CNY Year 2010 – Part 2

It’s been many years ago since i visited Cameron Highland.
The cooling weather was super … as u know weather was so hot here .
Until it burn your skin . But weather in CH is just so cold , until we had to wear jacket .
Just so glad to have a short trip and enjoy the cooling weather up there.
I love the night market , is just few step away from our Apartment .
PIL was enjoying doing the shopping at the night market.
We bring back so many corn, some strawberry, cactus, vege …..
The only place we miss out was the boh teh farm. 😦
Well … nvm …. we have a reason to visit CH again … 🙂

BUT i m not quite satisfied with the Apartment we stayed.
Abit dirty and also expensive cos due to peak session.
Next time will have to get a good hotel/resort .

Last … me and my hubby was enjoy shooting with our EOS 500D.
So many beautiful things to shoot and captured, until the card was full ..
Good exercise for photography .

Lets enjoy some of the lovely photos .

Beautiful flower .Dad and son enjoying the Koi fish .
Our great lil model with great smile .
Something you shouldn’t miss !! so yummy …
Jeremy enjoying the toys car .
Mummy’s new shoes for this CNY !! 😛
I personally don’t like crocs shoes, especially those “big head” crocs . 😛
But Daddy and Jeremy love their crocs shoes very much.
Some how i fall in love with this Crocs Lily LJ Plaid.

Baby J love this bright and big yellow flower .
Mummy’s with sons

Baby J sleep so soundly in the baby sling .
I like this baby sling … too … just big enough to carry “big baby”.
Warm and cooling in CH . Just nice to have a sleep .
Beautiful flower with cheeky boy !!
We do had great time even was abit tired handle 2 kids !!
But PIL give a great big helping hand on taking care the kids .

Cameron i will come again !!


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