Baby Army on Board !!

Let me introduce my “camobaby”
Cute but dangerous !!
I try to make baby J abit “dirty” by applying some black “mascara”
That’s what i think is save to apply … hiihihi .
But …. baby J still look fair and clean to me …lol..
I could like to snap more and get more photos for him wearing this cute army wear,
But my dslr battery was “out” .. aiseh ….:(

Lastly he is very active, playful , climb and crawl non stop,
I guess, he be walking very soon .. fuh …. even more busier ….
The only moment he stop is when he is having his nap time or sleeping.
You can imagine how handful is that !!

Alright , that all for today post,
I miss my camobaby now *.* So yes, totally awesome baby .
At 10 months, he is just a “bloomin” .


17 Responses to “Baby Army on Board !!”

  1. slavemom Says:

    hahaha Mommy put "make-up" on bb so that she can snap snap snap his photos. He's jes too cute!

  2. Serene Says:

    hahahaa… that's so very cute!! Mummy, should put more mascara on his face and hands mah, so he looks more like an army! Wow, so fast climb stair case already… indeed cute but dangerous!

  3. LittleLamb Says:

    he is so adorable……hey..i m ready for scrapping dy.. let's see when u and me free k..

  4. zmm Says:

    Waaaaa.. like an army boy.Cute……I thought you let him play with mud (which I can't let my children do).. didn't know it's 'make up'.. haha.

  5. MommyAngel Says:

    Your baby J is definitely too cute la Anggie ….. love his chubby face and round eyes 🙂 He will grow up to be a charming gentlement in near future, and mommy will be very very busy attending to a lot of 'butterflies' 🙂 🙂

  6. vickylow Says:

    hahaha cute but dangerous!!Aw he is so adorable and yes he is very fair too.

  7. niny Says:

    he look pretty cool in that army clothes..haha…aiyo… so cute leh…

  8. prince n princess mum Says:

    so cute!!!

  9. Leona Says:

    Perhaps consider submitting those photos for some baby competition… sure win one!!! 🙂

  10. mommy to chumsy Says:

    hhahhahahahha…i love the photos. He looks cute in the army outfit.

  11. Miaoy Says:

    yeah, ur army looks tooo clean..u may consider to let him eat choc cake on his own, then he ll looks more "dirty"..haha

  12. Alice Law Says:

    What a handsome baby!^-^

  13. ChloeRuoyi Says:

    Baby Jareth is just too cute. He has all the good features of a perfect-looking baby 🙂 You should let him enter baby contests. I'm sure he can easily be the champion!

  14. andrewjune Says:

    hey i like the army tee…:)miaoy's idea is good (with the chocolate)

  15. Bryan and Brandon's Mama Says:

    SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anggie's Journal Says:

    slavemom:wanna to snap more , but my battery 'kong' jor .. Serene:i wanna to make him more dirty look too, but i wory Jeremy also want lei .. i do for snapping only … Little lamb:Thanks … u install ur CS already ? well … c how .. and arrange .zmm:my house car pouch or yard dun hv mud … so they dun play with it lei … mummy to angle:hahhaha .. thanks for ur praise , hopefully he is as cute and handsome when he grow up … very very busy attending to a lot of 'butterflies' ??? lol … then good lei :Pvicky, niny and prince /princess mum : Thanks … he so cute at this moment…. Leona:i abit lazy to 'wash' and submit , but most baby on the magazine also very very super cute, will consider again 😛

  17. Anggie's Journal Says:

    mummy to chumsy:Thanks… thanks y i buy it eveni know he cant wear long , maybe another month he cannot wear liau … grow fast … and tallLian & June:Choc abit sticky lei …. alice law:Thanks ..CholeRuayi :Thanks for ur credit to baby J ….:P will consider sending his photo to contest later … Paik Ling : Yah .. super cute and super dangerous too .. he is more furious and hot temper then Jeremy O.o

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