A Matter of taste : Baby Food

Baby J started on solid food when he turn 6 months .
Starting baby on solids was exciting & hilarious i could said .

My baby J doesn’t really like porridge .
Is a struggle to feed him porridge , the max he can eat was only half bowl.
Either porridge with pumpkin, with carrot, with chicken meat ..

But he love fruits puree !!
Today on the menu was :-
Pureed avocado + Apple + Banana + Organic multi-grain cereal.

Normally first try he will show u funny face …
Very weird taste …
And mummy will laugh over those funny faces he shown !!
After few spoons … after he love the taste .
He can finished it very fast …
And even want more !!
I hope this is how he love his porridge too … but too bad… his not .
Sometime is sad when your baby doesn’t like what u have cooked !!
Spending time in the kitchen hours peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, food for your baby – then have it spat out onto the floor or your baby just cried for “help”.
If he love what you had prepared ….
Then you feel so satisfied and happy !!

Old folks always hope that baby can eat more porridge and in more portion .
So the baby grow faster, fatter, bigger and feel full … O.o
I think fruits puree with cereal doesn’t make it less nutrition and less healthy .

Glad to said my baby was impressed with the menu and finished it all !!

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