Update on The J Brothers ( April 2010)

The cute and “manja” one @ 8 months (8 april 2010)

  • Baby @ 8 months now with 11kg ( i assume),
  • Start taken porridge (with vege : carat, pumpkin ….)
  • LOVE mango … can eat one small tiny slide all by himself, without blend.
  • Can drink up to 10oz of milk + cereal , normally at night before bed time .
  • His sleeping time was between 12am to 2am.
  • Sometime sleep tru the whole night, sometime wake up at between 4am and 6am.
  • This lil boy is active … can crawl very fast .
  • Sweat alot … once the weather is hot … the rashes will appear .
  • That’s why he took bath 2 to 4 times a day .
  • Love to be cuddle and carry most the time .
  • Start to play with kor kor .. and start to snatch toys from kor kor too ….
  • Guess fighting over toys will start very soon O.o
  • BTW … my baby not yet teething … no tooth at all at 8 months … !!!!
  • Baby J will give signal when he wanna to “poo-poo” … i think is good.
  • Can say he is on potty train now , doing “poo poo” on potty instead in diapers .
  • Started to recognize people , start to show scared when saw strangers.

The bossy one @ 42 months (17th april 2010)

  • Yes .. he is real bossy … and want everyone to listen to him !!
  • This boy LOVE mango too and also jackfruit .
  • Can read simple Chinese story book from the kindy , i was amazed …
  • Can write A to Z … but mix up with M-W, N , b-d, some small and big capital letters.
  • Lately he don’t like to take bath …. sometime have to drag him to the toilet .
  • Every morning want me to send him to kindy instead of daddy with the new car !!
  • Sometime don’t like to be kiss already …. instead ask me to “kiss di-di” .
  • So …. kiss your “boys” and hug them once you can ….
  • Nowadays he love to watch the “Dinosaur King carton”
  • Started to collect the card at the play station !!! What a dino-lover !!!!
  • Love to play lego ( big block)
  • Still love art and craft .
  • Start to give excuse on things he don’t want to do . … O.o
  • Very stubborn … he rather don’t want to take/eat things he love rather then lose his “face” after scold or mad ….
  • Sometime he is such sweet angle to be love and be with !!
  • He is very photogenic … can post and act like a model for you to shoot !!

That’s all for this months …
That’s all i can recall for this months too ..
I guess i miss out alot on their developments progress …


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