

If we do not have place to go or things to do,
Or lazy to go out, We will be staying at home , playing with the boys ,
Watching TV … or shouting around … lol … That’s HOME … k
The older I get, the more I realize just how very much I love the pleasures of home.
Having a place that is peaceful and safe.
And, although our house might not be the most organized and laundry might not always make it to the drawers,
Toys is all over the place …..
It’s homey … is my home …

Last weekend brought sunny blue skies, kinda hot too.
So we set up the kids pool at the back yard .
Let the boys play around with the water and having fun.
I wish is a bigger pool too .. so mummy can get in to the pool as well … lol

Lets enjoy our sunny photos πŸ˜›

Months of June is a busy month for us, and yet July will be even more busier.
Next weekends ,daddy is going to S’pore for 1 week ,
PIL will be travel to Oversea by end of July ,
Means i had more to prepare and taking care the boys .
The lists continue,
& perhaps a great shopping this weekend before daddy go S’pore ?

hmmm ….. baking a butter cake ?? a chicken burger ?? πŸ˜›
Yes, is going to be a good and busy weekend .
That’s life.

Hope you have a beautiful Weekend too.

Art & Craft : Part 4

July 1, 2010
Something to share
Art & Craft Part 1 (March 2010)
Art & Craft Part 2 (April 2010)
Art & Craft Part 3 (May 2010)

& here Part 4 ( June 2010)

Jeremy specially love this drawing, due to his pet friend : The Shark :p
Special craft for daddy
Draw himself with bear
Kampung boy, not sure who he is referring to .
Stay tune for July art work πŸ˜›

Update on The J Brother : June 2010

June 25, 2010
I been writing alot lately πŸ˜›
This months i’m late on updating the boys development,
So many happening this June ,
We had family day at Cherating, we had father day celebration,
Mummy and daddy 7th years anniversary .. etc etc
Till i forgot what to jot down on the boys monthly milestones,
So many to remember and jot down,

But when come to type it in the blogspot , i forgot … i can’t recall ..O.o

Here we go :

As for the eldest boy aka Jeremy ,
He is turning 44 months on the 17th June .
Another 4 months he be 4 years old .
He is such a Independence boy i could say.
I hardly worry about him when he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm.
Unless i got a call from the kiddy said he not feeling well or fall down ….
Other wise, he is 101% doing well in the kiddy,
He get along well with all the teacher and friends .

He also into choosing his own outfit , every night he go to bed
& every time we go out for shopping and outing .

Good news is he able to button and unbutton .. quite well.
Sometime abit slow and get frustration when he cant do it .
Bad thing was .. he don’t want people to help him when he cannot button the shirt.
He insist to do it all by himself .
This can be very frustrated when we all rushing to go out .
Another problem was … he might end up wearing what not suppose to be wear !!
I have to hide some of the cloths , or tell ‘lie’ to him ,
such as …. the cloths is wash, dirty, still wet and so on .

If he love certain cloths, he be wearing it again and again . O.o
At this moment, this is his big development and sometime can create trouble !!

He still love to draw and sing .Now he not so much in to TV already ,
He prefer doing his own sketching & drawing ,
Playing his mega block and toys .

Afraid of the “naughty corner” .
& the “naughty corner” will be at
mummy’s red mural wall πŸ˜›
Aiseh, the mural so nice & daddy choose that to be “naughty corner” ????

Jeremy can be very very stubborn and hard to handle .
I tried not to cane him and talk to him & explain to him what he done wrong.
Rather then cane him … or we choose the “naughty corner” to punish him .
When come to think about it , we actually need to give him more and more care,
More and more patient to guide him to be good .
As most of the time he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm .
We only spend that few hours with him before he go to bed .


As for baby J aka Jareth, He is turning 10 months on the 8th June .
Means 2 more months he be a toddler and no more a baby .
wow wow wow … my baby is turning ONE soon .
I tell u , this lil baby is growing fast .. real fast …Why mummy show his sad face ??
Baby J just recovered from fever, cough and flu .
This is his very first time having fever , yah @ 10 months .
Still got alot of phlegm … sometime can still hear “gi-ku gi-ku” …
Yah … baby lost abit of weigh O.o

He can crawl very fast .
Can stand for a while, in a midst on learning how to walk … is soon !!
Can climb (by crawl) the staircase very fast too … O.o
4 teeth at the moment .

