Bye Bye Saga & Big Welcome to Daddy New Toy .

After 11 years ,
Finally is time to say bye bye to saga …

“Saga we will miss you ya …. O.o”

A car that accompany us for 11 years …

This is the first car for us …

For my hub during his uni time …

For me as my 1st car driving to work …

And of cos during our courtship time,

A car that give us alot of memories ….After wash ,

It doesn’t look like 11 yeas old car ..

Cos it’s well maintain all this while ..


This car started to give us some problem …

We spend alot on repair here and there ..

So finally we decided to let go …

After so many months of planning and survive,

Finally we choose to buy this…Daddy new big toy and a 7 seaters car .

On the 2nd day ,

We took PIL and family on a ride to Jusco,

I can say … It was good, comfy and stylist !!

This is what made us excited over the weekends .

The only thing which is not so … good … was .. air-cond not cold enough .

We need a cold air cond, especially in MALAYSIA …. !!


As i continue unplugged , i like to share with you this simple recipe .

A simple and delicious breakfast .

We had this for Saturday and Sunday morning .

I m glad … cos Jeremy like it too (most important)!!

Cos i had problem make him eat what ever i prepared !!

Everytime or mostly he request for noodle only …

He only love noodle and the portion he had is very little.

I guess he is underweight !!

Is time to learn cooking for my kids !!

A recipe from 小小米桶

材料: (2+1人份)




起司粉…..1大匙 (可用起司絲替代) I use 1 slide of cheese .


I m not a good cook, and i always look for something is easy and fast .

小小米桶 had so many good and nice recipe.

Perhaps you can try it .

( all recipe write in Chinese)

That’s all for this week.

I m tight up with few projects and presentations this week .

Guess i m only able to update my post again next week ..


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