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After 3 years … now is my turn now …..

April 30, 2010
What keep me waited so long ?? After 3 years ??

Something that warm my heart and make me smile šŸ˜›

Is Priceless












When Jeremy present me with this art work ..

He said :
Happy Birthday to you !!

Happy Birthday ??? No …. is not mummy birthday !!

After few wished …..

At last he said : Happy Mother day to you !!

A gift box with paper flower and 2 paper love that my son made for me .

Lastime ,I used to envy mothers that received art/gift from their kids.

Especially younger kids …. kids like Jeremy age …

With the sincere heart and simple yet adorable gift that they made themselves .

That’s really heart warming . … as least for me ...

When I look back the past ā€¦.. and up to today ā€¦

TODAY Iā€™m a mother . A mother to 2 boys .

I have many roles and I m happy of them.

I love my little family,

I love my 2 boys even sometime they make me insane ( even baby J) .

But I just love them all more than I ever knew was possible.

Today this 2 boys make me a loving mum,

A grateful mum and a blessed mum ā€¦.

Sometime abit crazy mum too… This is what mum is .

Before I was a mother I never knew this bliss.

Last, Thanks son for this lovely gift !!

And i m proud and glad to be your and didi ‘s mum !!

You both are my joy in my life,

My smile on my face,

My warmth in my heart and keeping me whole ,

My forever little boys ….

& i hope I m yours forever mum and best friends .

As I continue to remain unplugged – I share with you these lovely picture.

An early Happy Mothers Days to all the Mums out there.

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,

Hundreds of shells on the shore together,

Hundreds of birds that go singing by,

Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather,

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,

Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,

Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,

But only one mother the world wide over.

Happy Mother’s Day .


Baby J Hairstyle & Easel for the lil artist .

April 27, 2010
I wanted to share with u baby J hairstyle …
We spotted he had 2 different sideburns.
No matters how u comb the left sideburns, it remain the same way .
It’s won come down as like the right sideburns …Baby J also had a hair swirl towards the left side ,
Not like Jeremy had the hair swirl in the middle of the head.
& i realize he had slight curly hair as well …
Most people like his hair & said he look more like a girl now as the hair grow long!!! šŸ˜›
Nanny gave a comments saying that, side swirl is more naughty then those had 2 swirl o.O
Izit ???? i not sure , but he is a real active boy i could said !!

Recently baby J cant sleep well and soundly at night ,
He been crying and a wake for few night ,
Had many rashes on the cheek & face ,
I guess due to teething .
Yah ….. is coming to 9 months and baby don’t had any tooth yet !
Well , i m not worry about the teething !!
It’s will have, once the time is come .
Better still now … mummy can bite him and he cannot bite mummy !
I really love him to “”bite”

As you all know i had a lil artist at home ,
I m glad he love to draw .
I bought him a Used Step2 Easel .It had 4 drawing ‘board” , 2 for chalk and 2 for marker .
Cos i got 2 boys !!! hihihi
At this moment i only introduce chalk instead of marker pen.
Chalk is easy to wash and erase , unlike marker pen .
Even is white board marker .
I know he will take the marker and draw every way he like .
This is dangerous & mess …
So will introduce him to marker later when he more well behave and matured !!
BUT this Step 2 Easel we only allow him to used at the kitchen yard .
Cos it contain chalk , not suitable to used In house .
But is good to draw at the yard, after draw and mess …
Just clean up with water .

Why Used Step 2 Easel/ “TOYS” ??
Some parents cannot accept the concept of USED toys .
For me is fine .. as long as it’s in good and great condition.
Of cos not every toys i got for my kids is USED .
It’s depend on the price and toys .

& I won simple get a USED toys for my kids !! šŸ˜›
I m glad i able to fine one Used Easel drawings board at below RM100 .
Which i been looking for one since last year .
I can said this i get is in GOOD condition and is BIG and worth for the price i paid .
I found one website which selling this same USED Step 2 Easel for RM366 !!
The price is so much different !!

