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Art & Craft : Part 4

July 1, 2010
Something to share
Art & Craft Part 1 (March 2010)
Art & Craft Part 2 (April 2010)
Art & Craft Part 3 (May 2010)

& here Part 4 ( June 2010)

Jeremy specially love this drawing, due to his pet friend : The Shark :p
Special craft for daddy
Draw himself with bear
Kampung boy, not sure who he is referring to .
Stay tune for July art work πŸ˜›


Art & Craft : Part 3

May 19, 2010
Another Art works from the art class .

Chicken & eggs
” and the Mr Sun look more like egg to me” :O

Drew himself during the “Water Play” in kiddy .
Local Fruits
Below was the drawings he drew all by himself ,
His imagination.
Not from the art class .
So u can tell the different now .
With art class and with all by his imagination.

He told me this is a Tower/Building
Name “Tower Rangers” not Power Rangers .
Well … future Architect ??? πŸ˜›
J40 = Jeremy Chang 4 years old .
H*heart*UI = not sure what is means . I Love You ??? πŸ˜›
My Family, My House .
With Daddy,
Angry Mummy , cos angry with him. Mummy holding a cane !!
Baby J was in the *stroller*
According to him, baby J is fat and he is thin , that why didi is more bigger then him
This time mummy is happy !!
Share for the time being,
More to come !!

Hair Cut for the BOYs and Happy Teacher Days

May 17, 2010
The BOYs ( including daddy) having a hair cut yesterday .
The weather is very hot nowsday.
I had to get the ‘uncle’ to trim abit of baby J sideburns, which i love the most .
Baby Behave quite good at the beginning, but towards the end, he start screaming !!
That’s why leave the front untrimmed, which i think is cute not to trim the front .
As for Jeremy, he refuse to cut his hair at the beginning,
I have to bring some sweet for him,
But once he saw his lil brother cut the hair,
He also act like a “big” brother … seat and get his hair cut done !!
Now baby J look more like a BIG BOY .
Guess some of the parents are busy prepared some lil gift for the teacher.
As is Teacher Day .
Jeremy school was having a small party to celebrate Teacher’s Day today.
Well, due to busy schedule and busy weekends .
I just help Jeremy to made some small gift for his “beloved” Teachers
Only 4 teachers that he love the most entitle to have the gift …. πŸ˜›
Actually i prepared 5 gift, but he insist one is for him, so i left only 4 O.o
So he had to name 4 Teachers he like the most .
( Miss Indera , his class teacher now)
( Miss Rainy , his class teacher when he is 3 yo)
( Miss Jacinta, the assistant principle)
(Miss Kaur, the english teacher)
( another gift he claim for Jeremy Chang ….. lol)

I got this idea from internet .
Miss Rainy was his first “beloved” Teacher ever since he go kiddy !!
He always claim that Miss Rainy is beautiful, good and sayang him alot .
At the back of the hand cut was some “love” shape made by Jeremy .
He draw the love on a colour paper and mummy help to cut the love out for him to glu .
What is inside the hand print ??
Just a small body wash from watson .
I suppose to get Hand lotion, That why the hand print is design for this purpose .
But i couldn’t find it, so i replace with Body wash !!
Doesn’t matter whether is lotion or body wash ,
Doesn’t matter whether is expensive the gift.
The heart to remember and love the Teacher was count .
This morning he happily carried those lil hand he made to school for his “beloved” Teachers.
I hope the teachers like this lil gift .
& sorry not able to made for ALL the Teachers.
As i myself doesn’t know ALL the Teachers … πŸ˜›

I m glad he able to name more then 4 of this “beloved” teachers.
A good and loving teachers is very important and play a big impact for the kids.
This is one of the reason that made him look forward to school every single days.

Thank you , Teachers & Happy Teacher’s Day .

Art & Craft Part 2

April 13, 2010
Again, some of Jeremy’s art work from the kiddy to share with you.
Who knows, u might get some idea from here to play with ur kids .
Part 1 is here .

