GoGreen Ranger

Are you a Go Green Ranger ??
Now everyone was talking about Go Green !!So last Saturday my hub company was having this Go green activity at Zoo.
Called “Zoo Negara Lake Restoration Project”
A very good activities on saving the Lake.

Me and Jeremy was tag along .
The project was about making of EM Mud Balls.
What is EM Mud Balls??
20,000 Mud Balls was made !! Maybe more …..
The EM Mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards

reducing water pollutants and thus improving water quality in
our rivers and drains.
The fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or
destroy the ammonia nitrogen
found in human effluents and sewerage
leakages into the water system.

( u can search you tube on how to making Mud balls)

This project was started as early at 8am till 4pm.
Too bad, my boy was not interested on making the mud balls.
So … we go Jalan Jalan and visit his animals friends …

But i tell you … the Zoo look BIG, but actually not much animals to see.
Most animals look unhealthy for me .
BUT 8am to 4pm was such a looooooog hour .
We spend less then 2 hour finished the whole Zoo …

Ronda ronda every corner until both of us get tired .
Watching the animals show , visited those shops.
Luckily i didn’t bring along baby J .. It’s was kinda hot .
I can’t take care 2 boys ALL by myself for such a long hour 😦

Below some of the photos to share during the Zoo visit.
It’s was very early in the morning, so the Zoo is kinda empty and quite .I bought him a toy snake … to keep him awake and busy .
But after 3 hours of walking and visiting …. we are hungry !!

No choice .. hv to go find daddy for lunch and ask him to go back early if can.
Cos he is real tired after a long walk and under a hot sun.
We do took the “train” ride … But only one round .
Cos it’s cost RM 3 for adult and RM2 for kids.
I remember last time was FREE …
How nice if is free, so we can go for few round ride rather then walking .
See .. my poor boy …. sleepy and tired .
So daddy have to “snake” out and cabut .

We leave the Zoo almost 2pm.

Well …
Am i a Go Green ranger ??
Mentality not really going in to it .
Still trying and learning .. ..

But apparently .. i think i am …hahaha …. LOL.

Cos i like something green and fresh !!
Got something for myself this Mother Day!!
A “Green Bag”

Normally we celebrate Mother Day for MIL not for ourself .

We busy preparing gift for MIL , booking and searching good restaurants .

What about ME ???
So i give myself a gift for being a mum to 2 boys !!
What a good reason !! lol

Love this bag to bite.

Just a right bag at a right size at a right colour .

Allow me to put every small and big things in.

So … go green our friends ….!!


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