Still Strong …..

Today 22th June 2010 mark our 7th years anniversary,

wow, the days and weeks are just flying by .

Every year of our anniversary ,

We will surly take a leave off to have a simple celebration.

Just two of us, without the kids .

Hardly can find time for being just 2 of us after we had kids .

But we take a leave off yesterday instead of today .

We went for a great lunch at Sunway

We had movie for Karate kids . Good movie and touching movie .

We had some shopping .

A simple day for a simple couple like us 😛


17 Responses to “Still Strong …..”

  1. Mummy Moon Says:

    happy anniversary to you and your hub..

  2. eugene Says:

    What still strong? it must be always shall be strong, that's the beautiful part of being married, despite all the stress and all the ups and downs, we know that there is someone there for us,, to hold hand, to look into the eyes and to say " I love You"happy anniversary my friend

  3. Alice Law Says:

    So envy~! You are such a romantical couple!! Since wedding till now, my husband is still blur about our wedding anniversary! Worst part, he always laugh at couple who celebrate theirs … to him, after married means "no romance!" Sigh!T-TA happy wedding anniversary, may you live healthy and wealthy hand in hand!^-^

  4. Bryan and Brandon's Mama Says:

    Happy anniversary Anggie! I didn't know you can paint murals – sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!! Btw, are you taking part in this sunday's marathon?

  5. andrewjune Says:

    happy 7th anniversary (wow 7 yrs already?)and wishing you & william more, more & more to come!

  6. LittleLamb Says:

    Happy Anniversary Anggie.:)

  7. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    hb just sms me and told me happy anniversary. gosh..i almost forgot!happy anniversary to you too!

  8. ChloeRuoyi Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

  9. Leona Says:

    Nice idea about celebrating your anniversary. Simple but meaningful. In our busy lives with kids especially, sometimes there is no time for couple time. So, its great that you and hubs make it a point to mark this special day every year.Happy anniversary to you… cheers!

  10. Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben Says:

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Nice way to spend your special day.

  11. prince n princess mum Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  12. slavemom Says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary to u and William! And it's so nice to make time for each other amidst ur bz schedule with work n kids.

  13. Miaoy Says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary..time really flies

  14. MommyAngel Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! Wishing you both many many years of love and trust ahead 🙂 You guys really make such a great couple and I love the picture that 4 of you are all together 🙂

  15. All Precious Moments Says:

    Happy anniversary dear!!!

  16. Dora Says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary to u & ur hubby!

  17. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thank you Thank You ALL for the lovely wish and comments …. "hug"anggie

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