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Bye Bye Saga & Big Welcome to Daddy New Toy .

March 29, 2010
After 11 years ,
Finally is time to say bye bye to saga …

“Saga we will miss you ya …. O.o”

A car that accompany us for 11 years …

This is the first car for us …

For my hub during his uni time …

For me as my 1st car driving to work …

And of cos during our courtship time,

A car that give us alot of memories ….After wash ,

It doesn’t look like 11 yeas old car ..

Cos it’s well maintain all this while ..


This car started to give us some problem …

We spend alot on repair here and there ..

So finally we decided to let go …

After so many months of planning and survive,

Finally we choose to buy this…Daddy new big toy and a 7 seaters car .

On the 2nd day ,

We took PIL and family on a ride to Jusco,

I can say … It was good, comfy and stylist !!

This is what made us excited over the weekends .

The only thing which is not so … good … was .. air-cond not cold enough .

We need a cold air cond, especially in MALAYSIA …. !!


As i continue unplugged , i like to share with you this simple recipe .

A simple and delicious breakfast .

We had this for Saturday and Sunday morning .

I m glad … cos Jeremy like it too (most important)!!

Cos i had problem make him eat what ever i prepared !!

Everytime or mostly he request for noodle only …

He only love noodle and the portion he had is very little.

I guess he is underweight !!

Is time to learn cooking for my kids !!

A recipe from 小小米桶

材料: (2+1人份)




起司粉…..1大匙 (可用起司絲替代) I use 1 slide of cheese .


I m not a good cook, and i always look for something is easy and fast .

小小米桶 had so many good and nice recipe.

Perhaps you can try it .

( all recipe write in Chinese)

That’s all for this week.

I m tight up with few projects and presentations this week .

Guess i m only able to update my post again next week ..


Have a happy weekend !!

March 26, 2010
A photo to share , A Scrap LO to share ..
I just love this photos …. he is such a cutie ….
Baby J had a very beautiful eyes that i love !!
That’s all,
Have a Wonderful and Happy Weekend ahead .

I must said, we have an excited and busy weekend to look forward for this weekend.
Will share on my next post .

“Perhaps every weekends is busy for us (parents) “

A Matter of Taste : Butter Cake

March 23, 2010
Again , My SIL called me last Saturday .
Saying that she found the “old recipe for ‘the’ Butter Cake”
& she used to tell me about this “butter cake”
This recipe been loss for ages and she found it again in the store room.
She used to bake this cake for the family while she was young .

Sound so special about this Butter Cake.
Of cos i wanna to try this out . 2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
5 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp baking powder
1 butter

Beat butter and sugar until light and creamy.
Another bowl, whisk the eggs till fluffy & add to the butter mixture.
Add in Vanilla essence

Sift Flour and baking powder.

Fold in the sifted ingredients into the creamed mixture.
Bake for 35 to 40 minutes .

We actually baked 2 Butter Cake.
One with the method “Fold in”
Another we mix the creamy butter and flour with mixer, instead of “fold in”

Can someone please tell me what is the different between this 2 method ??
I realize one cake cracking and get burn on top easily .
In term of the mixture, i realize the one with mixer is more moist .
…. btw, i m not so sure about the real reason behind ….

Overall , it taste good to me !!
This Butter Cake recipe yields a rich butter cake flavored with vanilla.

Will like to try out other butter cake recipe !!
Mind share your butter cake recipe with me ??

Hot Sunny Day at The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

March 22, 2010
We were there at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 Putrajaya.
On Saturday around 10:30am.
The day was very hot and sunny. Nice for photo shooting.
Not suitable to bring along baby J , cos is really really hot and burn !!
So we leave baby J with nanny and bring Jeremy for a while .
Just want him to experience the real big Hot Air Balloon .

But the event was not bad, full off activities for adult,kids and family.
Such as :

Balloon area opened to photographers ,

Balloon ride , RM10 per person, but all tickets sold out .

Children Colouring Contest ,
Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display,
Paper Airplane Contest,

Helicopter ride , RM120 per person.

Para motor showcase, etc etc …
We not able to ride any of the Hot Air Balloon, is all sold out and very long Q .
During our trip there, we not able to see those special and fancy Hot Air Balloon.

Don’t know where there are ….. !! quite disappointed !!
Just able to see those normal Hot Air Balloon,
We walk around that area and have some photo shoots.
Here are some of the photo we took during the events . At the end of the day, We all get sun burn .
Even for that 3 hour !! & i forgot to put on my sun block !!
Those who went during night time ,
Can even see the night glow and the firework display !!

But too bad, yesterday (Sunday) heavy rain, not sure how the ending !!
So, have u been ??

