CNY Year 2010 – Part 3

Part 3 of our CNY was about Jeremy Kiddy CNY party .
We parents are invited to attend this party on the 22/2/09 (Monday).Each kid have to contribute something .
So Jeremy bring over 3 tupperware of strawberry .

Cos we are just came back from Cameron . 3 pack for RM10.
I realize the strawberry was rather sour even is big and red .
So i pour some honey on the strawberry .BTW, i m rather glad that we went for this CNY party organize by the kiddy.
Cos i realize some of the kids was cried when they saw the lion dance.
Especially kids came alone without parents . Scared of the loud noise !!
Beside that , during potluck …. kids with parents are well taking care.
Kids without parents have to take the food themselves .
Cos most of the teacher was very busy .
So many kids, so many parents .
Can u imagine ???

Mummy and sons took part on a game too .
But we didnt win … we the 4th place.
Jeremy rather upset, cos he didnt get the chance to win presents šŸ˜¦
Let me introduce my boy …. “girlfriends” .
I always heard Jeremy mention his friends name .
Especially “soo lai peng” and “hannah” .. of cos they are some boys name .
So on this day , i happend to know who is “soo lai peng” and “hannah”

He even told me that Hannah is more pretty then soo lai peng.
So i get the chance to ask, who he like the most .
He replied : Hannah .
Then i ask again why not soo lai peng, cos he gave one sweet to her .
( Sweet is something very precious to Jeremy)
Then he replied me : I like one , and i like two .
I guess he means he like both of them . hahaha

Another Conversation with Jeremy last night .
Mummy : You got sandplay today right ? Jeremy : Yes… got .
Mummy : Play with who ar ? Jeremy : Soo lai peng, Joshua , chi kuang …
Last he said : & Hannah, i got hannah, u dun hv hannah …
Mummy : O.o …. hahhahahha

Overall the parties was a happy one for the kids.
Every kids got a RM1 angpau šŸ˜›
Every kids got a chance to watched the Lion Dance .

I m happy that Jeremy was doing well in the kiddy.
He get along well with most his friends either his classmate or other class.
No more complain from the teacher .No more complain from Jeremy.


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