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Item For Sale .

January 26, 2010
I’m trying to sell of some of the things the boys used to use.
Perhaps some is still very new.

I’m direct BF now . Spectra 3 Breast Pump ( used less then 3 months)
2 Breastshield Sets ( used less then 2 months)

Bag ( NEW with tag)
8+2 Moms Precious bottles for storage ( Used less then 3 months)
NEW Milk storage plastic .
(Pre-sterilized for convenience and cleanliness.Contain ounce/ml markings for accurate
Contain space to mark the date and time you prepared the breast milk.
100 pieces (8oz) per box
Changing mat ( Used less then 5 times , excellent condition)

One icesheet ( NEW in plastic)
Still under warranty until August 2010
** SOLD **
Condition : 9/10
Original price : RM520 +

Selling price : RM380

( i love this carrier , but my dear baby J was big)

With fleecey leopard print on the inside

  • harness padding for improved parent comfort
  • padded baby seat for complete baby comfort
  • Easy to use clips for quick fitting and adjusting
  • 2 carrying positions allowing baby to be carried facing inwards or outwards
  • from 3 months
  • Includes dribble bib
  • Machine washable, 100% cotton for natural softness, durability and easy care
  • Suitable from birth to 12 months , to 10kg
  • ONLY USED A COUPLE OF TIMES, cos my baby growing very fast …

** SOLD **
Condition : 9/10
Original price : Aussie $59
Selling price : RM70

BABY CARRIER From TaiwanThis baby carrier is almost similar design to COMBI Urban Baby Carrier
But this one is NOT from COMBI.
Is a baby carrier from Taiwan. Very handy . Dark Blue & Grey.
Suitable from baby 6 months and above .
With instruction how to use (in Chinese)

Condition : 9/10
Selling price : RM25

( Selling for my friend)

Used less then 5 times.
Missing silicon nipples & Nipple Adapter

Condition : 9/10
Original price : RM90
Selling price : RM50


Come with 2 sizes ( new born & 3-6 months +)

Condition : 8/10
Original price : RM50+
Selling price : RM20


** SOLD **
Condition : 8/10
Original price : RM80 ++
Selling price : RM40

BELLY BELT COMBO KITThe belly Belt Combo Kit Contain :

  • 2 sizes of belly belt button up
  • 2 sizes of belly belly slide
  • 3 cotton panels ( blue, black and white) to cover the gap

Condition : 9/10 ( used only the 1 sizes button-up with black cotton panels )
Original price : RM75 ++
Selling price : RM40

( At this moment, i only plan to sell one , either NEW or USED, u pick)
** SOLD **
New in box ( Blue/yellow)
Original price : RM120
Selling price : RM100
Used ( as above) : (Red/White)
Original price : RM120
Selling Price : RM70

( selling for my friend)
Hot from oven , of cos is NEW ... just flied back from US … hihihi
** SOLD **
6.5 ‘ x 4’
Original price : USD48
with tax
Selling Price : RM199

Please note price above NOT include postage .
Should any further queries arise,
Please do not hesitate to contact me at
if you are interested .
Or leave comment , but don’t forget to leave your email for me to reply to you.

Translating Memories to Images : Abit of here & there .

January 22, 2010
Sometime i wish i like many of the people … especially “youngster” “single”
Pack the bag and go where ever places you wish ..
Take up your favorite camera and start shooting along the way you pass by …
How nice … ??
But … we are not , i can’t … not anymore .
Just able to snap whatever we have the extra free time .
When ever my hand is free from the boys … 😛

Abit of here & there from the 500D.

Some eating out .

A places i wish to go oneday with the love one .
Mummy dream car … yah … is small …
Just a dream car for her & him only …
Jeremy’s Christmas gift last year …
A range of dinosaur cars from hotwheel.
Last …
Baby Jareth ..Pictures took last night .
No more rashes on the face … yipeee
Other wise cannot snap “cute -cute” photos …
But the whole body still very dry with rashes , rashes reduce but still have .
Sleeping routine still not good … We are working on it …
“Mummy … can i kiss the pink elephant ??”
i know … i m cute !!
To all of you … Have a wonderful weekend ahead .