Art & Craft Part 1

March 19, 2010
We enroll Jeremy on extra art and craft classes provided by the kindy,
Beside normal art classes he had in school.
The art teacher was specially hired from outsider just for this !!
So i guess , it must be something more creative and fun !!
One week once only , which cost RM40 .

Here are some of the art ‘work’ he done .
Every Wednesday he will bring back his art ‘work’ and happily show to us.

School Bus

CNY Deco with tiger … Year of TigerAnother CNY deco .
A 10 sen Stamp
You know what he is doing in this drawing ??
Yes … He is Cooking ..
He Drew himself cooking tomatoes .
Jeremy had a Cooking Class last Wednesday .
He told me teacher teach them how to cook tomatoes ….. O.o
Why tomatoes ??? Mummy is curious ….
Well … School holidays is over now !!
For my boy, he is on Full day program even is school holiday.
So no special school holiday for him.
Perhaps , more activities he had during the school holiday program,
Like Water play, Sand play, Cooking Class, art and class ….
And today they have GYM, Dancing and Music.
He had lot’s of fun !!

Last … Happy Weekends to everyone .
BTW, we plan to go for the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon fiesta 2010.
Hopefully we can find a good parking space… Not so jam …. i know it will !!
No raining and not too hot !!“finger cross”


Update on the J brothers : March 2010

March 17, 2010
Jeremy @ 41 months(17th) & Jareth @ 7 months (8th)

Jeremy @ 41 months

This boy weight only 14kg with 98cm . Fall sick yesterday ( fever, flu & cough)

At this age of month …

I feel like I haven’t really had anything to share..

But this kid is really cracking me up..

Knows how to throw a good tantrum,

Full on screaming as loud as he can and pounding on the ground!!

Lately he don’t like to take bath …. after take bath, he don’t like to come out !!

Loves to learn and has a zest for life.

One minutes he love his brother, another minutes he don’t like.

His love to draw and this what he like to draw … again and again …

What else ??? Dinosaur

After all I always love this boy.

I Hope coming 4’s this October will going to be good.

I know there will be some struggles ..

Jareth @ 7 months

7 months have flown by fast and I know the next coming months will even fly by faster.

Baby weight 10.2 kg with 71cm .

Start crawling, backward on 6 months and now front army crawling.

He can sit without support.

He can pull himself up to a standing position.

Still obsessed with his hands and feet.

Changing his diaper is already difficult since he flips straight to

his tummy when you put him on his back.

Started on rice cereal now and some baby organic puree fruits .

We introduce varies of puree fruits and vege, eating well ….

He is laughing and it’s soo cute.

Such a fun stage & i love this age soooo much …..

Remember we suffered from sleep due to baby sleeping time …. ???

Now baby sleeping time was good , perhaps is too GOOOOOD to be announce here .

hhahah … (shhhshhhshhhh)

That’s all for the time being …

That’s all i can remember ….

For the big J, i hope he grow faster to be more independent and well behave boy .

For the baby J, i hope he always as cute at this age, don’t grow so fast ….

Nothing much to complain, i m glad !!

Cos i get to enjoy and experience the both kids in different stages and months,

Different development and different sweet and hard time .

A Matter of Tasre : "Angry Cupcake"

March 15, 2010
I’ve had a busy weekend,
Again … 2 days of weekend is not enough for me … !!
Daddy had training on the last Saturday.
I tired to take care both my boys .
Some of the family was worried about me …
” Am i “OK” to take care 2 monster, all by my own “??
It’s hard …. is mess …. but is alright …. i survived !!

While baby J was with nanny from 11am to 2pm. ( 3 hours)
I Thot to bake some cupcake for snack time, for tea time , incase we are hungry .
This lil Jeremy of mine wanna to help,
So i let him help on putting the “icing sugar” with tiny dinosaur shape .
But he refuse to listen, he wanna to do by himself,
He wanna to eat the unbaked mixture , Wanna to do this and that …
& i m running out of time …….
So it’s end up a mess and anger for both of us !!
So the result turn out like an ” Angry” Cupcake !!

The cupcake look “ugly” like a stone …
Is look “hard” and “angry” like a Volcano …..
O.o ….. @…@
Yet the cupcake look very nice with the angry Dinosaur .
It’s match well with the Dinosaur 😛
Cos both give me an angry feeling 😦
Lucky it taste OK .
Not very bad and not good as what i used to bake .

Lesson learn,
Don’t bake while you are running out of time,
Don’t bake while you are angry !!
Don’t bake while you know your kid will make a huge mess.

