Translating Memories to Images : Abit of here & there .

Sometime i wish i like many of the people … especially “youngster” “single”
Pack the bag and go where ever places you wish ..
Take up your favorite camera and start shooting along the way you pass by …
How nice … ??
But … we are not , i can’t … not anymore .
Just able to snap whatever we have the extra free time .
When ever my hand is free from the boys … 😛

Abit of here & there from the 500D.

Some eating out .

A places i wish to go oneday with the love one .
Mummy dream car … yah … is small …
Just a dream car for her & him only …
Jeremy’s Christmas gift last year …
A range of dinosaur cars from hotwheel.
Last …
Baby Jareth ..Pictures took last night .
No more rashes on the face … yipeee
Other wise cannot snap “cute -cute” photos …
But the whole body still very dry with rashes , rashes reduce but still have .
Sleeping routine still not good … We are working on it …
“Mummy … can i kiss the pink elephant ??”
i know … i m cute !!
To all of you … Have a wonderful weekend ahead .

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