Update on The J Brothers : May 2010

The “small J” @ 9 months .
Weight 11kg . not gaining much, properly very active and due to teething .
Yes … he had 2 tiny teeth now on the bottom.
Master in crawling, seating and can stand for a while without support .
It’s also means he is entering the land of bumps and falls .

He make me smile and also make me cry of his sleeping habit .
Remember i blog about his sleeping habit few months ago …
After 2 months of NOT sleeping during the night time …
Then after 2 months of sleeping the whole night till the next morning .
Now he back to ” NOT sleeping habit until 6 to 7am in the morning”
& he can sleep until 12 noon ….
Then start playing until 5-6pm in the evening .
This bad habit happened 2 weeks already …

Cant figured out “WHY”
Again, parents suffered for sleepless night !!
If put him in the baby cot, he will cried till his lung out and no sound .
I m so worry neighbor thot i abuse my baby !!!!!
If put him with me in the bed, he will crawl here and there, bumps here and there !!
Crawl to me, pull my hair, pull my face 😦

Can sound , “ma, pa, nen, ga, ……”
If take away his toys, he will start “crying and screaming”
Explore objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them and throwing them .

Is really fun and enjoy playing and hang around with this Small J.
But when come to his sleeping time, is really torturing !!

As for the Big J @ 43 months.
At this age , i guess behavior , tantrums and discipline always the issues.
It doesn’t take much to turn this little angel into a little monster.
I always … believe
Becoming harsh or punishing or smack won’t help end the tantrum
and will only get me more upset and angry .
So i try to be calm as much as i can .
But always end up, people said i spoil him, didn’t scold and smack 😦
” at home sometime become a crazy mum, so when i m out , i hope i’m not crazy on public”
” or get crazy in front of other people” just to show “you”
I had enough at home .

Yes, i always give in, especially early in the Morning or in the public .
When we wanna go to work, and he wanna go to school .
What is the point if he cry and throw tantrum in the morning ??
We get late to work with angry mood,
And he cried to school ?? what is the point ???
So i ALWAYS give in in the situation like this .

I just don’t want him to cry and wail to the max .

Especially when we had many night of sleepless night !!
Then we become more impatient, rise out voice,
Easily irritated , grumpy more often.
sign …. sign …

Something for myself to remember !!
As a parent, I need to learn to control myself even MORE

Than the kids who’re still learning to control themselves .
Difficult times with our kids may possibly be caused by our own
emotional roller-coaster like : –
( sleepless night, frus on our work… project doesn’t go well)

But after all those frequent challenging attitudes.
He do share alot sweet and happy moments with us .
People who meet up with him,
Always said he look very shy , good and obedient .
Doesn’t sound what i said like a monster .
haha.. ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Oh ya, photo’s taken by Wen during Stuart’s 100 Days .

Last, i like to take a blog break .


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