Very “wai sek” ….what ever your mouth was eating somethings,
He will come very fast to you ..

Every time when we said “no more” after he finished his porridge or fruit.. etc.
He will cried as he is still very hungry and wanna to eat more … πŸ˜›

At this moment ,
I sleep with baby J , he love to crawl to my chest or sleep beside me.
He love to feel closeness to me/daddy when we sleep with him … how sweet !!
Sometime i hug him to sleep too … πŸ˜›
I don’t have this with Jeremy when he is a baby,
cos Jeremy was trained to sleep in a baby cot until he is 2 yo.

But for baby J, he sleeping time was very unpredictable even until now .
I have no choice . Choose to sleep together with him , at least i can get some rest .
Other wise i be up and down the baby cot to smooth him to sleep .

All i can say .. baby is growing up so much faster than Jeremy at this months !!

Well …. As much as they are wearing me out and driving me crazy,
I’m really enjoying my kids at the moment.
My boys are like squirrels with rockets up their bottoms.
They can’t sit still, They are active and playful ,
Bring so much smile and laughter to us .
Both at a very 2 different milestones and progress each months
.. a baby and a toddler …
Where little boys bring happy days and tomorrow is always waiting.
Joting down their development months by months make me delight .
Realize I just love them to bits.

And we each have our own. Our stories. Our life .
It’s one of the reasons I keep blogging, I guess.

Last … Have a great weekend ahead.
As for us, we are going for this Yes … this Sunday !!
KL Marathon 2010 – RUN AS ONE
See you there for those who are joining this Marathon 2010 .
Yes, it’s going to be a good week.


Company Family Day at Holiday Villa Cherating

June 15, 2010
My Company organized a Family Day @ Holiday Villa , Cherating
12th to 14th June 2010We bring along Jeremy but not Baby Jareth .
I think not suitable to bring along Baby J as is full of programs for the trip ,
Such as tele-match for adult and kids, Beach soccer, volley ball,
Kids fashion Show, Water polo and many many games !!
Worry i cant have full attention for him …. eating wise is another problem too .
I don’t want to bring along slow cooking and vege to cook there .
Worry of the hot sun, worry of the mozzie ( yes alot of mozzie) .
OK .. i make a right choice !!

Below was some of the photos to share over the Cherating trip.
Early in the morning we had “pocho-pocho” dance .
Here are some of my colleagues ,Yah … my colleagues mostly is Malay … 85% is Malay .
Only 4 to 5 families was Chinese.
Beautiful beach and deep blue sea .My boy enjoy his sand play .
Water play for the kids
My Super-boy
Fashion Show for the kids .
Last Minute i ask Jeremy whether he like to go up to the stage for fashion show,
He said “YES”
Not wanting him to win cos we not prepared for this show,
Just want him to be brave in front of many people and …. he did enjoy himself on the stage .
Not afraid at all !!
Again … the only Chinese boy and kids too πŸ˜›
For mummy , he is the most cuties among them …. hihihi
Down the stage he can give u alot of posing,
But up the stage .. he abit shy and just stand and smile πŸ˜›
It’s was “floral nite” so i bough him a shirt with many blue flower .
He love it !!
I realize it was very difficult to buy flower shirt for boy,
I been searching up and down till i found this from FOS … phew …
Below was the prize we won :
Daddy’s group was the champion for beach Soccer & VolleyBall,
Jusco Voucher for Adult Tele-match ,
Jeremy’s colouring set for kids tele-match .
A RM10 angpau for kids who join the fashion show :p
Sony DVD player for the lucky draw .
Every games received Voucher or gift even my (mummy) group for tele-match was the last group πŸ˜›
As long as you participated , You will received “something” πŸ˜›
I m a Tupperware lover .. so i m happy with what we had won here !!
Overall, the trip is fun with lots of games and gifts πŸ˜›
The place and surrounding was not bad .
But the room itself was “so-so” not so nice, Service was bad too.
Food was not enough, not much choice 😦
But when come to think again …. we had nothing much to complain .
As is totally FOC for every staff πŸ™‚

