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Look forward to weekend !!

July 2, 2010
We look forward to weekends like everyone else,
Making plans all week, dropping ideas of things we might do .
Sometime i realize we only got weekends to make lists,
As we are all work during weekdays from Monday to Friday .
We make lists of all the things we will do and whether or not we will actually do them,
Sometime it make us look forward to weekends and those list we are making,
Talking about them can be exciting , even for a small things
Like watching a really good movie , i sure months of July had some nice movie.
Like look forward for Jeremy very first sport day this coming Sunday .
Like going for a WHS ( warehouse sale ), we went for My Dear WHS last Saturday,
& yes … we … are few hundred poorer … πŸ˜›
That’s what we call Weekends Joys .

If we do not have place to go or things to do,
Or lazy to go out, We will be staying at home , playing with the boys ,
Watching TV … or shouting around … lol … That’s HOME … k
The older I get, the more I realize just how very much I love the pleasures of home.
Having a place that is peaceful and safe.
And, although our house might not be the most organized and laundry might not always make it to the drawers,
Toys is all over the place …..
It’s homey … is my home …

Last weekend brought sunny blue skies, kinda hot too.
So we set up the kids pool at the back yard .
Let the boys play around with the water and having fun.
I wish is a bigger pool too .. so mummy can get in to the pool as well … lol

Lets enjoy our sunny photos πŸ˜›

Months of June is a busy month for us, and yet July will be even more busier.
Next weekends ,daddy is going to S’pore for 1 week ,
PIL will be travel to Oversea by end of July ,
Means i had more to prepare and taking care the boys .
The lists continue,
& perhaps a great shopping this weekend before daddy go S’pore ?

hmmm ….. baking a butter cake ?? a chicken burger ?? πŸ˜›
Yes, is going to be a good and busy weekend .
That’s life.

Hope you have a beautiful Weekend too.


Baby Army on Board !!

June 29, 2010
Let me introduce my “camobaby”
Cute but dangerous !!
I try to make baby J abit “dirty” by applying some black “mascara”
That’s what i think is save to apply … hiihihi .
But …. baby J still look fair and clean to me …lol..
I could like to snap more and get more photos for him wearing this cute army wear,
But my dslr battery was “out” .. aiseh ….:(

Lastly he is very active, playful , climb and crawl non stop,
I guess, he be walking very soon .. fuh …. even more busier ….
The only moment he stop is when he is having his nap time or sleeping.
You can imagine how handful is that !!

Alright , that all for today post,
I miss my camobaby now *.* So yes, totally awesome baby .
At 10 months, he is just a “bloomin” .

Update on The J Brother : June 2010

June 25, 2010
I been writing alot lately πŸ˜›
This months i’m late on updating the boys development,
So many happening this June ,
We had family day at Cherating, we had father day celebration,
Mummy and daddy 7th years anniversary .. etc etc
Till i forgot what to jot down on the boys monthly milestones,
So many to remember and jot down,

But when come to type it in the blogspot , i forgot … i can’t recall ..O.o

Here we go :

As for the eldest boy aka Jeremy ,
He is turning 44 months on the 17th June .
Another 4 months he be 4 years old .
He is such a Independence boy i could say.
I hardly worry about him when he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm.
Unless i got a call from the kiddy said he not feeling well or fall down ….
Other wise, he is 101% doing well in the kiddy,
He get along well with all the teacher and friends .

He also into choosing his own outfit , every night he go to bed
& every time we go out for shopping and outing .

Good news is he able to button and unbutton .. quite well.
Sometime abit slow and get frustration when he cant do it .
Bad thing was .. he don’t want people to help him when he cannot button the shirt.
He insist to do it all by himself .
This can be very frustrated when we all rushing to go out .
Another problem was … he might end up wearing what not suppose to be wear !!
I have to hide some of the cloths , or tell ‘lie’ to him ,
such as …. the cloths is wash, dirty, still wet and so on .

If he love certain cloths, he be wearing it again and again . O.o
At this moment, this is his big development and sometime can create trouble !!

He still love to draw and sing .Now he not so much in to TV already ,
He prefer doing his own sketching & drawing ,
Playing his mega block and toys .

Afraid of the “naughty corner” .
& the “naughty corner” will be at
mummy’s red mural wall πŸ˜›
Aiseh, the mural so nice & daddy choose that to be “naughty corner” ????

