My Colourful Dinosaur

Distance to Awana Kijal is kind a far,
It’s took us 5 to 6 hour to reach the resort .
Travel with kids can be quite difficult, especially my boy .
Have to stop for few rest area for him to pee and rest and eat.
What about in the car ?
How i keep this boy being busy beside playing his toy cars ??
Yah …. colouring !!
I m glad we able to find one colouring book,
A colouring book which specially create for Dinosaur lover.
If not about Dinosaur, i don’t think he will like it.
Cos i have plenty of cartoon Colouring book like Mickey, Tom and Jerry, Spongebob .
None captured his interest except this Dinosaur & it’s cost only RM6.90 .
As far as i know, he not into colouring.
As far as i know to keep a 3 y o to seat and colour is not easy !!
But this special Dino book can actually gain his interest on colouring !!

So here’s some of his art work ( colouring).Yah … most his Dinosaur is very colourful & messy.
Got fire come out from the mouth somemore .
The only Dino with mummy lil help is this –
I m actually teaching him to match colour in his colouring.

To keep his lil finger coloured those small spot/small patch is not easy.
He just don’t have the patient to colour those small part !!
But overall ….
Even is very colourful but it look kind a nice and artful to me .

What u think ??

Last today is the day “back to school” after some holiday & playtime.Jeremy :
Nothing much mummy could ask from you,

Just want you to totally enjoy, have lot’s of fun in your kiddy life !!


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