At the Park

Last Saturday the weather was good, a bit gloomy and not so sunny .
Just a right weather to bring the boys to the park ,
It’s was Baby J first time visit this park at Bangi .
Now Jeremy is big enough to play by himself ,
We just need to watch him for not being missing … šŸ˜›
So i get along my camera and start shooting again šŸ˜›
Love it … this place is so colorful and greenly …
Little J continues to thrive. He has reached the stage where he can easily pick
up small things and put it directly into his mouth.
I think he was confuse over the green things and green vege !!??
Jeremy playing Peekaboo with Baby J
” Where’s the baby ???” “Where’s the didi ??”
Baby J first shoes !!
A tiny shoes with daddy’s giant shoes !!
Let’s walk together …..
Posing and relaxing in a good weather …
Jeremy really enjoy it !!
There goes my weekend .. how about yours ??
Hope u have a great weekends too.
I guess every parents have a full and busy weekends,
That is why we always said …
Weekends is for Family . Weekdays is for school and work .
Again … i hope God give me 8 days a week … that one day is for myself !!

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