There are many type of Easel in the market,
But this is the one i can find and within my budget .
Which i like the most and suit my boy.
Some USED/NEW Easel can be really really expensive !!!

What i like about this Step 2 Easel ??
This product is proudly made in the United States.
Includes 2 chalkboards and 2 dry erase boards,
A triangular shaped table connects the 2 boards,
Each with paper clips for holding projects.
Built-in tray holds the marker and chalk.
Folds flat for storage and is fully assembled.
Easy to clean and wash , cos is made of durable plastic .

Ok .. ok … i m not selling this … hihihi.
I just glad what i bought for a Used Easel !!

Have a good week ahead !!

Item For Sale : Part 2

April 21, 2010
I had previous item for sale on January .
This round all item including postage .

  • Light blue and darker green
  • L saiz for both Drybees
  • 3 Wahmies OS Insert and 1 small insert
  • ( *Very sorry not selling the BG insert, as it go with BG *)
  • One – Drybees pocket with outer PUL breathable
  • One Drybees with insert sewn in the pocket (Hybrid)

Click the images for better views .


Condition : 8/10 Hardly used & Is too small for baby J .
Selling price : RM88 For ALL
( including postage)

( Selling for my friend)
Used less then 5 times.
Missing silicon nipples & Nipple Adapter

Click the images for better views .

Condition : 9/10
Original price : RM90
Selling price : RM50
(including postage)

Mozzie Net Umbrella type of folding .

Is big enough to cover playpen .

Condition : 9/10
Selling price : RM22
( including postage)

The belly Belt Combo Kit

  • 2 sizes of belly belt button up
  • 2 sizes of belly belly slide
  • 3 cotton panels ( blue, black and white) to cover the gap

Click the images for better views .


Condition : 9/10 ( used only the 1 sizes button-up with black cotton panels )
Original price : RM80
Selling price : RM40
(including postage)

Neck Support

Come with 2 sizes ( new born & 3 months above)

Condition : 8/10
Original price : RM50+
Selling price : RM20 (including postage)

This baby carrier is almost similar design to COMBI Urban Baby Carrier

  • But this one is NOT from COMBI.
  • Is a baby carrier from Taiwan. Very handy . Dark Blue & Grey.
  • Suitable from baby 6 months and above .
  • With instruction how to use (in Chinese)

Click the images for better views .
Condition : 9/10
Selling price : RM25 (including postage)

Baby J ‘s play area

April 15, 2010
I had setup a small corner play area for the boys.
Especially a boat balloon for baby J.
So i can put him in for “a while”
I guess both of them like the lil play area ,
Jeremy will pretend to be the captain and ride the boat …
With Baby J, Jeremy’s toy snack and baby J’s caterpillar ….
Here are some of the “colourful and joyful” photos to share …
BUT not for long …
After few times of playing IN the boat ..
I guess baby J get bored and looking for somethings NEW .
So ….
This baby J had figure out the way to escape out from the boat ….
He not even cried when he ‘poop’ on the floor, lucky with rubber mats .
& find his way to crawl again …
Finally he is out … and free … ” yippeeeeeee”
& looking for some NEW Toys .
Like chair, table , books, control remote … Jeremy’s toys ….
Anythings that not supposed to belongs to him and not to played.
I guess every kids is like that … so no need to spend so much on toys .. O.o

I think …..another “lil rascal” in my house soon ….
Perhaps … NOW already a rascal ..!!
My SIL even said … this baby J is even more active then the kor kor …
I believe that .. not only more active, he is more cheeky…
More clever and more naughty … O.o
& also more CUTE !!
More hard time for mummy and daddy !!

Art & Craft Part 2

April 13, 2010
Again, some of Jeremy’s art work from the kiddy to share with you.
Who knows, u might get some idea from here to play with ur kids .
Part 1 is here .

