On Tow

Yeah … mummy car was on tow yesterday evening .
In the middle of a highway, on the second lane…
The car suddenly slow down without signal ….
I cant even press the brake !!
No brake , engine ‘stop’ !!
Lucky not much car on the left lane ….
Till i drove to the emergency lane with hand brake to stop the car on moving !!
Call hub la, call BIL la ( his a owner of a car workshop) for help ,
Call nanny la said i be late,
Call MIL la … to fetch baby J ….
While i waiting for the tow man to come…
I wandering …
” Should i wait in the car or out side the car ??”
What will you do ??
& this cross my mind ….
“Many people die when they rest and wait in the car on the highway”
I guess is save to came out from the car since is a busy highway !!

What a MONDAY !!

The poor car in the Workshop now !!
Well, i m in the middle on saving $$ for second new car .
hmm …. kind a heavy commitment for a family to have 2 news car to pay every months !!
I m still very much consider about this matters !!


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