Parents – Teachers Day

Last Saturday Jeremy Kiddy had this Parents-Teachers Day .
Well …. more on getting know the teachers and how’s my boy doing in Kiddy ??
Overall comments from teachers was GOOD .

Jeremy is independent, Smart, Fast Learner ,
Talkative, Very Curious , Many Question, Playful , Active …

Love singing, Love drawing , Love Sport , language …
Mostly he enjoy every lessons and classes…
Except not paying much attention
A Report progress was given and a comments was given by the class teacher , said :Yah … he need to pay more attention during lessons..
He is too playful to move around and “busybody” around the class . O.o
I took some of the photos to share here with you :

This a Birthday Chart and his classmates at Starfish 4 Parents was busy and waiting their turn to talk and discuss with the teachers . Playing and mingle well with his friends . The Library The Classroom What they learn on this term and so on .. was on the board . I m glad to hear many good and positive comments from the teachers .
Most important he is HAPPY LEARNING !!

He enjoy his friends, his teachers and his learning proses .

While Jeremy learning in school…
Baby J also learning at home & exploring his lil world around him ..
He also a “busybaby” !!
Learn how to dig out ALL the toys from the toys box .
Learn how to throw … very good on this ….
Throwing toys or anything he hold .

Learn how to stand …
He is very good on observing … especially the brother …
One scream another will follow ..

Happy Wesak Day .
Have a nice Weekend !!


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