Jeremy can be very very stubborn and hard to handle .
I tried not to cane him and talk to him & explain to him what he done wrong.
Rather then cane him … or we choose the “naughty corner” to punish him .
When come to think about it , we actually need to give him more and more care,
More and more patient to guide him to be good .
As most of the time he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm .
We only spend that few hours with him before he go to bed .


As for baby J aka Jareth, He is turning 10 months on the 8th June .
Means 2 more months he be a toddler and no more a baby .
wow wow wow … my baby is turning ONE soon .
I tell u , this lil baby is growing fast .. real fast …Why mummy show his sad face ??
Baby J just recovered from fever, cough and flu .
This is his very first time having fever , yah @ 10 months .
Still got alot of phlegm … sometime can still hear “gi-ku gi-ku” …
Yah … baby lost abit of weigh O.o

He can crawl very fast .
Can stand for a while, in a midst on learning how to walk … is soon !!
Can climb (by crawl) the staircase very fast too … O.o
4 teeth at the moment .

Very “wai sek” ….what ever your mouth was eating somethings,
He will come very fast to you ..

Every time when we said “no more” after he finished his porridge or fruit.. etc.
He will cried as he is still very hungry and wanna to eat more … πŸ˜›

At this moment ,
I sleep with baby J , he love to crawl to my chest or sleep beside me.
He love to feel closeness to me/daddy when we sleep with him … how sweet !!
Sometime i hug him to sleep too … πŸ˜›
I don’t have this with Jeremy when he is a baby,
cos Jeremy was trained to sleep in a baby cot until he is 2 yo.

But for baby J, he sleeping time was very unpredictable even until now .
I have no choice . Choose to sleep together with him , at least i can get some rest .
Other wise i be up and down the baby cot to smooth him to sleep .

All i can say .. baby is growing up so much faster than Jeremy at this months !!

Well …. As much as they are wearing me out and driving me crazy,
I’m really enjoying my kids at the moment.
My boys are like squirrels with rockets up their bottoms.
They can’t sit still, They are active and playful ,
Bring so much smile and laughter to us .
Both at a very 2 different milestones and progress each months
.. a baby and a toddler …
Where little boys bring happy days and tomorrow is always waiting.
Joting down their development months by months make me delight .
Realize I just love them to bits.

And we each have our own. Our stories. Our life .
It’s one of the reasons I keep blogging, I guess.

Last … Have a great weekend ahead.
As for us, we are going for this Yes … this Sunday !!
KL Marathon 2010 – RUN AS ONE
See you there for those who are joining this Marathon 2010 .
Yes, it’s going to be a good week.


At the Park

June 7, 2010
Last Saturday the weather was good, a bit gloomy and not so sunny .
Just a right weather to bring the boys to the park ,
It’s was Baby J first time visit this park at Bangi .
Now Jeremy is big enough to play by himself ,
We just need to watch him for not being missing … πŸ˜›
So i get along my camera and start shooting again πŸ˜›
Love it … this place is so colorful and greenly …
Little J continues to thrive. He has reached the stage where he can easily pick
up small things and put it directly into his mouth.
I think he was confuse over the green things and green vege !!??
Jeremy playing Peekaboo with Baby J
” Where’s the baby ???” “Where’s the didi ??”
Baby J first shoes !!
A tiny shoes with daddy’s giant shoes !!
Let’s walk together …..
Posing and relaxing in a good weather …
Jeremy really enjoy it !!
There goes my weekend .. how about yours ??
Hope u have a great weekends too.
I guess every parents have a full and busy weekends,
That is why we always said …
Weekends is for Family . Weekdays is for school and work .
Again … i hope God give me 8 days a week … that one day is for myself !!

The topless and the naked brothers

June 3, 2010
I posted those photos in my FB yesterday,
Thot to share again in my blog here about this 2 cheeky boys .

Many said both doesn’t look much the same like brothers.
Some claim i bring back the wrong baby home …. lol .
Maybe baby J is still a baby , once he reach age like Jeremy,
I think they will look alike beside the eyes … for sure .. πŸ˜›

Over the pass weekend,
I been practicing and snapping photos of them especially the kids behave well .
No cranky, no crying, no angry.. everyone in good mood .
Glad to see the boys are happy .
& I like all their happy photos and faces here .

