We have a great time and Happy 2010 !!

Here we are over the past few days – Awana Kijal, Terengganu.
Enjoy many of the photos here yay !!
From many of the photos…
You can tell, who is the most happiest person !! Yes … Jeremy .
Cos he been enjoying the beach and Big swimming pool every days we were there.
Every morning he wake up he will ask to go to the swimming pool. Ntg else .
As for the baby J …. he been pampered by the grandpa and grandma…..
Carried here and there most of the time ….haha … lucky baby !!
Overall, the resort was great, the swimming pool is super big .
There’s no heavy rain, not so hot .. just nice !!
But the food was not so nice, the town itself also nothing much to shout about.
The distance is far .... very far … travel with kids can be tiring !!
Lucky we had a good resort to relax and have fun .

Actually i got a FREE stay at Awana Kijal for 3days 2 night by Women Weekly Magazine.
Yes …. is Free !! I only need to book and paid for extra room for my PIL .
Is still worth it …. nevertheless, is a good outing for the family .

One lil thing from me …
It took me 3 months to slim down all the extra kg from 2nd pregnancy,
But it took me 3 days to gain some extra kg too …. so scary lei !!!
I better watch out … since now is so much holiday and eating out !!

So … what is mummy Christmas gift ??

Canon EOS 500D … great ?? Is Super great for me .
I been longing for a DSLR Camera for sooo long,
I actually saving money to get one for myself .
But it took me soooo long to save the $$ .
Never thought that i could get one so soon,
But with daddy effort and love .
I got one this year …. thank so much daddy !!!
Photography has been very famous hobby lately,
Everyone go for a pro shooting .
Is not just a camera only , but one with a high definition and meaning .
Now i got a opportunity to learn more on photography,
Which is one of my passion and also New Year Wish .
Person like me who like to take pictures, blogging,
Design scrapbook LO …. really need it !!

Last but not least,
Happy New Year 2010 … to all of you out there .


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