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A Matter of Taste : Zebra Choc Cake + Homemade Pizza

June 23, 2010
My own “Zebra” Choc Cake .
A Zebra Cake is basically a marble chocolate cake .
The difference is in the pattern .
Well .. this is my way of “Zebra” Cake
Yah ..the top is a bit over burn …But “don’t judge the cake by it cover ” 😛
The inner part of the cake look nice for me 😛
I think because of the mound i used , that why the pattern look curvy .
Should have use a normal round mound , it will turn out nicer … 牛油250g, 幼糖200g ,鸡蛋四粒, 特幼面粉250g 加2茶匙发粉(过筛), 鲜奶5汤匙,巧克力100g(融化)

  • 牛油和糖放入mixer里,低速度打至变浅黄松发
  • 加入第一粒蛋打至成奶油壮,再慢慢加蛋。
  • 继续打至成奶油壮。然后面粉分3次加入
  • 最后加入鲜奶拌打至光滑面糊
  • 拿一半的面糊加入融化了的巧克力搅拌均匀
  • 之后拿一勺的巧克力面糊,放进烤盘中央
  • 再拿一勺的普通面糊放上巧克力面糊上,至两个面糊全下完
  • 放入预热烤箱,180度烤约45-60分钟或至熟.

The zebra pattern :
Put some butter batter into the center of the pan and let it spread slightly on its own.
Put some of chocolate batter in the center of the butter batter.
It will push out the other batter and, as it sits for a moment, will also spread itself.
Repeat the technique until all the batter has been used up.


First time i made my own pizza instead of using Pita bread .
Well, the taste was not so nice , the base was abit hard .
I cooked onion, pork and tomato paste as a filing for the pizza.
Put some sweet pineapple on top of the pizza.
Last serve with hot mushroom soup .
Well, that’s my baking over the past weekend 😛

A Matter of Taste : B’fest , Lunch , Dinner

May 31, 2010
2+1 meal over the Weekend

For the breakfast ,
We had Junior Chicken Burger + Vege + Cheese for my boy and also mummy and daddy .
With a cup of coffee for us and milk for Jeremy .

For Lunch ,
Pork Meat Potato Curry and Roti Canai Spring Onion

I bough one packet of Frozen Roti Canai from Giant .
This Roti Canai come with Spring Onion , some come with Chili, Onion and etc .
It’s was nice .
Just need to heat and fried over a non-stick pan .
Serve with Hot Curry .
For Dinner,
Fried Spaghetti with slide mushroom + dry chili and vege .
Really enjoy such simple meal for 2 + 1 .
Easy cooking and easy washing 🙂

Sorry, no recipe , as i believe everyone can cook this & i m not good on writing recipe too 😦
Just share the photos and my photography skill 🙂

A Matter of Taste : Meal for us

May 19, 2010
Another lazy cook from lazy mum O.o

Claypot Rice
For Mummy, daddy and JeremyIngredient
450g fragrant Rice
1 can of preserved cured meat
150g chinese sausage
150g dry mushrooms
some spring onion
600ml water

2 tbsp fried shallot oil /vege oil
1tbsp fine dark soy sauce

1 tbsp fine dark soy sauce and 2 tbsp oyster sauce
and some garlic for cooking mushroom

Rinse rice and remove to drain
Peel Chinese sausage, cut into slices
Add rice into pot, pour water, cover the pot
Braise over high heat till water is almost dried up
Remove the lid, add in Chinese sausage,
Add cured meat and mushroom( which cook earlier)
Cover the pot and braise over low heat till well cooked
Remove the lid, add in seasoning
Spread spring onion

Last ….
A pumpkin + carrot puree for baby J.
The orange colour was so beautiful and bright !!!
Baby food is always colourful !!
Doesn’t the deep orange just scream Vitamin E !!!
I slop all the goop into few of small Tupperwear and keep in the freezer.
Then before feeding time, I just defrost .
Sometime eat as is it , or mix with porridge , cereal or other fruits and vege .
Have a great week ahead !!