For the Big Brother @ Jeremy.
He can happily play water for more then one hour until the skin also “chow-chow”.
Especially at the back yard with the big blue tank & with his toys to keep him busy .
He even requested mummy to get him some apple cope in small pieces
or grape when he taking his long bath.

So young boy already know how to enjoy !!
How about the small J @ Jareth ?
He is real funny baby boy at this age ( coming to 10 months) .
I just love it !!
He can seat on the booster seat and play with his saliva for more then one hour too.
Some time up to 2 hour if i m really busy to entertain him … lol
Until the fingers also “chow chow”
eeee …. i know that sound “gerli” playing with saliva ,
But he is having lots of fun with his fingers and saliva !!
Until the shirt is mostly wet and i have to take it off .
Let him play la … as long he is not crying and disturbing anyone …

Thanks for taking your time to view the photos, yah is slight heavy to view.
Ain’t they just cute and happy ??

For those who interested on the photos taken above,
I m using my Canon 500D, with the basic lens 18-55mm.
Some i use AV mode, some i set auto mode .
I m also learning and just play and snap with it till i get the photos i want .
Somehow natural light is still the most important .
That why you can see the different taken outdoor for Jeremy and indoor for baby J.
At the moments, most photo i shoot in RAW and later convert and adjust in PS or leave it as it is .

Last, have a great day and weekend.
See you again next week with more posts .

Hair Cut for the BOYs and Happy Teacher Days

May 17, 2010
The BOYs ( including daddy) having a hair cut yesterday .
The weather is very hot nowsday.
I had to get the ‘uncle’ to trim abit of baby J sideburns, which i love the most .
Baby Behave quite good at the beginning, but towards the end, he start screaming !!
That’s why leave the front untrimmed, which i think is cute not to trim the front .
As for Jeremy, he refuse to cut his hair at the beginning,
I have to bring some sweet for him,
But once he saw his lil brother cut the hair,
He also act like a “big” brother … seat and get his hair cut done !!
Now baby J look more like a BIG BOY .
Guess some of the parents are busy prepared some lil gift for the teacher.
As is Teacher Day .
Jeremy school was having a small party to celebrate Teacher’s Day today.
Well, due to busy schedule and busy weekends .
I just help Jeremy to made some small gift for his “beloved” Teachers
Only 4 teachers that he love the most entitle to have the gift …. πŸ˜›
Actually i prepared 5 gift, but he insist one is for him, so i left only 4 O.o
So he had to name 4 Teachers he like the most .
( Miss Indera , his class teacher now)
( Miss Rainy , his class teacher when he is 3 yo)
( Miss Jacinta, the assistant principle)
(Miss Kaur, the english teacher)
( another gift he claim for Jeremy Chang ….. lol)

I got this idea from internet .
Miss Rainy was his first “beloved” Teacher ever since he go kiddy !!
He always claim that Miss Rainy is beautiful, good and sayang him alot .
At the back of the hand cut was some “love” shape made by Jeremy .
He draw the love on a colour paper and mummy help to cut the love out for him to glu .
What is inside the hand print ??
Just a small body wash from watson .
I suppose to get Hand lotion, That why the hand print is design for this purpose .
But i couldn’t find it, so i replace with Body wash !!
Doesn’t matter whether is lotion or body wash ,
Doesn’t matter whether is expensive the gift.
The heart to remember and love the Teacher was count .
This morning he happily carried those lil hand he made to school for his “beloved” Teachers.
I hope the teachers like this lil gift .
& sorry not able to made for ALL the Teachers.
As i myself doesn’t know ALL the Teachers … πŸ˜›

I m glad he able to name more then 4 of this “beloved” teachers.
A good and loving teachers is very important and play a big impact for the kids.
This is one of the reason that made him look forward to school every single days.

Thank you , Teachers & Happy Teacher’s Day .

Update on The J Brothers : May 2010

May 10, 2010
The “small J” @ 9 months .
Weight 11kg . not gaining much, properly very active and due to teething .
Yes … he had 2 tiny teeth now on the bottom.
Master in crawling, seating and can stand for a while without support .
It’s also means he is entering the land of bumps and falls .

