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A Matter of Taste : B’fest , Lunch , Dinner

May 31, 2010
2+1 meal over the Weekend

For the breakfast ,
We had Junior Chicken Burger + Vege + Cheese for my boy and also mummy and daddy .
With a cup of coffee for us and milk for Jeremy .

For Lunch ,
Pork Meat Potato Curry and Roti Canai Spring Onion

I bough one packet of Frozen Roti Canai from Giant .
This Roti Canai come with Spring Onion , some come with Chili, Onion and etc .
It’s was nice .
Just need to heat and fried over a non-stick pan .
Serve with Hot Curry .
For Dinner,
Fried Spaghetti with slide mushroom + dry chili and vege .
Really enjoy such simple meal for 2 + 1 .
Easy cooking and easy washing πŸ™‚

Sorry, no recipe , as i believe everyone can cook this & i m not good on writing recipe too 😦
Just share the photos and my photography skill πŸ™‚


Free Chocolate ???

May 31, 2010
What you and your family do during last Wesak Day ??
As for us, we went to this Chocolate Fair at Beryl’s ,Bangi .
Is very near my place, otherwise i will not go … cos we are not really a Chocolate lover .
Only certain brands of chocolate i like .
Yah …eat ALL u can without waste , and is FREE .
When i first received the email from my hubby about this Free Chocolate ..
I was like …. FREE Chocolate, EAT ALL YOU CAN ?? ” Biar betul ” ??
Hahaha … yah , is true … is FREE .
Alot of people actually , we reach at 10am. The Q is long .
But everyone Q in a good manner, so is alright to wait .
Just take a short while to reach your turn . So not too bad .
How many round you can go and Q is all up to you .
For me one round is enough … unless you really crazy for Chocolate .
We bring along baby J for this Chocolate Fair even he cant eat !!
Everyone is given a paper cup .
You can take as much as the paper cup can hold .
That’s actually alot of chocolate !!
Can see alot of families enjoying their free chocolate treat .
Good to bring the little one along, sure they love it !!
ha .. u can tell, Jeremy is not a Chocolate fans .
Somemore this boy choose the dark chocolate πŸ˜›
Poor baby J, Q so long, and yet not allow to eat .
I can hear he is shouting : ” This is unfair” … “unfair” .. hahah
After the Free Chocolate buffet ,
You can buy some of the chocolate at the shop ..
Yah … this the main reason to offer free choc …
I can see alot of people buy chocolate too.
The price is reasonable and cheaper compared to retail shops .
Some pack in a small cute cup as gift like this :-
Alright … no chocolate … at least got ice-cream for Baby J .. hahaha
We spend less then 2 hour at the Chocolate Fair at Beryl’s .
Tell you what ,
Half cup of the Beryl’s Chocolate is actually more then enough for me and daddy.

The Beryl’s Choc is too sweet for me .
Well, if u love Chocolate, any brands , you should come next time .
After Chocolate Fair … we head to Shopping Mall for Prince of Persia .
Yah, bring along the 2 boys for the movie .
One watch,eat ,seat , stand and walk around 😦
Another one sleep tru the whole movie :p

Parents – Teachers Day

May 27, 2010
Last Saturday Jeremy Kiddy had this Parents-Teachers Day .
Well …. more on getting know the teachers and how’s my boy doing in Kiddy ??
Overall comments from teachers was GOOD .

Jeremy is independent, Smart, Fast Learner ,
Talkative, Very Curious , Many Question, Playful , Active …

Love singing, Love drawing , Love Sport , language …
Mostly he enjoy every lessons and classes…
Except not paying much attention
A Report progress was given and a comments was given by the class teacher , said :Yah … he need to pay more attention during lessons..
He is too playful to move around and “busybody” around the class . O.o
I took some of the photos to share here with you :

This a Birthday Chart and his classmates at Starfish 4 Parents was busy and waiting their turn to talk and discuss with the teachers . Playing and mingle well with his friends . The Library The Classroom What they learn on this term and so on .. was on the board . I m glad to hear many good and positive comments from the teachers .
Most important he is HAPPY LEARNING !!