It’s time for tea

May 5, 2010
Recently i fall in love with green tea,
Cane’s green tea from purple cane.I used to be a “teh-tarik” lover,
Now i change to drink green tea.
One cup a day or one tea bag a day .
I had been drinking it for 2 to 3 months .
I realize it do help me on my constipation,
Lighten my dark spot on pigmentation ,
Keep me awake and alert ….. since i always had sleepless night with baby J 😦
I hope it help on slimming and burning fat too … but it’s not happening …!! lol

Just a quick share what’s benefit having green tea .
Preventing influenza
Strengthening immune system
Slimming and fat-burning
Preventing cancer and inhibiting bacterial growth
Preventing high blood pressure
Relieving constipation
Preventing the formation of cavity and tooth decay

and many more .

Don’t drink any tea while you are empty stomach .
I tried once and i get gastric for 2 days !!

Let’s have your tea and drink daily to boost immunity !!
Have a good day !!

A Matter of taste : Baby Food

May 3, 2010
Baby J started on solid food when he turn 6 months .
Starting baby on solids was exciting & hilarious i could said .

My baby J doesn’t really like porridge .
Is a struggle to feed him porridge , the max he can eat was only half bowl.
Either porridge with pumpkin, with carrot, with chicken meat ..

But he love fruits puree !!
Today on the menu was :-
Pureed avocado + Apple + Banana + Organic multi-grain cereal.

Normally first try he will show u funny face …
Very weird taste …
And mummy will laugh over those funny faces he shown !!
After few spoons … after he love the taste .
He can finished it very fast …
And even want more !!
I hope this is how he love his porridge too … but too bad… his not .
Sometime is sad when your baby doesn’t like what u have cooked !!
Spending time in the kitchen hours peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, food for your baby – then have it spat out onto the floor or your baby just cried for “help”.
If he love what you had prepared ….
Then you feel so satisfied and happy !!

Old folks always hope that baby can eat more porridge and in more portion .
So the baby grow faster, fatter, bigger and feel full … O.o
I think fruits puree with cereal doesn’t make it less nutrition and less healthy .

Glad to said my baby was impressed with the menu and finished it all !!

A Matter of Taste : Stir Fry UDON

April 5, 2010

3 packet frozen udon
100g Chicken meat
60g White Mushroom
Half yellow capsicum and any ‘green’ vege .
30g carrots
2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce
½ tsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
Dash of black pepper
some water

A very simple dish to have with the family .

Especially for those who love noodles like my boy and myself .


It’s been a busy month for me … perhaps coming months….

Lately my company was re-structured. So my department was transferred to another company/division. I m still doing the same job for architectural cum illustrator .But ever since it was re-structured. We don’t have any admin or clerk or secretary . So i have to take up most of the admin work . Handle petty cash, staff annual leave, medical leave, Claim, Punch card time sheet , filing , department purchasing …endless ….

Even is for that 7 peoples… but is really keep me busy to the max. Well … maybe all this while i m not admin or paper work person. I m technical person … an art and designer person…. So all this thing really make me hand full .

Been complaining this to my “head of department”.
Hopefully he know what to do next …

Weiiii …. is bonus time, is increament time …So i better work hard !!

Less blogging …. O.o

bye …

Bye Bye Saga & Big Welcome to Daddy New Toy .

March 29, 2010
After 11 years ,
Finally is time to say bye bye to saga …

“Saga we will miss you ya …. O.o”

A car that accompany us for 11 years …

This is the first car for us …

For my hub during his uni time …

For me as my 1st car driving to work …

And of cos during our courtship time,

A car that give us alot of memories ….After wash ,

It doesn’t look like 11 yeas old car ..

Cos it’s well maintain all this while ..


This car started to give us some problem …

We spend alot on repair here and there ..

So finally we decided to let go …

After so many months of planning and survive,

Finally we choose to buy this…Daddy new big toy and a 7 seaters car .

On the 2nd day ,

We took PIL and family on a ride to Jusco,

I can say … It was good, comfy and stylist !!

This is what made us excited over the weekends .

The only thing which is not so … good … was .. air-cond not cold enough .

We need a cold air cond, especially in MALAYSIA …. !!


As i continue unplugged , i like to share with you this simple recipe .

A simple and delicious breakfast .

We had this for Saturday and Sunday morning .

I m glad … cos Jeremy like it too (most important)!!

Cos i had problem make him eat what ever i prepared !!

Everytime or mostly he request for noodle only …

He only love noodle and the portion he had is very little.

I guess he is underweight !!

Is time to learn cooking for my kids !!