Exhausted Parents

January 18, 2010
It’s been a very hard time for us since 3 weeks ago,
Perhaps many months ago … Just that thing get more headache now .
Ever since our baby J won’t sleep ,
His sleeping routine getting worst and worst nowsday, i could say ..
He only fall sleep during 5am to 7am .. yah, u heard me ?
Just about our waking up time to work and to school ( for Jeremy) .
Oh man …. Oh dear …. Oh my baby …

Daddy was fall sick after 1 week taking care baby J ,
Mummy also fall sick … with serious cough and flu .
Not to mention about Jeremy, He fall sick almost every week since schooling !!

Baby J was taking care by my in law for the last weekends and yesterday .
Cos both of us was too sick and too tired to stay up so long hour to take care baby J.
Not to mention after taking those medicine that make us dizzy, nausea and sleepy.
We surly desperate for a good “SLEEP” .
But tonight we be taking baby J back home.
Means more sleepless night for us again …..
3 days of recharge and sleeping will never gain back those sleepless night you lost .
But better then nothing …. at least we are getting better and recovering from sick .

A baby who isn’t the go-right-to-sleep type isn’t going to
Become the type no matter what you do…. We tried .
We tried many way as what our friends, relative said about how and how to do .
But it just doesn’t work for my Baby J.
We tried many different things .. some may work … but not long.
Hey ….
Lucky you if you have a easygoing babies ….

Baby J was having skin allergies since last week,
Not only face …. even the whole body was covered with this red patches .
Maybe this is one of the reason he can’t fall asleep .
But he was initial hard to sleep even he doesn’t have this skin problem.
Solid food was put on hold till the skin problem was fully recover.
We are ask to change the cow milk to soy base milk – Isomil .
Some sample given by the doctor , Slowly adapting to this milk .
But can tell he don’t really like this milk and he take longer time to finish.
Pediatrician said … is very normal for baby awake at night !!
You just have to try and set a routine till he able to adapt well .
How long ?? We never know …

I guess i’m not alone which having difficulty getting my baby to sleep all night.
When i call up my friends and my friends call me …
or heard some complain from some other mums.
They are having the same difficulty as me .
I even heard a mum said …
Babies who born of the year of “moo moo” 2009.
Is very difficult to take care , cranky, crying, screaming …. etc etc … O.o ….O.o
( Don’t scared me … k …)
Of cos not all babies are like that , Some babies are really very easygoing .

But i can tell … from all the difficulty i m facing ..
It’s do disrupting our sleeping time ..
This can feel like it’s stealing hours and hours away .
Sometime i really feel that i can’t cope with that …
Well … being a mother / father is really not easy .
When you really cannot cope with so many days and weeks of sleepless night.
A helping hand is very much needed when come to this .

This is what usually my baby J will do …. in the middle of night .
Gee gee … ga… ga…..
He just want you to hang around with him,
Talk to him, play with him, hold him …
If NOT …. He will give you a GOOD cry till you come back to him .
See … how full of energy he was ???!!
In the middle of the night … 1am to 5am … he just doesn’t want to sleep.
If you give him a stern and serious scold … he will give you a sweet smile .
You will eventually smile back to him …. hahaha ..
He just so innocent and do not understand what are you trying to do !!
What is day and what is night .
We really need alot of patient … and patient ….and love ….
To deal with it when you are so dying for a “SLEEP” .
Even an hour or two.

Maybe we don’t have this problem when Jeremy was a baby.
That’s why all this seem very drastic and difficult to us .
It’s seem like a total new things to deal with !!
Put it this way ..
We are so desperate for a good “SLEEP” .

Oh dear … can someone please tell me this phase shall pass ??

