Update on The J Brothers ( January 2010)

A quick update on The J Brothers ( January 2010)

Baby Jareth @ 5 months

  • He weight 9.7kg.
  • The weight of baby was slowing down abit compared to previous months.
  • Cos he slowly adjust his milk time from 2 hourly to 3 hourly, sometime can up to 4 hour.
  • Many people said he lost weight, nope, he is not losing any, just slowly gain ..
  • His sleeping time is still NOT good, Sometime can be worst !!
  • When the time is good is when he sleep thru the whole night until the next morning .
  • When the time is bad is when he only fall sleep at the middle of no time ,
  • Wake up every 30 , 45 minute or 1 hour … Really unpredictable .
  • Still cant turn over to tummy .. about to …… getting there
  • Probably too heavy for him to turn over . O.o
  • But once he can turn, i sure it will be more hard time, cos he is such a strong baby .
  • Love taking bath .
  • Proud to say … he is not in to pacifier but sad to say he is sucking his hand !!!
  • Have a great smile whenever u call him .
  • His having some kind of rashes on his face and whole body . Properly due to sweating .
  • He don’t like to seat on stroller, instead like to be carry MOST of the time.
  • We are now introduce walker to him, but just for a short while only.
  • None of us can carry him for long ,
  • Is really tired and end up u get pain on your hand & shoulder .
  • I still wander when to introduce solid food to him ??? this month or next month.

Now daddy help to take care baby J from 11pm to 2am …

Then i continue with the rest of the time till he fall sleep . Maybe 3am ?? 4am ?? 5am ??

At least i can catch up with some sleep .

Jeremy @ 39 months

  • Great to say I survived the two’s ..The terrible two had past for the past few months.
  • But life with a three year old is not a piece of cake … not that easy !!
  • The threes hold more challenges and discoveries .
  • But what good about this 3 was he can now communicate his needs, feelings and ideas.
  • He can talk very well .
  • What I don’t like and still cant manage was his temper ,
  • Either he listen to you or he totally ignore you & just throw tantrum .
  • He can become aggressive, ridiculously and recklessly noisy, unthinking and …. Endless.
  • But when he is in good mood and happy … he is a co-operative joy to be with.
  • Playful, funny, sharing …. and very good boy .
  • At time, he is not very loving brother to baby J, and also not very bad brother .
  • He is still very skinny , weight only 14kg .
  • Cos i not sure what he eat in school , and how well he take the food in school.
  • Since after schooling, he fall sick most of the week with cough and flu.
  • After school he is much more independent now .
  • We make him sleep between 1030pm to 11pm everyday .
  • I have no problem with Jeremy sleeping time even when he is a baby unlike baby J .

3 yo really opens a whole new chapter in parenting … IN my parenting.


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