Update on The J Brother : June 2010

I been writing alot lately πŸ˜›
This months i’m late on updating the boys development,
So many happening this June ,
We had family day at Cherating, we had father day celebration,
Mummy and daddy 7th years anniversary .. etc etc
Till i forgot what to jot down on the boys monthly milestones,
So many to remember and jot down,

But when come to type it in the blogspot , i forgot … i can’t recall ..O.o

Here we go :

As for the eldest boy aka Jeremy ,
He is turning 44 months on the 17th June .
Another 4 months he be 4 years old .
He is such a Independence boy i could say.
I hardly worry about him when he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm.
Unless i got a call from the kiddy said he not feeling well or fall down ….
Other wise, he is 101% doing well in the kiddy,
He get along well with all the teacher and friends .

He also into choosing his own outfit , every night he go to bed
& every time we go out for shopping and outing .

Good news is he able to button and unbutton .. quite well.
Sometime abit slow and get frustration when he cant do it .
Bad thing was .. he don’t want people to help him when he cannot button the shirt.
He insist to do it all by himself .
This can be very frustrated when we all rushing to go out .
Another problem was … he might end up wearing what not suppose to be wear !!
I have to hide some of the cloths , or tell ‘lie’ to him ,
such as …. the cloths is wash, dirty, still wet and so on .

If he love certain cloths, he be wearing it again and again . O.o
At this moment, this is his big development and sometime can create trouble !!

He still love to draw and sing .Now he not so much in to TV already ,
He prefer doing his own sketching & drawing ,
Playing his mega block and toys .

Afraid of the “naughty corner” .
& the “naughty corner” will be at
mummy’s red mural wall πŸ˜›
Aiseh, the mural so nice & daddy choose that to be “naughty corner” ????

Jeremy can be very very stubborn and hard to handle .
I tried not to cane him and talk to him & explain to him what he done wrong.
Rather then cane him … or we choose the “naughty corner” to punish him .
When come to think about it , we actually need to give him more and more care,
More and more patient to guide him to be good .
As most of the time he is in the kiddy from Mon to Fri, from 8am to 5pm .
We only spend that few hours with him before he go to bed .


As for baby J aka Jareth, He is turning 10 months on the 8th June .
Means 2 more months he be a toddler and no more a baby .
wow wow wow … my baby is turning ONE soon .
I tell u , this lil baby is growing fast .. real fast …Why mummy show his sad face ??
Baby J just recovered from fever, cough and flu .
This is his very first time having fever , yah @ 10 months .
Still got alot of phlegm … sometime can still hear “gi-ku gi-ku” …
Yah … baby lost abit of weigh O.o

He can crawl very fast .
Can stand for a while, in a midst on learning how to walk … is soon !!
Can climb (by crawl) the staircase very fast too … O.o
4 teeth at the moment .

Very “wai sek” ….what ever your mouth was eating somethings,
He will come very fast to you ..

Every time when we said “no more” after he finished his porridge or fruit.. etc.
He will cried as he is still very hungry and wanna to eat more … πŸ˜›

At this moment ,
I sleep with baby J , he love to crawl to my chest or sleep beside me.
He love to feel closeness to me/daddy when we sleep with him … how sweet !!
Sometime i hug him to sleep too … πŸ˜›
I don’t have this with Jeremy when he is a baby,
cos Jeremy was trained to sleep in a baby cot until he is 2 yo.

But for baby J, he sleeping time was very unpredictable even until now .
I have no choice . Choose to sleep together with him , at least i can get some rest .
Other wise i be up and down the baby cot to smooth him to sleep .

All i can say .. baby is growing up so much faster than Jeremy at this months !!

Well …. As much as they are wearing me out and driving me crazy,
I’m really enjoying my kids at the moment.
My boys are like squirrels with rockets up their bottoms.
They can’t sit still, They are active and playful ,
Bring so much smile and laughter to us .
Both at a very 2 different milestones and progress each months
.. a baby and a toddler …
Where little boys bring happy days and tomorrow is always waiting.
Joting down their development months by months make me delight .
Realize I just love them to bits.

And we each have our own. Our stories. Our life .
It’s one of the reasons I keep blogging, I guess.

Last … Have a great weekend ahead.
As for us, we are going for this Yes … this Sunday !!
KL Marathon 2010 – RUN AS ONE
See you there for those who are joining this Marathon 2010 .
Yes, it’s going to be a good week.



11 Responses to “Update on The J Brother : June 2010”

  1. prince n princess mum Says:

    my hubby's going to that marathon.. ha!~

  2. Bryan and Brandon's Mama Says:

    Wah you & I share quite a bit of similarities. my #1 turns 4 in Aug and #3 turns 1 in Sept this year!

  3. mommy to chumsy Says:

    have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  4. vickylow Says:

    Oh can see your shadow on Jeremy 1st photo. Wish Jareth speedy recovery. Enjoy your running this weekend ya.

  5. LittleLamb Says:

    Have a good run……..Must go to the end ya..I jia you jia you for you :)I saw the goodie bag from my friends… really nice stuff there ;p

  6. andrewjune Says:

    all the BEST to all of you in the marathon!!!let baby J eats whatever he lies, it's good if he's not too choosy…it will caused more problem if kids dont eat when they're supposed to…so fast he's turning 1 in 2 mths time? wow time sure flies!

  7. ChloeRuoyi Says:

    Jeremy knows how to choose his outfits πŸ™‚ Chloe is 2 months older than him but this girl is so…. not vain haha. She doesn't bother about her clothes at all.Wishing you a great weekend and enjoy your run! Wow, really salute you. I don't have the stamina to run even 1km, i think!

  8. Alice Law Says:

    Great milestone! Hey, all the best for your marathon run ok! Gambate!happy weekend!

  9. slavemom Says:

    Jeremy is vy independent. My boy still doesn't know how to button or unbutton his clothes.Hv fun in the marathon tmw!

  10. Dora Says:

    How r u gonna punish Jeremy@the naughty corner?… Try your best in the marathon πŸ™‚

  11. FireWire Says:

    hi Anggie, well done in completing the 5KM. Hope you had fun :DActually, the winner took 2 hours and 17 minutes to finish the full marathon (42KM). World record is 2 hours and 3 minutes, not yet below 2 hours. Hehe.

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