This is what he had done for this month :-
Art work with poster colour by using finger .
What i understand was .. there’s sky, ladybug, sun, flower and grass.Panda Bear
Easter egg
( Happy Belated Easter Day O.o)
Rabbits and donuts
Will continue to share the art work from time to time .

BTW, i got Jeremy some wooden educational/learning toys quite sometime .
This is another good toys to increase creativity.
To help him to develop physical skills such as fine motor skill.
To distinct the form and shape.
Below was some of his masterpiece – “My House”
Till then i blog again …. see ya

Art & Craft Part 1

March 19, 2010
We enroll Jeremy on extra art and craft classes provided by the kindy,
Beside normal art classes he had in school.
The art teacher was specially hired from outsider just for this !!
So i guess , it must be something more creative and fun !!
One week once only , which cost RM40 .

Here are some of the art ‘work’ he done .
Every Wednesday he will bring back his art ‘work’ and happily show to us.

School Bus

CNY Deco with tiger … Year of TigerAnother CNY deco .
A 10 sen Stamp
You know what he is doing in this drawing ??
Yes … He is Cooking ..
He Drew himself cooking tomatoes .
Jeremy had a Cooking Class last Wednesday .
He told me teacher teach them how to cook tomatoes ….. O.o
Why tomatoes ??? Mummy is curious ….
Well … School holidays is over now !!
For my boy, he is on Full day program even is school holiday.
So no special school holiday for him.
Perhaps , more activities he had during the school holiday program,
Like Water play, Sand play, Cooking Class, art and class ….
And today they have GYM, Dancing and Music.
He had lot’s of fun !!

Last … Happy Weekends to everyone .
BTW, we plan to go for the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon fiesta 2010.
Hopefully we can find a good parking space… Not so jam …. i know it will !!
No raining and not too hot !!“finger cross”


DIY Dinosaur Colouring Book

March 10, 2010
I been searching up and down for Dinosaur Colouring Book for my boy .
Who love Dinosaur so much .
If your son love Dinosaur and u been looking for one,
U know how difficult to get one Dinosaur Colouring Book ,
Unless u buy online from other country .
I m lucky once when I able to get one at popular book store ,
Other then that was activity book with sticker .
Some is real expensive only for a very thin book and few pages only.
This is what I able to get from many of the book store .
Some come with sticker . The cheapest I can get was RM4.50 , few pages only.
But hardly I can get one purely for Colouring only. For younger age like my boy.
Sometime too much of activities will make my boy frus ,
Coz he cannot solve the games, activities or …. and always need me .
I still prefer mainly for colouring only .
He can done all by himself without disturbing me .

Well … before i’m a mother to my boy .
I never ever border about Dinosaur, i Never even have interest on dinosaur.
I don’t even know which is hungry eater and which is plant eater .
But as least now i know which is Triceratops, Stegosaurus,Allosaurus,
Apatosaurus, Ultrasaurus, … and some i still learn how to pronounce …O.o

So I decided to DIY a Dinosaur Colouring Book myself .
It took me sometime to finish .

Finally it done ..

I m happy and satisfied !!






The Furious Dinosaur Cover

Nice or not ??

I m very sure my boy will love it !! Can’t wait to show him !!

Well … any one interested ? πŸ˜›

Well …. If any one interested on this Dinosaur Colouring Book , can email me .

Most of the pictures was sharp and clear, only few is not very sharp, for me is good enough .

Mostly all Dinosaur , only 4 to 5 pages come with dragon.

As I said, I do this Colouring book according to my boy liking and need .

If any one who is longing for one or been looking for one , just email me .

Come with 60 pages !!

CNY Home Project

February 2, 2010
A CNY Home project which request by the kindergarten.
Use ang pau to create a lantern or create a red pocket angpau.
So, we choose Lantern.
To be submitted before 10 Feb.