He enjoy his friends, his teachers and his learning proses .

While Jeremy learning in school…
Baby J also learning at home & exploring his lil world around him ..
He also a “busybaby” !!
Learn how to dig out ALL the toys from the toys box .
Learn how to throw … very good on this ….
Throwing toys or anything he hold .

Learn how to stand …
He is very good on observing … especially the brother …
One scream another will follow ..

Happy Wesak Day .
Have a nice Weekend !!

Pre – Marathon ( Run As One)

May 25, 2010
We wake up as early as 5:45am last Sunday prepared for this :
Pre – Marathon
Why so early ?? cos have to register at 6:30am
Blue – 3KM, Red – 5KM
The real actual date for this KL Marathon will be held end of June .
For this Pre- Marathon, we choose the 3KM instead of 5KM.
On the real coming KL Marathon we will go for 5KM instead of 10KM.
Yes .. Jeremy run with us . He manage to finished the run !!
Don’t look at his tiny little body … he is more energy then me !!
But we are still consider weather to bring him along for the real Marathon or not .Oh dear …. i m really lack of exercise … 3KM already half dead …:P
But this is a good run and good exercise … We had a good sweat !!
Beside the run, there’s alot of activities for kids and adults.
For the kids :
Such as colouring
Children Playground
Sand Art
Harley Davidson Ride
RM5 per ride
I was actually wanna to try this ride with Jeremy.
I thot he be happy and excited to had the ride .
I m wrong !!
He is so scared of the loud and noisy sound from the Harley .
& also scared of the rider …. & he not allow me to ride as well.
So daddy have the chance to ride this BIG and Noisy Harley Davidson .

Overall, it was a fun activities to take part .
I think i better had some jogging & running around my house before
the real Marathon Run .. πŸ˜›

I don’t want to “pengsan” middle of the road !! haha

GoGreen Ranger

May 20, 2010
Are you a Go Green Ranger ??
Now everyone was talking about Go Green !!So last Saturday my hub company was having this Go green activity at Zoo.
Called “Zoo Negara Lake Restoration Project”
A very good activities on saving the Lake.

Me and Jeremy was tag along .
The project was about making of EM Mud Balls.
What is EM Mud Balls??
20,000 Mud Balls was made !! Maybe more …..
The EM Mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards

reducing water pollutants and thus improving water quality in
our rivers and drains.
The fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or
destroy the ammonia nitrogen
found in human effluents and sewerage
leakages into the water system.

( u can search you tube on how to making Mud balls)

This project was started as early at 8am till 4pm.
Too bad, my boy was not interested on making the mud balls.
So … we go Jalan Jalan and visit his animals friends …

But i tell you … the Zoo look BIG, but actually not much animals to see.
Most animals look unhealthy for me .
BUT 8am to 4pm was such a looooooog hour .
We spend less then 2 hour finished the whole Zoo …

Ronda ronda every corner until both of us get tired .
Watching the animals show , visited those shops.
Luckily i didn’t bring along baby J .. It’s was kinda hot .
I can’t take care 2 boys ALL by myself for such a long hour 😦

Below some of the photos to share during the Zoo visit.
It’s was very early in the morning, so the Zoo is kinda empty and quite .I bought him a toy snake … to keep him awake and busy .
But after 3 hours of walking and visiting …. we are hungry !!

No choice .. hv to go find daddy for lunch and ask him to go back early if can.
Cos he is real tired after a long walk and under a hot sun.
We do took the “train” ride … But only one round .
Cos it’s cost RM 3 for adult and RM2 for kids.
I remember last time was FREE …
How nice if is free, so we can go for few round ride rather then walking .
See .. my poor boy …. sleepy and tired .
So daddy have to “snake” out and cabut .

We leave the Zoo almost 2pm.

Well …
Am i a Go Green ranger ??
Mentality not really going in to it .
Still trying and learning .. ..

But apparently .. i think i am …hahaha …. LOL.