A Matter of Taste : B’fest & Lunch for Lil J … Food Photos

January 18, 2010
Some eating out and photos thru the eye of my EOS 500D

Update on The J Brothers ( January 2010)

January 13, 2010

A quick update on The J Brothers ( January 2010)

Baby Jareth @ 5 months

  • He weight 9.7kg.
  • The weight of baby was slowing down abit compared to previous months.
  • Cos he slowly adjust his milk time from 2 hourly to 3 hourly, sometime can up to 4 hour.
  • Many people said he lost weight, nope, he is not losing any, just slowly gain ..
  • His sleeping time is still NOT good, Sometime can be worst !!
  • When the time is good is when he sleep thru the whole night until the next morning .
  • When the time is bad is when he only fall sleep at the middle of no time ,
  • Wake up every 30 , 45 minute or 1 hour … Really unpredictable .
  • Still cant turn over to tummy .. about to …… getting there
  • Probably too heavy for him to turn over . O.o
  • But once he can turn, i sure it will be more hard time, cos he is such a strong baby .
  • Love taking bath .
  • Proud to say … he is not in to pacifier but sad to say he is sucking his hand !!!
  • Have a great smile whenever u call him .
  • His having some kind of rashes on his face and whole body . Properly due to sweating .
  • He don’t like to seat on stroller, instead like to be carry MOST of the time.
  • We are now introduce walker to him, but just for a short while only.
  • None of us can carry him for long ,
  • Is really tired and end up u get pain on your hand & shoulder .
  • I still wander when to introduce solid food to him ??? this month or next month.

Now daddy help to take care baby J from 11pm to 2am …

Then i continue with the rest of the time till he fall sleep . Maybe 3am ?? 4am ?? 5am ??

At least i can catch up with some sleep .

Jeremy @ 39 months

  • Great to say I survived the two’s ..The terrible two had past for the past few months.
  • But life with a three year old is not a piece of cake … not that easy !!
  • The threes hold more challenges and discoveries .
  • But what good about this 3 was he can now communicate his needs, feelings and ideas.
  • He can talk very well .
  • What I don’t like and still cant manage was his temper ,
  • Either he listen to you or he totally ignore you & just throw tantrum .
  • He can become aggressive, ridiculously and recklessly noisy, unthinking and …. Endless.
  • But when he is in good mood and happy … he is a co-operative joy to be with.
  • Playful, funny, sharing …. and very good boy .
  • At time, he is not very loving brother to baby J, and also not very bad brother .
  • He is still very skinny , weight only 14kg .
  • Cos i not sure what he eat in school , and how well he take the food in school.
  • Since after schooling, he fall sick most of the week with cough and flu.
  • After school he is much more independent now .
  • We make him sleep between 1030pm to 11pm everyday .
  • I have no problem with Jeremy sleeping time even when he is a baby unlike baby J .

3 yo really opens a whole new chapter in parenting … IN my parenting.

Temporary madness

January 11, 2010
Monday blue ….. Perhaps is grey ….
2.15 am … I burst into tears …. in the toilet ….
I was so damn tiring and sick …
Having my PMS made me even more sick …
2.30 am …
Try very hard to make baby J sleep ..
Finally he fall sleep at 3am …
I was about to sleep …. i think i was just close my eye for second ..
& it’s already 4:30 am
Baby J was awake again, cried for awhile … & fall asleep after milk ..
The clock is ticking … and finally i fall sleep at 5am.
The alarm ring at 645am … drag myself up and get ready for work .

I had not been sleeping since Mid night Saturday …
Perhaps i slept at 430am on last Friday …
& i even can’t remember when is the last sleep i really had .
I means really fall into deep, smooth and nice sleep.
I lost my patient on the poor baby …
My heart was crushed from hearing him cry.
I felt like such a terrible person, and a bad mother.
I guess someway he is not feeling well or good …
That make him hard to fall a sleep ….
Things happened and drag on for few weeks ….. few weeks

That’s why i burst into tears this morning ..
Everything didn’t seem right to me …
I feel like shit, i feel like i m going to fall into pieces …
I just feel moody and angry .

After all this ….

