Pre – Marathon ( Run As One)

We wake up as early as 5:45am last Sunday prepared for this :
Pre – Marathon
Why so early ?? cos have to register at 6:30am
Blue – 3KM, Red – 5KM
The real actual date for this KL Marathon will be held end of June .
For this Pre- Marathon, we choose the 3KM instead of 5KM.
On the real coming KL Marathon we will go for 5KM instead of 10KM.
Yes .. Jeremy run with us . He manage to finished the run !!
Don’t look at his tiny little body … he is more energy then me !!
But we are still consider weather to bring him along for the real Marathon or not .Oh dear …. i m really lack of exercise … 3KM already half dead …:P
But this is a good run and good exercise … We had a good sweat !!
Beside the run, there’s alot of activities for kids and adults.
For the kids :
Such as colouring
Children Playground
Sand Art
Harley Davidson Ride
RM5 per ride
I was actually wanna to try this ride with Jeremy.
I thot he be happy and excited to had the ride .
I m wrong !!
He is so scared of the loud and noisy sound from the Harley .
& also scared of the rider …. & he not allow me to ride as well.
So daddy have the chance to ride this BIG and Noisy Harley Davidson .

Overall, it was a fun activities to take part .
I think i better had some jogging & running around my house before
the real Marathon Run .. 😛

I don’t want to “pengsan” middle of the road !! haha


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