At the Park

June 7, 2010
Last Saturday the weather was good, a bit gloomy and not so sunny .
Just a right weather to bring the boys to the park ,
It’s was Baby J first time visit this park at Bangi .
Now Jeremy is big enough to play by himself ,
We just need to watch him for not being missing … πŸ˜›
So i get along my camera and start shooting again πŸ˜›
Love it … this place is so colorful and greenly …
Little J continues to thrive. He has reached the stage where he can easily pick
up small things and put it directly into his mouth.
I think he was confuse over the green things and green vege !!??
Jeremy playing Peekaboo with Baby J
” Where’s the baby ???” “Where’s the didi ??”
Baby J first shoes !!
A tiny shoes with daddy’s giant shoes !!
Let’s walk together …..
Posing and relaxing in a good weather …
Jeremy really enjoy it !!
There goes my weekend .. how about yours ??
Hope u have a great weekends too.
I guess every parents have a full and busy weekends,
That is why we always said …
Weekends is for Family . Weekdays is for school and work .
Again … i hope God give me 8 days a week … that one day is for myself !!

The topless and the naked brothers

June 3, 2010
I posted those photos in my FB yesterday,
Thot to share again in my blog here about this 2 cheeky boys .

Many said both doesn’t look much the same like brothers.
Some claim i bring back the wrong baby home …. lol .
Maybe baby J is still a baby , once he reach age like Jeremy,
I think they will look alike beside the eyes … for sure .. πŸ˜›

Over the pass weekend,
I been practicing and snapping photos of them especially the kids behave well .
No cranky, no crying, no angry.. everyone in good mood .
Glad to see the boys are happy .
& I like all their happy photos and faces here .

For the Big Brother @ Jeremy.
He can happily play water for more then one hour until the skin also “chow-chow”.
Especially at the back yard with the big blue tank & with his toys to keep him busy .
He even requested mummy to get him some apple cope in small pieces
or grape when he taking his long bath.

So young boy already know how to enjoy !!
How about the small J @ Jareth ?
He is real funny baby boy at this age ( coming to 10 months) .
I just love it !!
He can seat on the booster seat and play with his saliva for more then one hour too.
Some time up to 2 hour if i m really busy to entertain him … lol
Until the fingers also “chow chow”
eeee …. i know that sound “gerli” playing with saliva ,
But he is having lots of fun with his fingers and saliva !!
Until the shirt is mostly wet and i have to take it off .
Let him play la … as long he is not crying and disturbing anyone …

Thanks for taking your time to view the photos, yah is slight heavy to view.
Ain’t they just cute and happy ??

For those who interested on the photos taken above,
I m using my Canon 500D, with the basic lens 18-55mm.
Some i use AV mode, some i set auto mode .
I m also learning and just play and snap with it till i get the photos i want .
Somehow natural light is still the most important .
That why you can see the different taken outdoor for Jeremy and indoor for baby J.
At the moments, most photo i shoot in RAW and later convert and adjust in PS or leave it as it is .

Last, have a great day and weekend.
See you again next week with more posts .

Parents – Teachers Day

May 27, 2010
Last Saturday Jeremy Kiddy had this Parents-Teachers Day .
Well …. more on getting know the teachers and how’s my boy doing in Kiddy ??
Overall comments from teachers was GOOD .

Jeremy is independent, Smart, Fast Learner ,
Talkative, Very Curious , Many Question, Playful , Active …

Love singing, Love drawing , Love Sport , language …
Mostly he enjoy every lessons and classes…
Except not paying much attention
A Report progress was given and a comments was given by the class teacher , said :Yah … he need to pay more attention during lessons..
He is too playful to move around and “busybody” around the class . O.o
I took some of the photos to share here with you :

This a Birthday Chart and his classmates at Starfish 4 Parents was busy and waiting their turn to talk and discuss with the teachers . Playing and mingle well with his friends . The Library The Classroom What they learn on this term and so on .. was on the board . I m glad to hear many good and positive comments from the teachers .
Most important he is HAPPY LEARNING !!

He enjoy his friends, his teachers and his learning proses .