DIY Dinosaur Colouring Book

March 10, 2010
I been searching up and down for Dinosaur Colouring Book for my boy .
Who love Dinosaur so much .
If your son love Dinosaur and u been looking for one,
U know how difficult to get one Dinosaur Colouring Book ,
Unless u buy online from other country .
I m lucky once when I able to get one at popular book store ,
Other then that was activity book with sticker .
Some is real expensive only for a very thin book and few pages only.
This is what I able to get from many of the book store .
Some come with sticker . The cheapest I can get was RM4.50 , few pages only.
But hardly I can get one purely for Colouring only. For younger age like my boy.
Sometime too much of activities will make my boy frus ,
Coz he cannot solve the games, activities or …. and always need me .
I still prefer mainly for colouring only .
He can done all by himself without disturbing me .

Well … before i’m a mother to my boy .
I never ever border about Dinosaur, i Never even have interest on dinosaur.
I don’t even know which is hungry eater and which is plant eater .
But as least now i know which is Triceratops, Stegosaurus,Allosaurus,
Apatosaurus, Ultrasaurus, … and some i still learn how to pronounce …O.o

So I decided to DIY a Dinosaur Colouring Book myself .
It took me sometime to finish .

Finally it done ..

I m happy and satisfied !!






The Furious Dinosaur Cover

Nice or not ??

I m very sure my boy will love it !! Can’t wait to show him !!

Well … any one interested ? 😛

Well …. If any one interested on this Dinosaur Colouring Book , can email me .

Most of the pictures was sharp and clear, only few is not very sharp, for me is good enough .

Mostly all Dinosaur , only 4 to 5 pages come with dragon.

As I said, I do this Colouring book according to my boy liking and need .

If any one who is longing for one or been looking for one , just email me .

Come with 60 pages !!

Family Portrait Session with Our New Addition .

March 8, 2010
My very first Family Portrait Session
was done when i was 8 months pregnant with baby J .
Was photoshoots by Anna-Rina at Damansara .
How time flies without our notice, now my baby J was 7 months old .
We again had a Family Portrait Session with Our New Addition 2days before CNY .
So this Family Portrait Session means alot to us .
We take this opportunity to celebrate our new baby boy.
To Celebrate our valentine for year 2010 and also CNY .

We supposed to take this Family Portrait Session when baby J was New born.

But we didn’t , due to some reason .

On 11 Feb 2010. We started shooting at 10am .
This day was super hot and sunny .

We were having fun shooting and sweating like mad .
I realize is not easy to handle 1 active boy and one baby boy .
To make them look at the camera at the same time .

To have both on a good expression .
But i believe photographer had their own skill and capability to captured every moments .
I appreciated that and she done a great job again this time .

I had designed some of those photos into Digital Scrap LO .
Cos i plan to make another
photobooks .
I really “heart” those photos .
Hope you like our Family Portrait Session with our new addition .

“The Super Family”The End

If u wandering where is the location ??
Is actually at Alamanda , Putrajaya .

There’s bamboo walk, Nice greenery landscape, indoor playground .

Even fountain ( but the time we were there, the water fountain was not function)
And the most important, near to my house 😛

For me was a great place to have photo shooting .
We had a greenery nice Landscape background .

We also had colourful and playful background as well at the playground.
After hot sunny shooting, we ran into the shopping mall for some cold air .

As what the photographer ask :
What the kids will feel when they see these shots 15 years down the road ???
I just hope my boys will have strong bound together as family no matter what happen.
I’m not sure when is my next Family Portrait Session ??
Properly few years down the road.
Maybe when my sons getting marry … O.o
Maybe mine 50 years anniversary …O.o
Maybe ….

A Matter of Taste : Less Sugar Cupcakes

March 5, 2010
Finally i had time and chance to warm up my oven after 7 to 8 months O.o
Initially my SIL ask me about how to bake cupcakes or Muffins,
Cos she wanna to bring over to her friends CNY potluck party.
After few phone call from her, ask me about this and that ….
I call her up and ask her to bake at my house.
Easy … i had most of the baking tools .

So we baked 36 Cupcakes .
According to her , She wanna to bake a less sugar cupcakes.
Instead of using normal sugar or brown sugar …
We used Molasses Sugar for the 1st 12 cupcakes .

1st round : 12 cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Molasses Sugar + Walnut and raisin.
The outcome was nice , not too sweet.
Turn out to be brownish cos of the molasses sugar .
2nd Round : 12 Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Sugar + Walnut and raisin.
So it turn out yellowish compare to the 1st Cupcakes with added Molasses Sugar .
But this slightly Sweet .

3rd Round : 12 cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes with Brown Sugar + Walnut .
Instead of 150gm of sugar, i added 70gm brown sugar + 30gm Molasses Sugar .
With 3/4 coco powder .
It’s turn out not too sweet as well .
It’s took us less then 3 hour to finish 36 Cupcakes.
But we are satisfied with the results .
Can proudly bring over the cupcakes to friend house … 😛

Last … Happy Weekends and Happy Baking .