Art & Craft : Crocodile

Daddy was rushing his final thesis over the weekend,
Leave us with nothing to do (of cos mummy is always busy) and nowhere to go.
Here what we did for the week .

Art & Craft of the week : Egg Carton CrocodileSee how proud and happy this lil J with his art and craft .

Jeremy like animals which can fight with each other.
Just like dinosaur, crocodile …. i know he’s abit aggressive and rough !!
Boy will be Boy .
I have to find some art and craft which is suitable for my boy.
This is exactly a nice art & craft for him.
Of cos i m glad he is happy & proud with what he did !!
He keep on showing and disturbing daddy what he did ,
But poor boy, daddy have no time to entertain him O.o
He painted red colour on the crocodile teeth like blood !!
He painted all by himself including the egg cartoon (crocodile’s body).
Mummy only help on doing the mouth, tail and eyes .(嘴,尾巴和眼睛)
& abit of touch up .
What ever we do, we try to made two …
One is too lonely to play with .
Happily playing with the crocodile he made.

Hope you like our art and craft too just like we did !!

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