He make me smile and also make me cry of his sleeping habit .
Remember i blog about his sleeping habit few months ago …
After 2 months of NOT sleeping during the night time …
Then after 2 months of sleeping the whole night till the next morning .
Now he back to ” NOT sleeping habit until 6 to 7am in the morning”
& he can sleep until 12 noon ….
Then start playing until 5-6pm in the evening .
This bad habit happened 2 weeks already …

Cant figured out “WHY”
Again, parents suffered for sleepless night !!
If put him in the baby cot, he will cried till his lung out and no sound .
I m so worry neighbor thot i abuse my baby !!!!!
If put him with me in the bed, he will crawl here and there, bumps here and there !!
Crawl to me, pull my hair, pull my face 😦

Can sound , “ma, pa, nen, ga, ……”
If take away his toys, he will start “crying and screaming”
Explore objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them and throwing them .

Is really fun and enjoy playing and hang around with this Small J.
But when come to his sleeping time, is really torturing !!

As for the Big J @ 43 months.
At this age , i guess behavior , tantrums and discipline always the issues.
It doesn’t take much to turn this little angel into a little monster.
I always … believe
Becoming harsh or punishing or smack won’t help end the tantrum
and will only get me more upset and angry .
So i try to be calm as much as i can .
But always end up, people said i spoil him, didn’t scold and smack 😦
” at home sometime become a crazy mum, so when i m out , i hope i’m not crazy on public”
” or get crazy in front of other people” just to show “you”
I had enough at home .

Yes, i always give in, especially early in the Morning or in the public .
When we wanna go to work, and he wanna go to school .
What is the point if he cry and throw tantrum in the morning ??
We get late to work with angry mood,
And he cried to school ?? what is the point ???
So i ALWAYS give in in the situation like this .

I just don’t want him to cry and wail to the max .

Especially when we had many night of sleepless night !!
Then we become more impatient, rise out voice,
Easily irritated , grumpy more often.
sign …. sign …

Something for myself to remember !!
As a parent, I need to learn to control myself even MORE

Than the kids who’re still learning to control themselves .
Difficult times with our kids may possibly be caused by our own
emotional roller-coaster like : –
( sleepless night, frus on our work… project doesn’t go well)

But after all those frequent challenging attitudes.
He do share alot sweet and happy moments with us .
People who meet up with him,
Always said he look very shy , good and obedient .
Doesn’t sound what i said like a monster .
haha.. ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Oh ya, photo’s taken by Wen during Stuart’s 100 Days .

Last, i like to take a blog break .

Baby J Hairstyle & Easel for the lil artist .

April 27, 2010
I wanted to share with u baby J hairstyle …
We spotted he had 2 different sideburns.
No matters how u comb the left sideburns, it remain the same way .
It’s won come down as like the right sideburns …Baby J also had a hair swirl towards the left side ,
Not like Jeremy had the hair swirl in the middle of the head.
& i realize he had slight curly hair as well …
Most people like his hair & said he look more like a girl now as the hair grow long!!! πŸ˜›
Nanny gave a comments saying that, side swirl is more naughty then those had 2 swirl o.O
Izit ???? i not sure , but he is a real active boy i could said !!

Recently baby J cant sleep well and soundly at night ,
He been crying and a wake for few night ,
Had many rashes on the cheek & face ,
I guess due to teething .
Yah ….. is coming to 9 months and baby don’t had any tooth yet !
Well , i m not worry about the teething !!
It’s will have, once the time is come .
Better still now … mummy can bite him and he cannot bite mummy !
I really love him to “”bite”

As you all know i had a lil artist at home ,
I m glad he love to draw .
I bought him a Used Step2 Easel .It had 4 drawing ‘board” , 2 for chalk and 2 for marker .
Cos i got 2 boys !!! hihihi
At this moment i only introduce chalk instead of marker pen.
Chalk is easy to wash and erase , unlike marker pen .
Even is white board marker .
I know he will take the marker and draw every way he like .
This is dangerous & mess …
So will introduce him to marker later when he more well behave and matured !!
BUT this Step 2 Easel we only allow him to used at the kitchen yard .
Cos it contain chalk , not suitable to used In house .
But is good to draw at the yard, after draw and mess …
Just clean up with water .

Why Used Step 2 Easel/ “TOYS” ??
Some parents cannot accept the concept of USED toys .
For me is fine .. as long as it’s in good and great condition.
Of cos not every toys i got for my kids is USED .
It’s depend on the price and toys .

& I won simple get a USED toys for my kids !! πŸ˜›
I m glad i able to fine one Used Easel drawings board at below RM100 .
Which i been looking for one since last year .
I can said this i get is in GOOD condition and is BIG and worth for the price i paid .
I found one website which selling this same USED Step 2 Easel for RM366 !!
The price is so much different !!

