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We have a great time and Happy 2010 !!

December 31, 2009
Here we are over the past few days – Awana Kijal, Terengganu.
Enjoy many of the photos here yay !!
From many of the photos…
You can tell, who is the most happiest person !! Yes … Jeremy .
Cos he been enjoying the beach and Big swimming pool every days we were there.
Every morning he wake up he will ask to go to the swimming pool. Ntg else .
As for the baby J …. he been pampered by the grandpa and grandma…..
Carried here and there most of the time ….haha … lucky baby !!
Overall, the resort was great, the swimming pool is super big .
There’s no heavy rain, not so hot .. just nice !!
But the food was not so nice, the town itself also nothing much to shout about.
The distance is far .... very far … travel with kids can be tiring !!
Lucky we had a good resort to relax and have fun .

Actually i got a FREE stay at Awana Kijal for 3days 2 night by Women Weekly Magazine.
Yes …. is Free !! I only need to book and paid for extra room for my PIL .
Is still worth it …. nevertheless, is a good outing for the family .

One lil thing from me …
It took me 3 months to slim down all the extra kg from 2nd pregnancy,
But it took me 3 days to gain some extra kg too …. so scary lei !!!
I better watch out … since now is so much holiday and eating out !!

So … what is mummy Christmas gift ??

Canon EOS 500D … great ?? Is Super great for me .
I been longing for a DSLR Camera for sooo long,
I actually saving money to get one for myself .
But it took me soooo long to save the $$ .
Never thought that i could get one so soon,
But with daddy effort and love .
I got one this year …. thank so much daddy !!!
Photography has been very famous hobby lately,
Everyone go for a pro shooting .
Is not just a camera only , but one with a high definition and meaning .
Now i got a opportunity to learn more on photography,
Which is one of my passion and also New Year Wish .
Person like me who like to take pictures, blogging,
Design scrapbook LO …. really need it !!

Last but not least,
Happy New Year 2010 … to all of you out there .


Merry X’mas & Happy New Year !!

December 24, 2009
Today was Christmas Eve … any plan for you ??
As for us …Nope, we don’t have any plan this Christmas .
But we had a plan for this coming Weekend.

We will be going to North, East Coast for a short Holiday with Family and the boys.
Before i go on with my long break ,
Here we like to wish u
Merry Christmas

Happy New Year .

A time of year
To think of love and sharing
A time of peace
For the whole world to cherish
A time to be with all your friends and family
And wish them all
A Merry Christmas

From us : Daddy + Mummy = The J Brothers

C is for the Child born that night to be our light. (John 8:12)
H is for holy is His name. (Rev.4:8)
R is for rejoice with gladness & joy. (Luke 1:14)
I is for Immanuel, God with us. (Is.7:14,) John 1:14)
S is for the star that led the Wise men to Him. (Matt.2:2)
T is for the truth & grace that was sent our way. (John 1:14)
M is for Mother Mary laying Him in swaddling clothes in the manger. (Luke 2:7)
A is for angels singing songs of joy. (Luke 2:14)
S is for salvation.

Johnnie DesRochers.

Awesome pictures. Awesome talent. Awesome give-away

December 23, 2009

Awesome pictures. Awesome talent. Awesome give-away.

Who is so Awesome ??

They are – TwoPixels Photography .

If u come across my blog.

U know how much i love taking photos and design beautiful scrapbook LO .

That’s why ….

I m thrilled about TwoPixels Photography ’s giveaway.

I couldn’t dreamed up myself.

TwoPixels Photography specializes in photography by Jazz and Sue.

They captures family moments in the great outdoors & indoor,

Has a talent for getting babies to smile. I loved the results.

Lets just say i wish i could take them along every time we head out.

For the fabulous shots.

I love the natural lighting in their photos

& their creative poses for family portraits.

They have this magic touch ..

When it comes to creating a perfect atmosphere for shooting.

TwoPixels Photography is generously offering =

A family photo shoot to AT LEAST 3 lucky bloggers.

If u also been longing for a photo shoot .

Start blogging now and send your link TODAY to TwoPixels Photography .

Their pictures are a work of art & breathtaking !!

I would love to have her photograph my little family.

We really need a family photo with our newest addition!

Yes … our newest addition – Baby J @ Baby Jareth .

Then i can start on with my 2nd photobook !!.

What an awesome give-away!!

