CNY Year 2010 – Part 1

When u read my title of the post ….
U can surly guess my CNY is a busy one with part 1, 2 and 3 … maybe more .
hahhaha … to make it short, i always prefer to share photos rather then writing.
Not so good in writing, perhaps i forgot which day is which day .
This is my bad habit, when i m in a long holiday,
I always forget the days and i don’t care when is Monday or Friday,
As long i m in Holiday …. hahhaahha …
Until the end of my Holiday …. Until the next day i start Work !!

Below are some of the places we visit during the last whole week.

A place request by my FIL – Dong Zen temple at Jenjarom.
Better to go during night time cos full with beautiful light , Lantern & Landscape.
We also have the opportunities to watch Dragon dance .
But of cos this place was packed with people …. especially during CNY .
we are sweating like mad .
But half way of visiting … Suddenly rain heavily.
We have to run to our car … don’t forget we had a baby J with us .
Luckily we are about to finish visit this place .
KLCC Aquaria – Good place to go with kids .
Especially kids like mine who love animals .
Our first time visit Aquaria,
Been waiting for my boy to grow up to visit this place .
This round we go with PIL as well .
Of cos we visit few shopping mall .
Just to have some window shopping .
To feel the atmosphere of CNY .
More to come .
Stay tune.


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