A recipe from 小小米桶

材料: (2+1人份)




起司粉…..1大匙 (可用起司絲替代) I use 1 slide of cheese .


I m not a good cook, and i always look for something is easy and fast .

小小米桶 had so many good and nice recipe.

Perhaps you can try it .

( all recipe write in Chinese)

That’s all for this week.

I m tight up with few projects and presentations this week .

Guess i m only able to update my post again next week ..

A Matter of Taste : Butter Cake

March 23, 2010
Again , My SIL called me last Saturday .
Saying that she found the “old recipe for ‘the’ Butter Cake”
& she used to tell me about this “butter cake”
This recipe been loss for ages and she found it again in the store room.
She used to bake this cake for the family while she was young .

Sound so special about this Butter Cake.
Of cos i wanna to try this out . 2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
5 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp baking powder
1 butter

Beat butter and sugar until light and creamy.
Another bowl, whisk the eggs till fluffy & add to the butter mixture.
Add in Vanilla essence

Sift Flour and baking powder.

Fold in the sifted ingredients into the creamed mixture.
Bake for 35 to 40 minutes .

We actually baked 2 Butter Cake.
One with the method “Fold in”
Another we mix the creamy butter and flour with mixer, instead of “fold in”

Can someone please tell me what is the different between this 2 method ??
I realize one cake cracking and get burn on top easily .
In term of the mixture, i realize the one with mixer is more moist .
…. btw, i m not so sure about the real reason behind ….

Overall , it taste good to me !!
This Butter Cake recipe yields a rich butter cake flavored with vanilla.

Will like to try out other butter cake recipe !!
Mind share your butter cake recipe with me ??

A Matter of Tasre : "Angry Cupcake"

March 15, 2010
I’ve had a busy weekend,
Again … 2 days of weekend is not enough for me … !!
Daddy had training on the last Saturday.
I tired to take care both my boys .
Some of the family was worried about me …
” Am i “OK” to take care 2 monster, all by my own “??
It’s hard …. is mess …. but is alright …. i survived !!

While baby J was with nanny from 11am to 2pm. ( 3 hours)
I Thot to bake some cupcake for snack time, for tea time , incase we are hungry .
This lil Jeremy of mine wanna to help,
So i let him help on putting the “icing sugar” with tiny dinosaur shape .
But he refuse to listen, he wanna to do by himself,
He wanna to eat the unbaked mixture , Wanna to do this and that …
& i m running out of time …….
So it’s end up a mess and anger for both of us !!
So the result turn out like an ” Angry” Cupcake !!

The cupcake look “ugly” like a stone …
Is look “hard” and “angry” like a Volcano …..
O.o ….. @…@
Yet the cupcake look very nice with the angry Dinosaur .
It’s match well with the Dinosaur 😛
Cos both give me an angry feeling 😦
Lucky it taste OK .
Not very bad and not good as what i used to bake .

Lesson learn,
Don’t bake while you are running out of time,
Don’t bake while you are angry !!
Don’t bake while you know your kid will make a huge mess.

A Matter of Taste : Less Sugar Cupcakes

March 5, 2010
Finally i had time and chance to warm up my oven after 7 to 8 months O.o
Initially my SIL ask me about how to bake cupcakes or Muffins,
Cos she wanna to bring over to her friends CNY potluck party.
After few phone call from her, ask me about this and that ….
I call her up and ask her to bake at my house.
Easy … i had most of the baking tools .

So we baked 36 Cupcakes .
According to her , She wanna to bake a less sugar cupcakes.
Instead of using normal sugar or brown sugar …
We used Molasses Sugar for the 1st 12 cupcakes .

1st round : 12 cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Molasses Sugar + Walnut and raisin.
The outcome was nice , not too sweet.
Turn out to be brownish cos of the molasses sugar .
2nd Round : 12 Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Sugar + Walnut and raisin.
So it turn out yellowish compare to the 1st Cupcakes with added Molasses Sugar .
But this slightly Sweet .

3rd Round : 12 cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes with Brown Sugar + Walnut .
Instead of 150gm of sugar, i added 70gm brown sugar + 30gm Molasses Sugar .
With 3/4 coco powder .
It’s turn out not too sweet as well .
It’s took us less then 3 hour to finish 36 Cupcakes.
But we are satisfied with the results .
Can proudly bring over the cupcakes to friend house … 😛

Last … Happy Weekends and Happy Baking .