This is what he had done for this month :-
Art work with poster colour by using finger .
What i understand was .. there’s sky, ladybug, sun, flower and grass.Panda Bear
Easter egg
( Happy Belated Easter Day O.o)
Rabbits and donuts
Will continue to share the art work from time to time .

BTW, i got Jeremy some wooden educational/learning toys quite sometime .
This is another good toys to increase creativity.
To help him to develop physical skills such as fine motor skill.
To distinct the form and shape.
Below was some of his masterpiece – “My House”
Till then i blog again …. see ya

Update on The J Brothers ( April 2010)

April 8, 2010
The cute and “manja” one @ 8 months (8 april 2010)

  • Baby @ 8 months now with 11kg ( i assume),
  • Start taken porridge (with vege : carat, pumpkin ….)
  • LOVE mango … can eat one small tiny slide all by himself, without blend.
  • Can drink up to 10oz of milk + cereal , normally at night before bed time .
  • His sleeping time was between 12am to 2am.
  • Sometime sleep tru the whole night, sometime wake up at between 4am and 6am.
  • This lil boy is active … can crawl very fast .
  • Sweat alot … once the weather is hot … the rashes will appear .
  • That’s why he took bath 2 to 4 times a day .
  • Love to be cuddle and carry most the time .
  • Start to play with kor kor .. and start to snatch toys from kor kor too ….
  • Guess fighting over toys will start very soon O.o
  • BTW … my baby not yet teething … no tooth at all at 8 months … !!!!
  • Baby J will give signal when he wanna to “poo-poo” … i think is good.
  • Can say he is on potty train now , doing “poo poo” on potty instead in diapers .
  • Started to recognize people , start to show scared when saw strangers.

The bossy one @ 42 months (17th april 2010)

  • Yes .. he is real bossy … and want everyone to listen to him !!
  • This boy LOVE mango too and also jackfruit .
  • Can read simple Chinese story book from the kindy , i was amazed …
  • Can write A to Z … but mix up with M-W, N , b-d, some small and big capital letters.
  • Lately he don’t like to take bath …. sometime have to drag him to the toilet .
  • Every morning want me to send him to kindy instead of daddy with the new car !!
  • Sometime don’t like to be kiss already …. instead ask me to “kiss di-di” .
  • So …. kiss your “boys” and hug them once you can ….
  • Nowadays he love to watch the “Dinosaur King carton”
  • Started to collect the card at the play station !!! What a dino-lover !!!!
  • Love to play lego ( big block)
  • Still love art and craft .
  • Start to give excuse on things he don’t want to do . … O.o
  • Very stubborn … he rather don’t want to take/eat things he love rather then lose his “face” after scold or mad ….
  • Sometime he is such sweet angle to be love and be with !!
  • He is very photogenic … can post and act like a model for you to shoot !!

That’s all for this months …
That’s all i can recall for this months too ..
I guess i miss out alot on their developments progress …

A Matter of Taste : Stir Fry UDON

April 5, 2010

3 packet frozen udon
100g Chicken meat
60g White Mushroom
Half yellow capsicum and any ‘green’ vege .
30g carrots
2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce
Ā½ tsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
Dash of black pepper
some water

A very simple dish to have with the family .

Especially for those who love noodles like my boy and myself .


It’s been a busy month for me … perhaps coming months….

Lately my company was re-structured. So my department was transferred to another company/division. I m still doing the same job for architectural cum illustrator .But ever since it was re-structured. We don’t have any admin or clerk or secretary . So i have to take up most of the admin work . Handle petty cash, staff annual leave, medical leave, Claim, Punch card time sheet , filing , department purchasing …endless ….

Even is for that 7 peoples… but is really keep me busy to the max. Well … maybe all this while i m not admin or paper work person. I m technical person … an art and designer person…. So all this thing really make me hand full .

Been complaining this to my “head of department”.
Hopefully he know what to do next …

Weiiii …. is bonus time, is increament time …So i better work hard !!

Less blogging …. O.o

bye …