The topless and the naked brothers

I posted those photos in my FB yesterday,
Thot to share again in my blog here about this 2 cheeky boys .

Many said both doesn’t look much the same like brothers.
Some claim i bring back the wrong baby home …. lol .
Maybe baby J is still a baby , once he reach age like Jeremy,
I think they will look alike beside the eyes … for sure .. 😛

Over the pass weekend,
I been practicing and snapping photos of them especially the kids behave well .
No cranky, no crying, no angry.. everyone in good mood .
Glad to see the boys are happy .
& I like all their happy photos and faces here .

For the Big Brother @ Jeremy.
He can happily play water for more then one hour until the skin also “chow-chow”.
Especially at the back yard with the big blue tank & with his toys to keep him busy .
He even requested mummy to get him some apple cope in small pieces
or grape when he taking his long bath.

So young boy already know how to enjoy !!
How about the small J @ Jareth ?
He is real funny baby boy at this age ( coming to 10 months) .
I just love it !!
He can seat on the booster seat and play with his saliva for more then one hour too.
Some time up to 2 hour if i m really busy to entertain him … lol
Until the fingers also “chow chow”
eeee …. i know that sound “gerli” playing with saliva ,
But he is having lots of fun with his fingers and saliva !!
Until the shirt is mostly wet and i have to take it off .
Let him play la … as long he is not crying and disturbing anyone …

Thanks for taking your time to view the photos, yah is slight heavy to view.
Ain’t they just cute and happy ??

For those who interested on the photos taken above,
I m using my Canon 500D, with the basic lens 18-55mm.
Some i use AV mode, some i set auto mode .
I m also learning and just play and snap with it till i get the photos i want .
Somehow natural light is still the most important .
That why you can see the different taken outdoor for Jeremy and indoor for baby J.
At the moments, most photo i shoot in RAW and later convert and adjust in PS or leave it as it is .

Last, have a great day and weekend.
See you again next week with more posts .


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