Cos i like something green and fresh !!
Got something for myself this Mother Day!!
A “Green Bag”

Normally we celebrate Mother Day for MIL not for ourself .

We busy preparing gift for MIL , booking and searching good restaurants .

What about ME ???
So i give myself a gift for being a mum to 2 boys !!
What a good reason !! lol

Love this bag to bite.

Just a right bag at a right size at a right colour .

Allow me to put every small and big things in.

So … go green our friends ….!!

A Matter of Taste : Meal for us

May 19, 2010
Another lazy cook from lazy mum O.o

Claypot Rice
For Mummy, daddy and JeremyIngredient
450g fragrant Rice
1 can of preserved cured meat
150g chinese sausage
150g dry mushrooms
some spring onion
600ml water

2 tbsp fried shallot oil /vege oil
1tbsp fine dark soy sauce

1 tbsp fine dark soy sauce and 2 tbsp oyster sauce
and some garlic for cooking mushroom

Rinse rice and remove to drain
Peel Chinese sausage, cut into slices
Add rice into pot, pour water, cover the pot
Braise over high heat till water is almost dried up
Remove the lid, add in Chinese sausage,
Add cured meat and mushroom( which cook earlier)
Cover the pot and braise over low heat till well cooked
Remove the lid, add in seasoning
Spread spring onion

Last ….
A pumpkin + carrot puree for baby J.
The orange colour was so beautiful and bright !!!
Baby food is always colourful !!
Doesn’t the deep orange just scream Vitamin E !!!
I slop all the goop into few of small Tupperwear and keep in the freezer.
Then before feeding time, I just defrost .
Sometime eat as is it , or mix with porridge , cereal or other fruits and vege .
Have a great week ahead !!

Art & Craft : Part 3

May 19, 2010
Another Art works from the art class .

Chicken & eggs
” and the Mr Sun look more like egg to me” :O

Drew himself during the “Water Play” in kiddy .
Local Fruits
Below was the drawings he drew all by himself ,
His imagination.
Not from the art class .
So u can tell the different now .
With art class and with all by his imagination.

He told me this is a Tower/Building
Name “Tower Rangers” not Power Rangers .
Well … future Architect ??? πŸ˜›
J40 = Jeremy Chang 4 years old .
H*heart*UI = not sure what is means . I Love You ??? πŸ˜›
My Family, My House .
With Daddy,
Angry Mummy , cos angry with him. Mummy holding a cane !!
Baby J was in the *stroller*
According to him, baby J is fat and he is thin , that why didi is more bigger then him
This time mummy is happy !!
Share for the time being,
More to come !!

Hair Cut for the BOYs and Happy Teacher Days

May 17, 2010
The BOYs ( including daddy) having a hair cut yesterday .
The weather is very hot nowsday.
I had to get the ‘uncle’ to trim abit of baby J sideburns, which i love the most .
Baby Behave quite good at the beginning, but towards the end, he start screaming !!
That’s why leave the front untrimmed, which i think is cute not to trim the front .
As for Jeremy, he refuse to cut his hair at the beginning,
I have to bring some sweet for him,
But once he saw his lil brother cut the hair,
He also act like a “big” brother … seat and get his hair cut done !!
Now baby J look more like a BIG BOY .
Guess some of the parents are busy prepared some lil gift for the teacher.
As is Teacher Day .
Jeremy school was having a small party to celebrate Teacher’s Day today.
Well, due to busy schedule and busy weekends .
I just help Jeremy to made some small gift for his “beloved” Teachers
Only 4 teachers that he love the most entitle to have the gift …. πŸ˜›
Actually i prepared 5 gift, but he insist one is for him, so i left only 4 O.o
So he had to name 4 Teachers he like the most .
( Miss Indera , his class teacher now)
( Miss Rainy , his class teacher when he is 3 yo)
( Miss Jacinta, the assistant principle)
(Miss Kaur, the english teacher)
( another gift he claim for Jeremy Chang ….. lol)

