Baby J ‘s play area

I had setup a small corner play area for the boys.
Especially a boat balloon for baby J.
So i can put him in for “a while”
I guess both of them like the lil play area ,
Jeremy will pretend to be the captain and ride the boat …
With Baby J, Jeremy’s toy snack and baby J’s caterpillar ….
Here are some of the “colourful and joyful” photos to share …
BUT not for long …
After few times of playing IN the boat ..
I guess baby J get bored and looking for somethings NEW .
So ….
This baby J had figure out the way to escape out from the boat ….
He not even cried when he ‘poop’ on the floor, lucky with rubber mats .
& find his way to crawl again …
Finally he is out … and free … ” yippeeeeeee”
& looking for some NEW Toys .
Like chair, table , books, control remote … Jeremy’s toys ….
Anythings that not supposed to belongs to him and not to played.
I guess every kids is like that … so no need to spend so much on toys .. O.o

I think …..another “lil rascal” in my house soon ….
Perhaps … NOW already a rascal ..!!
My SIL even said … this baby J is even more active then the kor kor …
I believe that .. not only more active, he is more cheeky…
More clever and more naughty … O.o
& also more CUTE !!
More hard time for mummy and daddy !!


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