Update on the J brothers : March 2010

Jeremy @ 41 months(17th) & Jareth @ 7 months (8th)

Jeremy @ 41 months

This boy weight only 14kg with 98cm . Fall sick yesterday ( fever, flu & cough)

At this age of month …

I feel like I haven’t really had anything to share..

But this kid is really cracking me up..

Knows how to throw a good tantrum,

Full on screaming as loud as he can and pounding on the ground!!

Lately he don’t like to take bath …. after take bath, he don’t like to come out !!

Loves to learn and has a zest for life.

One minutes he love his brother, another minutes he don’t like.

His love to draw and this what he like to draw … again and again …

What else ??? Dinosaur

After all I always love this boy.

I Hope coming 4’s this October will going to be good.

I know there will be some struggles ..

Jareth @ 7 months

7 months have flown by fast and I know the next coming months will even fly by faster.

Baby weight 10.2 kg with 71cm .

Start crawling, backward on 6 months and now front army crawling.

He can sit without support.

He can pull himself up to a standing position.

Still obsessed with his hands and feet.

Changing his diaper is already difficult since he flips straight to

his tummy when you put him on his back.

Started on rice cereal now and some baby organic puree fruits .

We introduce varies of puree fruits and vege, eating well ….

He is laughing and it’s soo cute.

Such a fun stage & i love this age soooo much …..

Remember we suffered from sleep due to baby sleeping time …. ???

Now baby sleeping time was good , perhaps is too GOOOOOD to be announce here .

hhahah … (shhhshhhshhhh)

That’s all for the time being …

That’s all i can remember ….

For the big J, i hope he grow faster to be more independent and well behave boy .

For the baby J, i hope he always as cute at this age, don’t grow so fast ….

Nothing much to complain, i m glad !!

Cos i get to enjoy and experience the both kids in different stages and months,

Different development and different sweet and hard time .


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