Wall Mural

I remember i had my first wall mural done on Jeremy 2nd birthday .
A gift for him, but end up Baby Jareth the one who used this room πŸ˜›
Sometime i think … is good to had another boy,
If girl then i had to paint a princess wall mural … now can reused this wall mural πŸ˜›
After Baby J was born ….later one month, the name JARETH was painted on the WallThe “jungle”
After a good satisfaction on the first art wall mural,
Then again i had my 2nd wall mural on 2009 , rushing and completed before CNY
I remember , i was pregnant 5 months + when i painted this.
Remember i was scold by my MIL too O.o …
Climb up and down to paint …. ( no wander la .. Baby J so active …:P)
Once i had the inspiration to do it, i must done it quickly ,
Other wise …the inspiration gone.
I will stop and never will get it done .. i know myself !!

The “Red Wall”

Now mummy hands is abit “itch” already ..
Thot to paint another wall mural at the dining area or the family area .
But this round will take longer time , i guess ..
With 2 boys around , not sure when can start and finish …lol

I like the below Wall Mural which i search from net :
I will choose the simple with max 3 colour .

The roses and flower
( i like this .. but i think too feminine … i m the only “female” in the house..k )
The brothers
( This is very heart warming pictures …. but i like to get 4 person in)
Mummy, daddy and the brothers
The Illustrative
( This is the most impressive for me, but get the detail done is abit challenge for me)
To Colour/paint is not the problem for me, but to draw it on the wall is a challenge
I like this …
Or forget about Wall Mural ??
Go for :
Canvas Wall art ??
Or Canvas photos ??
I like Canvas actually .
But Big Canvas is always expensive .
I need at least 3 big Canvas on the Wall i plan to design .
Well … let me think of a simple and cheapest way to beautify my wall!!
So …..
Right now , let stop for the time being .
Lets take a blog break on a Short Vacation.
Later tonight got to pack and get my camera well prepared …
To …
“stay tune” for next week πŸ˜›

Thanks for dropping by here and you too to have a great Weekend ahead.



18 Responses to “Wall Mural”

  1. Alice Law Says:

    Wow… I'm impressive, Anggie! You are such an artist, would like you to paint my wall as well, lol!Have a wonderful weekend to you too!

  2. LittleLamb Says:

    wah…….drooling jor. u r so talented. at first i thought was those wall stickers… then i read again..u actually painted!! salute. if u got ling gum, draw on my wall too ;pIndeed very nice.

  3. vickylow Says:

    Your are always good in art & craft. I like the 2 boys holding hands pic too. Ya with daddy & mommy as side would be prefect. Enjoy your holiday ya. Bon voyage ~~

  4. prince n princess mum Says:

    Wow! This is so nice…..

  5. jazzmint Says:

    hehe i like the last one..more artistic :)..really salute u, with 2 kiddos at home still can do painting. Wish I'm as creative as u

  6. andrewjune Says:

    you should add jareth's name into the mickey mouse's mural wall :)i like the flowers design too, but it's a bit feminine cos the rests are guys! hahaha…hv a great hols!!!

  7. Bits of Taste Says:

    Oh my! You are so hardworking…. even pregnant also still can do wall mural…. *salute*…. haha…but these walls are very nice and creative! Bravo Anggie!

  8. mommy to chumsy Says:

    oh so beautiful. i love what you did. can't wait to see more πŸ™‚ have a great weekend.

  9. andrewjune Says:

    ohhh you baru add the photos of jareth's name on the mural leh…sorry-loh…didnt know πŸ™‚

  10. Miaoy Says:

    why Jareth s yawning in few photos?? so cute…u r really a hardworking mama, work, cook, and yet do so many things..

  11. michelle@mybabybay Says:

    Wow very impressive. I like the second last one. Can draw one like this with one boy and a gal, Tim & Emily?I really want to put it up my wall. Now how do I do that?By the way, how long it takes for you to do 1 master piece?

  12. Pet Says:

    All looks good, depending on your preference! For me, I will just use wall stickers! πŸ™‚

  13. ChloeRuoyi Says:

    This is amazing! Your painting skill is simply fantastic. Love the feel of the room. Very soothing and pleasing to the eyes πŸ™‚

  14. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    OMG, you actually painted the wall mural????? I thot u hired some professional painters to do the job. You are damn GOOD!!!

  15. jacss Says:

    eh, u provide yr service or not?? can do bis jor….so good, u r born an artist lar, woman :Dthumbs up for you!!

  16. J Sky Says:

    Supposed to be a SR, but wow, you really have talent!! Nice nice nice!!

  17. Anggie's Journal Says:

    alice law: thanks … hv to paint urself , only u feel satisfied wan . Little lamb:Thanks Thanks … yah , i paint myself wan …not wall paper, if i got extra $$ i think i go for wall paper :Pvicky:thanks … the 2 boys look nice hor ?prince and princess mum: Thanks jazz:Yah … seem like we had a same taste lei . June: already add jareth name, forgot to post only .Lian:Cos my baby is so sian. mummy always catch him to hv photo shoots .. hahhahah

  18. Anggie's Journal Says:

    michelle:it take me around 2 weeks to finish the wall mural …. fast can be 1 week :Ppet:yah, wall sticker is easier also .cholerauyi:Thanks for the credit :Phealth freak mummy:thanks thanks thanksalice:yah .. i paint the red wall when i m pregnant with baby J ..O,omummy to chumsy:plan to do one more wall, hopefully can find time to do so :Pjacss:thanks women, still canot do bis la .. still far away ….own house can la , people hse.. cannot lei .. stress …hahhahaJ sky:Thanks for dropping by … btw what is SR ?? πŸ˜›

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