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CNY Year 2010 – Part 1

February 24, 2010
When u read my title of the post ….
U can surly guess my CNY is a busy one with part 1, 2 and 3 … maybe more .
hahhaha … to make it short, i always prefer to share photos rather then writing.
Not so good in writing, perhaps i forgot which day is which day .
This is my bad habit, when i m in a long holiday,
I always forget the days and i don’t care when is Monday or Friday,
As long i m in Holiday …. hahhaahha …
Until the end of my Holiday …. Until the next day i start Work !!

Below are some of the places we visit during the last whole week.

A place request by my FIL – Dong Zen temple at Jenjarom.
Better to go during night time cos full with beautiful light , Lantern & Landscape.
We also have the opportunities to watch Dragon dance .
But of cos this place was packed with people …. especially during CNY .
we are sweating like mad .
But half way of visiting … Suddenly rain heavily.
We have to run to our car … don’t forget we had a baby J with us .
Luckily we are about to finish visit this place .
KLCC Aquaria – Good place to go with kids .
Especially kids like mine who love animals .
Our first time visit Aquaria,
Been waiting for my boy to grow up to visit this place .
This round we go with PIL as well .
Of cos we visit few shopping mall .
Just to have some window shopping .
To feel the atmosphere of CNY .
More to come .
Stay tune.


Dear all …. ….. Gong Xi Fa Chai

February 12, 2010
Wishes everyone …..
A prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year!

May good luck be with you all in the year of TIGER .

Gong Xi Gong Xi
From us : Daddy + Mummy = The J Brothers

C2 – Cool & Clean Green Tea

February 8, 2010
This is the 1st time i tried out this C2 – Cool & Clean drink.what can i say about this C2 ?
Natural & Refreshing taste !! I personally love the Lemon flavours .
C2 Comes in 3 refreshing flavours, Apple, Lemon and Forest Fruit.
It give consumers more choices for drinking .
The goodness of this drink was …
Made from 100% Natural Green Tea
(not from powder and concentrates of green tea).
Among all tea, it has the least caffeine and the highest amount of health benefits.
What is this antioxidant ‘Catechins’?
Catechins are natural antioxidant found in green teas Camellia Sinensis
These Powerful Anti-Oxidant .
Can reduce the risk of four of the major health problems such as :

Stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes.

Also helps Rheumatiod Arthritis, Clolesterol, Infection,

Impaired Immune Function and detox.
C2 green tea is now available at Jusco, Mydin, Giant, 7-11 &
any convenient stores near your shop !!

Is also come with ” halal” Certified.
I think this is more Healthier alternative to carbonated soft drink.
What are you waiting for ?? Check them out … you’ll love it ..
Just like my lil boy !!
C2 COOL & CLEAN is a range of high quality non-carbonated
ready-to-drink fruit flavored green tea

Head to Toe Pampering

February 5, 2010
Like many of us,
I find that today’s very busy lifestyle
I never seem to have enough time for myself.

I give myself a very good reason to taking time out .
Giving my body time to relax ….
It do help to reduce stress & letting us feel rejuvenated .

So, yesterday i’m off … a day for myself .
Put aside the work … put aside the kids …

After sending the boys to kiddy & Nanny.
I had a breakfast with my hubby .

Then i start off my ONE day life as a “siew nai nai” as a Queen…. *.*
I go for my hair wash, Hair cut & hair treatment .
Then ….

I go for my Facial treatment, eye treatment , neck mask …
Then ….
I go for a Turkey Herbal Hot pack massage for the stomach,
Then ….
Hot Herbal press on the whole body ,
Then ….
Finally i had my manicure .
Last ….
I go hunt for hampers, baby puree at the Organic shop ….

Well …
There gone my money for all the pampering …. hahaha
But i do enjoy this One day Head to toe pampering like a Queen .

Today …
Back to reality,
Back to work,
Back to busy life as a mothers !!

I guess everyone out there were busy preparing for CNY .. ya ???
Have u start your head to toe pampering and get ready for next week CNY ???

Last a scapLO for the week before i sign off .Have a Wonderful Weekends .
Perhaps … Have a Great Shopping .

CNY Home Project

February 2, 2010
A CNY Home project which request by the kindergarten.
Use ang pau to create a lantern or create a red pocket angpau.
So, we choose Lantern.
To be submitted before 10 Feb.

It’s was our very first time making lantern with ang pau.
I really had no idea how to make …. can’t even think how to teach my boy.
Thanks God, i found a You Tube ,
Very basic and clear pictures on how to make a Lantern.

Here’s our Home project done
” Red Lantern “
Happily carried the Lantern to his Kiddy this morning .
ok ok … the above Lantern was mostly made by me@mummy.
But with Jeremy Lil help .
Last but not least ,
Let me show you Jeremy’s Lantern .
Done all by himself .
It’s ok boy. 😛
For you is still Lantern .
He is very proud of his Lantern .
At least from this home project he learn how to fold center to center and clip !!