Art & Craft Part 1

We enroll Jeremy on extra art and craft classes provided by the kindy,
Beside normal art classes he had in school.
The art teacher was specially hired from outsider just for this !!
So i guess , it must be something more creative and fun !!
One week once only , which cost RM40 .

Here are some of the art ‘work’ he done .
Every Wednesday he will bring back his art ‘work’ and happily show to us.

School Bus

CNY Deco with tiger … Year of TigerAnother CNY deco .
A 10 sen Stamp
You know what he is doing in this drawing ??
Yes … He is Cooking ..
He Drew himself cooking tomatoes .
Jeremy had a Cooking Class last Wednesday .
He told me teacher teach them how to cook tomatoes ….. O.o
Why tomatoes ??? Mummy is curious ….
Well … School holidays is over now !!
For my boy, he is on Full day program even is school holiday.
So no special school holiday for him.
Perhaps , more activities he had during the school holiday program,
Like Water play, Sand play, Cooking Class, art and class ….
And today they have GYM, Dancing and Music.
He had lot’s of fun !!

Last … Happy Weekends to everyone .
BTW, we plan to go for the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon fiesta 2010.
Hopefully we can find a good parking space… Not so jam …. i know it will !!
No raining and not too hot !!“finger cross”



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