A Matter of Taste : Meal for us

Another lazy cook from lazy mum O.o

Claypot Rice
For Mummy, daddy and JeremyIngredient
450g fragrant Rice
1 can of preserved cured meat
150g chinese sausage
150g dry mushrooms
some spring onion
600ml water

2 tbsp fried shallot oil /vege oil
1tbsp fine dark soy sauce

1 tbsp fine dark soy sauce and 2 tbsp oyster sauce
and some garlic for cooking mushroom

Rinse rice and remove to drain
Peel Chinese sausage, cut into slices
Add rice into pot, pour water, cover the pot
Braise over high heat till water is almost dried up
Remove the lid, add in Chinese sausage,
Add cured meat and mushroom( which cook earlier)
Cover the pot and braise over low heat till well cooked
Remove the lid, add in seasoning
Spread spring onion

Last ….
A pumpkin + carrot puree for baby J.
The orange colour was so beautiful and bright !!!
Baby food is always colourful !!
Doesn’t the deep orange just scream Vitamin E !!!
I slop all the goop into few of small Tupperwear and keep in the freezer.
Then before feeding time, I just defrost .
Sometime eat as is it , or mix with porridge , cereal or other fruits and vege .
Have a great week ahead !!


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