While Jeremy learning in school…
Baby J also learning at home & exploring his lil world around him ..
He also a “busybaby” !!
Learn how to dig out ALL the toys from the toys box .
Learn how to throw … very good on this ….
Throwing toys or anything he hold .

Learn how to stand …
He is very good on observing … especially the brother …
One scream another will follow ..

Happy Wesak Day .
Have a nice Weekend !!

Pre – Marathon ( Run As One)

May 25, 2010
We wake up as early as 5:45am last Sunday prepared for this :
Pre – Marathon
Why so early ?? cos have to register at 6:30am
Blue – 3KM, Red – 5KM
The real actual date for this KL Marathon will be held end of June .
For this Pre- Marathon, we choose the 3KM instead of 5KM.
On the real coming KL Marathon we will go for 5KM instead of 10KM.
Yes .. Jeremy run with us . He manage to finished the run !!
Don’t look at his tiny little body … he is more energy then me !!
But we are still consider weather to bring him along for the real Marathon or not .Oh dear …. i m really lack of exercise … 3KM already half dead …:P
But this is a good run and good exercise … We had a good sweat !!
Beside the run, there’s alot of activities for kids and adults.
For the kids :
Such as colouring
Children Playground
Sand Art
Harley Davidson Ride
RM5 per ride
I was actually wanna to try this ride with Jeremy.
I thot he be happy and excited to had the ride .
I m wrong !!
He is so scared of the loud and noisy sound from the Harley .
& also scared of the rider …. & he not allow me to ride as well.
So daddy have the chance to ride this BIG and Noisy Harley Davidson .

Overall, it was a fun activities to take part .
I think i better had some jogging & running around my house before
the real Marathon Run .. πŸ˜›

I don’t want to “pengsan” middle of the road !! haha

GoGreen Ranger

May 20, 2010
Are you a Go Green Ranger ??
Now everyone was talking about Go Green !!So last Saturday my hub company was having this Go green activity at Zoo.
Called “Zoo Negara Lake Restoration Project”
A very good activities on saving the Lake.

Me and Jeremy was tag along .
The project was about making of EM Mud Balls.
What is EM Mud Balls??
20,000 Mud Balls was made !! Maybe more …..
The EM Mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards

reducing water pollutants and thus improving water quality in
our rivers and drains.
The fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or
destroy the ammonia nitrogen
found in human effluents and sewerage
leakages into the water system.

( u can search you tube on how to making Mud balls)

This project was started as early at 8am till 4pm.
Too bad, my boy was not interested on making the mud balls.
So … we go Jalan Jalan and visit his animals friends …

But i tell you … the Zoo look BIG, but actually not much animals to see.
Most animals look unhealthy for me .
BUT 8am to 4pm was such a looooooog hour .
We spend less then 2 hour finished the whole Zoo …

Ronda ronda every corner until both of us get tired .
Watching the animals show , visited those shops.
Luckily i didn’t bring along baby J .. It’s was kinda hot .
I can’t take care 2 boys ALL by myself for such a long hour 😦

Below some of the photos to share during the Zoo visit.
It’s was very early in the morning, so the Zoo is kinda empty and quite .I bought him a toy snake … to keep him awake and busy .
But after 3 hours of walking and visiting …. we are hungry !!

No choice .. hv to go find daddy for lunch and ask him to go back early if can.
Cos he is real tired after a long walk and under a hot sun.
We do took the “train” ride … But only one round .
Cos it’s cost RM 3 for adult and RM2 for kids.
I remember last time was FREE …
How nice if is free, so we can go for few round ride rather then walking .
See .. my poor boy …. sleepy and tired .
So daddy have to “snake” out and cabut .

We leave the Zoo almost 2pm.

Well …
Am i a Go Green ranger ??
Mentality not really going in to it .
Still trying and learning .. ..

But apparently .. i think i am …hahaha …. LOL.

Cos i like something green and fresh !!
Got something for myself this Mother Day!!
A “Green Bag”

Normally we celebrate Mother Day for MIL not for ourself .

We busy preparing gift for MIL , booking and searching good restaurants .

What about ME ???
So i give myself a gift for being a mum to 2 boys !!
What a good reason !! lol

Love this bag to bite.

Just a right bag at a right size at a right colour .

Allow me to put every small and big things in.

So … go green our friends ….!!