I *heart* online shopping

Hardly had free time to go shopping mall ,
Always busy with work, housework and the most that keep me hand-full was my 2 boys .
Bring the 2 boys for clothing shopping ?? No thanks ..
Can … but only for “jalan-jalan” and window shopping 😛
But … now …
Thank God …. we had on line shopping now .
U just need to have a PC/ laptop and internet access ,
Then u can shop whatever and whenever you are free .
It’s open 24 hours and 365 days 😛

I shop online for long time ago .
At first was just try and see .

Ever since … it was so convenience and easy .
Later i get addicted
By a click of a button, parcel or item will reach your door step .

I love to shop for my kids and also for myself .
Example this super nice online shopping website – Irenelim Fashion
So many nice dresses to choose from .
They have dresses, skirt, pants, jackets, shoes , bags, belts …..
You name it … they have it .

From the formal working dresses To trendy dresses
Nice ?

Hop over their web site for more nice nice dresses ,
I beat you will love it 😛

wait …
Besides having a wide range of beautiful outfits,
There’s a free dresses promotion running for bloggers too!
Absolutely FREE !!
You just need to write a short review about this website .

Click click click for more information .

I got to stop for the time being ,
Cos i am in the midst of browsing some dresses to add to my wardrobe 😛


4 Responses to “I *heart* online shopping”

  1. prince n princess mum Says:

    Can see Irenelim fashion everywhere.. 🙂

  2. jacss Says:

    hey i bought from them too leh eventhou their shop is just nearby in pch, but i got no time to visit, haha

  3. Alice Law Says:

    I love her fashion designs too, very contemporary, classy and most of all… its pricing is reasonable and affordable!^-^Wish you luck Anggie! Have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. vickylow Says:

    Soon you will get your free dress 😉

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