There are many type of Easel in the market,
But this is the one i can find and within my budget .
Which i like the most and suit my boy.
Some USED/NEW Easel can be really really expensive !!!

What i like about this Step 2 Easel ??
This product is proudly made in the United States.
Includes 2 chalkboards and 2 dry erase boards,
A triangular shaped table connects the 2 boards,
Each with paper clips for holding projects.
Built-in tray holds the marker and chalk.
Folds flat for storage and is fully assembled.
Easy to clean and wash , cos is made of durable plastic .

Ok .. ok … i m not selling this … hihihi.
I just glad what i bought for a Used Easel !!

Have a good week ahead !!

Baby J ‘s play area

April 15, 2010
I had setup a small corner play area for the boys.
Especially a boat balloon for baby J.
So i can put him in for “a while”
I guess both of them like the lil play area ,
Jeremy will pretend to be the captain and ride the boat …
With Baby J, Jeremy’s toy snack and baby J’s caterpillar ….
Here are some of the “colourful and joyful” photos to share …
BUT not for long …
After few times of playing IN the boat ..
I guess baby J get bored and looking for somethings NEW .
So ….
This baby J had figure out the way to escape out from the boat ….
He not even cried when he ‘poop’ on the floor, lucky with rubber mats .
& find his way to crawl again …
Finally he is out … and free … ” yippeeeeeee”
& looking for some NEW Toys .
Like chair, table , books, control remote … Jeremy’s toys ….
Anythings that not supposed to belongs to him and not to played.
I guess every kids is like that … so no need to spend so much on toys .. O.o

I think …..another “lil rascal” in my house soon ….
Perhaps … NOW already a rascal ..!!
My SIL even said … this baby J is even more active then the kor kor …
I believe that .. not only more active, he is more cheeky…
More clever and more naughty … O.o
& also more CUTE !!
More hard time for mummy and daddy !!

Update on The J Brothers ( April 2010)

April 8, 2010
The cute and “manja” one @ 8 months (8 april 2010)

  • Baby @ 8 months now with 11kg ( i assume),
  • Start taken porridge (with vege : carat, pumpkin ….)
  • LOVE mango … can eat one small tiny slide all by himself, without blend.
  • Can drink up to 10oz of milk + cereal , normally at night before bed time .
  • His sleeping time was between 12am to 2am.
  • Sometime sleep tru the whole night, sometime wake up at between 4am and 6am.
  • This lil boy is active … can crawl very fast .
  • Sweat alot … once the weather is hot … the rashes will appear .
  • That’s why he took bath 2 to 4 times a day .
  • Love to be cuddle and carry most the time .
  • Start to play with kor kor .. and start to snatch toys from kor kor too ….
  • Guess fighting over toys will start very soon O.o
  • BTW … my baby not yet teething … no tooth at all at 8 months … !!!!
  • Baby J will give signal when he wanna to “poo-poo” … i think is good.
  • Can say he is on potty train now , doing “poo poo” on potty instead in diapers .
  • Started to recognize people , start to show scared when saw strangers.

The bossy one @ 42 months (17th april 2010)

  • Yes .. he is real bossy … and want everyone to listen to him !!
  • This boy LOVE mango too and also jackfruit .
  • Can read simple Chinese story book from the kindy , i was amazed …
  • Can write A to Z … but mix up with M-W, N , b-d, some small and big capital letters.
  • Lately he don’t like to take bath …. sometime have to drag him to the toilet .
  • Every morning want me to send him to kindy instead of daddy with the new car !!
  • Sometime don’t like to be kiss already …. instead ask me to “kiss di-di” .
  • So …. kiss your “boys” and hug them once you can ….
  • Nowadays he love to watch the “Dinosaur King carton”
  • Started to collect the card at the play station !!! What a dino-lover !!!!
  • Love to play lego ( big block)
  • Still love art and craft .
  • Start to give excuse on things he don’t want to do . … O.o
  • Very stubborn … he rather don’t want to take/eat things he love rather then lose his “face” after scold or mad ….
  • Sometime he is such sweet angle to be love and be with !!
  • He is very photogenic … can post and act like a model for you to shoot !!

That’s all for this months …
That’s all i can recall for this months too ..
I guess i miss out alot on their developments progress …