And do you think i still can get myself into ALL this :I was ask to attend a …… facilitator course over the weekend!!
Suppose to be basic course only, end up everyone have to go for the advanced .
There’s 8 people was selected to attend this course .
From 8am to 6pm in one of the local U .

From the first day, and the first session of the course,
I know i was in the wrong train ,
Perhaps i feel like i was being hit by the train !!
But i still need to seat on the train and finish the journey !!
Session 1, …..2…..3…..4…..5….6….7 ….
I m sure for one thing ….
I finally decide not to seat for the examination after the course .
I know i will hand up with a blank paper .
Half of the colleague not taking the exam ….Too tough .
There’s open book exam over 40 question , 1 hour …
With a 4 inch thick note, i sure i cant remember where is where .
There’s group project ,
One people fail, whole group will fail …
If u cant answer question given by the lecturer, pro, dr , Ar, Ir ……
Means even i m from Archi background, i have to know about other people field/job.
Professional take few years to understand their job and scope of work ,
You think i can get to know their job in one month time ???

No go …

Every night 2 to 3 hour of sleep ..
I don’t think i can go for the exam ..
With all the calculation O.o graph O.o law O.o standards O.o to remember ..
Even no exam for me ….
But still have another few session to attend for the coming weekend too ..

I do feel bad for not taking up the exam ..
Cos is kind a waste …. probably no cert if no exam !!
Maybe my boss will be disappointed !!
Maybe my hubby will be disappointed too !!
Heh … i m disappointed too …. but i can’t help myself !!
Cos it sound like u didn’t complete the course .

I was going mad .
I am suffering from sleep deprivation. ..
If i lack of sleep …. my brain was not functioning properly .
Man, I was wrecked. I was really upset.
Hopefully this madness is just temporary.

okay .. sign off now …
Feel abit relief after pouring out all this madness ..
Feel relief after decided not taking the exam …

Translating Memories to Images : For The First Time

January 7, 2010
I was really impressed with my Canon EOS 500D.
The First impressions are very positive ,
It’s fit into my hand nicely, compact and quite friendly user.The better way to try out this cam,
Is by explore tru snapping …. and snapping ….
Try and error on the function like ISO, aperture value,
AF mode,
Getting the best angle … and many many more….
We are still learning
Here are some of our first start thru EOS 500D.
Did we pass the test with flying colours for the first time ??
I know, we are much more to learn and experience it.
Once i m better on using this beginning set,
Will like to go for macro photography , better lens !!
I love capturing fine detail .

Last, how can i forget my lil models ???
That’s the main purpose of having this EOS Cam .
Perhaps… I’m truly in love with the EOS 500D already…

My Colourful Dinosaur

January 4, 2010
Distance to Awana Kijal is kind a far,
It’s took us 5 to 6 hour to reach the resort .
Travel with kids can be quite difficult, especially my boy .
Have to stop for few rest area for him to pee and rest and eat.
What about in the car ?
How i keep this boy being busy beside playing his toy cars ??
Yah …. colouring !!
I m glad we able to find one colouring book,
A colouring book which specially create for Dinosaur lover.
If not about Dinosaur, i don’t think he will like it.
Cos i have plenty of cartoon Colouring book like Mickey, Tom and Jerry, Spongebob .
None captured his interest except this Dinosaur & it’s cost only RM6.90 .
As far as i know, he not into colouring.
As far as i know to keep a 3 y o to seat and colour is not easy !!
But this special Dino book can actually gain his interest on colouring !!

So here’s some of his art work ( colouring).Yah … most his Dinosaur is very colourful & messy.
Got fire come out from the mouth somemore .
The only Dino with mummy lil help is this –
I m actually teaching him to match colour in his colouring.

To keep his lil finger coloured those small spot/small patch is not easy.
He just don’t have the patient to colour those small part !!
But overall ….
Even is very colourful but it look kind a nice and artful to me .

What u think ??

Last today is the day “back to school” after some holiday & playtime.Jeremy :
Nothing much mummy could ask from you,

Just want you to totally enjoy, have lot’s of fun in your kiddy life !!