2nd Photobook and Happy Father’s Day .

I had my 1st photobook last year, December .
Thot to have another photobook for myself,
But becos is slight expensive even is 40% off .
Lets made one at a time . …So at this time …
I decided to design one for my FIL as a gift for Father’s Day this coming weekend.

Some how i realize 40 pages is not enough .
When you have so many beautiful photos to choose
I wish it was 50 pages πŸ˜›
I choose ImagesWrap Hardcover Book with Medium Landscape – 11″ x 8.5″

Let’s have a look of the photobooks that send to me this Monday .

The Front Cover ” Happy Family”
Baby J the only one that didn’t look at the camera *.*The “Chang” Family Tree as a back Cover.
One of the amazing family .Abit of here and there from the families activities we had .
A layout for all wonderful fathers
My bundle of joys !!
I love the colourful pictures here .
A layout for all wonderful mothers
Christmas 2009
PD trip 2007
Hope each pages they view that captured their heart with all sweet memory πŸ˜›

Last … an early wishes for all Wonderful fathers out there ..
Happy Father’s Day !!

A drawing by Jeremy to Papa .. πŸ˜› “Daddy I Love U”


18 Responses to “2nd Photobook and Happy Father’s Day .”

  1. Bits of Taste Says:

    Nice photobook! I haven't got the inspiration to do one yet…. so lazy Mommy! haha….

  2. vickylow Says:

    Very nice photobook, you did a great job.

  3. michelle@mybabybay Says:

    I like the tree design with the pics. Very unique.

  4. mommy to chumsy Says:

    wow, very nice πŸ˜€ i like it :Dso how are you going to celebrate Father's Day?

  5. BoeyJoey Says:

    wow, very nice! i haven't have my first photobook yet… must drag my lazy bum and start doing it… someday πŸ™‚

  6. Serene Says:

    Anggie, you designed all the layout pages? You're so talented! Very nice photobook!! What a meaningful gift… I believe your FIL will sure like it!

  7. prince n princess mum Says:

    This is so nice!~

  8. Debbie Y Says:

    Hi, first time dropped by. Oh mind, it's definitely the best photobook!!

  9. LittleLamb Says:

    i'm very very sure that your Family members will like it. the book..full of precious memories. i bet there will be reprints hahaahhahaah

  10. Alice Law Says:

    Wow… nicely done photobook! I would like to have one too!^-^Happy Father's Day to your hubby and dad!

  11. Dora Says:

    Hey very lovely photobook! Happy Father's Day to the super dads!

  12. wen Says:

    very nice! still havent finished mine yet…

  13. andrewjune Says:

    happy father's day to william :)nice photobook…pity the front cover lil jareth didnt look at the camera…otherwise 100% perfect liao!

  14. MommyAngel Says:

    The photobook you gave to your FIL is so nice …. must have spend you lots of hours doing that :)Jeremy's drawing is really getting better, must be from mommy's gene to have good drawing skills? πŸ™‚ :)Happy Father's Day!

  15. ChloeRuoyi Says:

    This is a wonderful and perfect gift! I'm sure your FIL (and everyone in the family) will love it. I've been dreaming of making a photobook too but I don't have the patience and creativity to make a nice one. I started and abandoned this project for at least 5 times already. In the end, it still remains abandoned haha 😦

  16. slavemom Says:

    Vy nice! I love ur layouts!

  17. jacss Says:

    hey very lovely work there. i just submitted my 2nd order ystd night :Dhowcome yr background all so nice wan…u must hv special skills i don't have.

  18. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks all blogger for the kind comments .Is nice to hv one to keep .yah , my FIL & the rest was impress and like the PB very much … phew …. worth the hard work πŸ˜›

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