Look forward to weekend !!

We look forward to weekends like everyone else,
Making plans all week, dropping ideas of things we might do .
Sometime i realize we only got weekends to make lists,
As we are all work during weekdays from Monday to Friday .
We make lists of all the things we will do and whether or not we will actually do them,
Sometime it make us look forward to weekends and those list we are making,
Talking about them can be exciting , even for a small things
Like watching a really good movie , i sure months of July had some nice movie.
Like look forward for Jeremy very first sport day this coming Sunday .
Like going for a WHS ( warehouse sale ), we went for My Dear WHS last Saturday,
& yes … we … are few hundred poorer … 😛
That’s what we call Weekends Joys .

If we do not have place to go or things to do,
Or lazy to go out, We will be staying at home , playing with the boys ,
Watching TV … or shouting around … lol … That’s HOME … k
The older I get, the more I realize just how very much I love the pleasures of home.
Having a place that is peaceful and safe.
And, although our house might not be the most organized and laundry might not always make it to the drawers,
Toys is all over the place …..
It’s homey … is my home …

Last weekend brought sunny blue skies, kinda hot too.
So we set up the kids pool at the back yard .
Let the boys play around with the water and having fun.
I wish is a bigger pool too .. so mummy can get in to the pool as well … lol

Lets enjoy our sunny photos 😛

Months of June is a busy month for us, and yet July will be even more busier.
Next weekends ,daddy is going to S’pore for 1 week ,
PIL will be travel to Oversea by end of July ,
Means i had more to prepare and taking care the boys .
The lists continue,
& perhaps a great shopping this weekend before daddy go S’pore ?

hmmm ….. baking a butter cake ?? a chicken burger ?? 😛
Yes, is going to be a good and busy weekend .
That’s life.

Hope you have a beautiful Weekend too.


8 Responses to “Look forward to weekend !!”

  1. Alice Law Says:

    Ehhhh…. what a coincident! My kids were also had their waterplay in our wading pool this evening, right infront of the frontyard… so chilling!Happy weekend and do enjoy it!

  2. Babysmooches Says:

    so fun to have a mini pool in the yard. my kids love it too!

  3. Pet Says:

    Weekends are also cooking for the children and ourself! Planning what to cook is something I had to plan in my head before sleep. I guess I need to know what I can prepare the next day! Have a great weekend!

  4. eugene Says:

    The weekend is over, and here wishing you a great week ahead

  5. andrewjune Says:

    our weekends were spent watching world cup hahaha…hope you had a great one!

  6. agnes Says:

    wow.. jerald is so fair.. u mean both them were NAKED ah??? hahahahaha…

  7. Dora Says:

    Splashing time is most wonderful for the kids! Yeah weekend is even busier than working days…!

  8. wen Says:

    i see kor kor in you!

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