I got this idea from internet .
Miss Rainy was his first “beloved” Teacher ever since he go kiddy !!
He always claim that Miss Rainy is beautiful, good and sayang him alot .
At the back of the hand cut was some “love” shape made by Jeremy .
He draw the love on a colour paper and mummy help to cut the love out for him to glu .
What is inside the hand print ??
Just a small body wash from watson .
I suppose to get Hand lotion, That why the hand print is design for this purpose .
But i couldn’t find it, so i replace with Body wash !!
Doesn’t matter whether is lotion or body wash ,
Doesn’t matter whether is expensive the gift.
The heart to remember and love the Teacher was count .
This morning he happily carried those lil hand he made to school for his “beloved” Teachers.
I hope the teachers like this lil gift .
& sorry not able to made for ALL the Teachers.
As i myself doesn’t know ALL the Teachers … πŸ˜›

I m glad he able to name more then 4 of this “beloved” teachers.
A good and loving teachers is very important and play a big impact for the kids.
This is one of the reason that made him look forward to school every single days.

Thank you , Teachers & Happy Teacher’s Day .

Update on The J Brothers : May 2010

May 10, 2010
The “small J” @ 9 months .
Weight 11kg . not gaining much, properly very active and due to teething .
Yes … he had 2 tiny teeth now on the bottom.
Master in crawling, seating and can stand for a while without support .
It’s also means he is entering the land of bumps and falls .

He make me smile and also make me cry of his sleeping habit .
Remember i blog about his sleeping habit few months ago …
After 2 months of NOT sleeping during the night time …
Then after 2 months of sleeping the whole night till the next morning .
Now he back to ” NOT sleeping habit until 6 to 7am in the morning”
& he can sleep until 12 noon ….
Then start playing until 5-6pm in the evening .
This bad habit happened 2 weeks already …

Cant figured out “WHY”
Again, parents suffered for sleepless night !!
If put him in the baby cot, he will cried till his lung out and no sound .
I m so worry neighbor thot i abuse my baby !!!!!
If put him with me in the bed, he will crawl here and there, bumps here and there !!
Crawl to me, pull my hair, pull my face 😦

Can sound , “ma, pa, nen, ga, ……”
If take away his toys, he will start “crying and screaming”
Explore objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them and throwing them .

Is really fun and enjoy playing and hang around with this Small J.
But when come to his sleeping time, is really torturing !!

As for the Big J @ 43 months.
At this age , i guess behavior , tantrums and discipline always the issues.
It doesn’t take much to turn this little angel into a little monster.
I always … believe
Becoming harsh or punishing or smack won’t help end the tantrum
and will only get me more upset and angry .
So i try to be calm as much as i can .
But always end up, people said i spoil him, didn’t scold and smack 😦
” at home sometime become a crazy mum, so when i m out , i hope i’m not crazy on public”
” or get crazy in front of other people” just to show “you”
I had enough at home .

Yes, i always give in, especially early in the Morning or in the public .
When we wanna go to work, and he wanna go to school .
What is the point if he cry and throw tantrum in the morning ??
We get late to work with angry mood,
And he cried to school ?? what is the point ???
So i ALWAYS give in in the situation like this .

I just don’t want him to cry and wail to the max .

Especially when we had many night of sleepless night !!
Then we become more impatient, rise out voice,
Easily irritated , grumpy more often.
sign …. sign …

Something for myself to remember !!
As a parent, I need to learn to control myself even MORE

Than the kids who’re still learning to control themselves .
Difficult times with our kids may possibly be caused by our own
emotional roller-coaster like : –
( sleepless night, frus on our work… project doesn’t go well)

But after all those frequent challenging attitudes.
He do share alot sweet and happy moments with us .
People who meet up with him,
Always said he look very shy , good and obedient .
Doesn’t sound what i said like a monster .
haha.. ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Oh ya, photo’s taken by Wen during Stuart’s 100 Days .

Last, i like to take a blog break .

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day !!

May 6, 2010
Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mummy out there
( another lovely drawing from Jeremy “wink”)
Mummy look so cute in the drawings …lol

Have a great celebration with your family
Have a great weekend ahead .