It’s was our very first time making lantern with ang pau.
I really had no idea how to make …. can’t even think how to teach my boy.
Thanks God, i found a You Tube ,
Very basic and clear pictures on how to make a Lantern.

Here’s our Home project done
” Red Lantern “
Happily carried the Lantern to his Kiddy this morning .
ok ok … the above Lantern was mostly made by me@mummy.
But with Jeremy Lil help .
Last but not least ,
Let me show you Jeremy’s Lantern .
Done all by himself .
It’s ok boy. πŸ˜›
For you is still Lantern .
He is very proud of his Lantern .
At least from this home project he learn how to fold center to center and clip !!

My Colourful Dinosaur

January 4, 2010
Distance to Awana Kijal is kind a far,
It’s took us 5 to 6 hour to reach the resort .
Travel with kids can be quite difficult, especially my boy .
Have to stop for few rest area for him to pee and rest and eat.
What about in the car ?
How i keep this boy being busy beside playing his toy cars ??
Yah …. colouring !!
I m glad we able to find one colouring book,
A colouring book which specially create for Dinosaur lover.
If not about Dinosaur, i don’t think he will like it.
Cos i have plenty of cartoon Colouring book like Mickey, Tom and Jerry, Spongebob .
None captured his interest except this Dinosaur & it’s cost only RM6.90 .
As far as i know, he not into colouring.
As far as i know to keep a 3 y o to seat and colour is not easy !!
But this special Dino book can actually gain his interest on colouring !!

So here’s some of his art work ( colouring).Yah … most his Dinosaur is very colourful & messy.
Got fire come out from the mouth somemore .
The only Dino with mummy lil help is this –
I m actually teaching him to match colour in his colouring.

To keep his lil finger coloured those small spot/small patch is not easy.
He just don’t have the patient to colour those small part !!
But overall ….
Even is very colourful but it look kind a nice and artful to me .

What u think ??

Last today is the day “back to school” after some holiday & playtime.Jeremy :
Nothing much mummy could ask from you,

Just want you to totally enjoy, have lot’s of fun in your kiddy life !!

Art & Craft : Crocodile

December 14, 2009
Daddy was rushing his final thesis over the weekend,
Leave us with nothing to do (of cos mummy is always busy) and nowhere to go.
Here what we did for the week .

Art & Craft of the week : Egg Carton CrocodileSee how proud and happy this lil J with his art and craft .

Jeremy like animals which can fight with each other.
Just like dinosaur, crocodile …. i know he’s abit aggressive and rough !!
Boy will be Boy .
I have to find some art and craft which is suitable for my boy.
This is exactly a nice art & craft for him.
Of cos i m glad he is happy & proud with what he did !!
He keep on showing and disturbing daddy what he did ,
But poor boy, daddy have no time to entertain him O.o
He painted red colour on the crocodile teeth like blood !!
He painted all by himself including the egg cartoon (crocodile’s body).
Mummy only help on doing the mouth, tail and eyes .(ε˜΄οΌŒε°Ύε·΄ε’ŒηœΌη›)
& abit of touch up .
What ever we do, we try to made two …
One is too lonely to play with .
Happily playing with the crocodile he made.

Hope you like our art and craft too just like we did !!

Art & Craft : Caterpillar

December 7, 2009
Art & Craft of the week : Egg Carton Caterpillar
We had another art & craft to keep the lil hand busy.
I realize Lil J love to do art or craft since the Apple Tree.
Mummy have to search more idea from Internet,
To get more idea and suitable art and craft for him.
But no worry …
You can find hundred of crafty blogs from the Internet !!

Yah, yah … our Christmas Tree is up,
& the Caterpillar is just nice on the Christmas tree.
Another type of caterpillar.
Lil J love this, cos it had a BIG eye .
The egg carton caterpillar even look nicer on our garden plants.

Well, more art & craft on the way,
Since December had more Holidays,
Means more time with him at home.

Hope you’ll like Lil J’s Egg Carton Caterpillar.