A Gift for Daddy

December 21, 2009
This year end Christmas ,
I had prepared a Christmas gift for my hubby aka The J Brother’s Daddy.
This is a special gift for daddy.
I hope this gift touch his heart,
Just like how it touch mine when i view from the front to the last page.
Is a Photobook.
Here’s are some of the pages to share :

The Cover

My pregnancy photos &
The J Brothers new born photos on the 2nd page
Below are some of the pages
Photo taken during our trip to PD and Bukit Tinggi
Pictures with Jeremy
Jeremy @ 3 years old
Father and Mother LOVE to our boy
Jeremy Photos
Jeremy ( 1st Day to one year old)
Baby Jareth with Mummy
Happy Baby Jareth @ 3 months
Baby Jareth at 18 days
Baby Jareth at one month old
I get to know that photobook got 40% discount on the November by De’moment.
It’s been a while i m longing to made one Photobook.
Well …. i choose ImageWrap photo book,
Medium Landscape with 40 pages.
By the time i know… i only left 3 days to finish before the promotion end.
But i finished it in TWO days.
So i m not quite satisfied with the layout i had prepared,
Cos i m in the rush to finish .
No time to think of the story line cum the design.
I take whatever i have .
Amended from a square Scrap LO i usually do to a Landscape LO.
After i had submitted the Photobook.
There have another promotion till end of this month- December !!
I was like ….. O.o …. O.o…..O.o…….O.o
Other wise i can put Baby J photos with Christmas hat like the header .
Then only look more like Christmas gift mah .
I can have more baby J photos on this Photobook.
Alright alright…. will do another one again in future.
Hopefully there have 40% discount or more in the future.

BTW… i also got a very very special gift this Christmas.
Is more then i can ask !!!
Share with u the next post …
I m just a happy and lucky person !!!

Art & Craft : Crocodile

December 14, 2009
Daddy was rushing his final thesis over the weekend,
Leave us with nothing to do (of cos mummy is always busy) and nowhere to go.
Here what we did for the week .

Art & Craft of the week : Egg Carton CrocodileSee how proud and happy this lil J with his art and craft .

Jeremy like animals which can fight with each other.
Just like dinosaur, crocodile …. i know he’s abit aggressive and rough !!
Boy will be Boy .
I have to find some art and craft which is suitable for my boy.
This is exactly a nice art & craft for him.
Of cos i m glad he is happy & proud with what he did !!
He keep on showing and disturbing daddy what he did ,
But poor boy, daddy have no time to entertain him O.o
He painted red colour on the crocodile teeth like blood !!
He painted all by himself including the egg cartoon (crocodile’s body).
Mummy only help on doing the mouth, tail and eyes .(嘴,尾巴和眼睛)
& abit of touch up .
What ever we do, we try to made two …
One is too lonely to play with .
Happily playing with the crocodile he made.

Hope you like our art and craft too just like we did !!

Update on The J Brothers ( December 09)

December 10, 2009
Baby Jareth is 4 months old, still as cute as a cutie pie .
He weight 9.5kg.
He’s much bigger and longer than Jeremy at this age.
He is wearing “L” size diapers now. Even L size is just well fit .
He is sharing the same size with kor kor.
We have to give away the S & M size diapers.

Which still newly open and just used not even half of it.Can u imagine how fast he is growing and gaining week by week ??
Everyone was like … What ?? only 4 months ??
PIL was very concern about his weight and ask to reduce his milk intake.
This is impossible, cos he will cry his lung out when he is hungry !!
He will cry very hard when the milk is not enough or had been reduce to 1oz.
He is either drinking 6oz for BM or 5oz for FM.He will hold his bottle tight when he is very hungry.
He can hold his head up for a few minutes now!
He is growing well, drinking well, such a happy baby boy.
But the only thing which is not very good was his sleeping habit.
Full of energy … hardly sleep for long, the longer was 4 hour only.
Still wake up 2 to 3 time at night .
He’s pretty sleepy and dopey in the evening, Cos hardly sleep during daytime.
Nanny was complaining about this matters,
Cos he just wanna be carry or drinking milk if his not sleeping,
The problem, we can’t carry him for too long , is really tired .

When we were out, he seem doesn’t like to seat on the stroller,
He prefer on baby carrier, currently i m using Tomy Safari Baby Carrier.
Which is quite good and well support , i like it .
But the problem is … the Carrier is up to 10 to 12kg in 12 months.
But my baby is nearly 10kg in 4 months, cant used for long soon….
I been looking for other options of carrier .
But most of the carrier was up to max 15kg .
I need a carrier which can help to support my shoulder and back.

Last but not least .. he’s just such a pleasure to be with.

Jeremy is 38 months.
Still as naughty and active like usual .
He weight 14kg only… didi is catching up soon !!!
Ever since he start schooling, he fall sick almost every week.
Cough & Flu , the serious is having fever. I guess is common !!
I didn’t follow up with the teacher what he is having and eating in the kiddy.
He is losing his appetite too , cant even finish one bowl of rice in the evening 😦
But glad he still drink alot of milk, 8oz to 9oz of milk, for 3 to 4 times a day.
He can dressed himself without my help.
Still on diaper during night time .

In term of dealing with discipline for my 3 years old boy ,
I guess ….. Daddy is the best person,
Cos i think i m a softy when come to discipline him,
I hate to see my boy sad and disappointed .
I have this guilt that , i have not spending enough time with him lately.
But discipline is discipline, Sometime we need to be strict ,
Studies show that being strict on chores & responsibilities,
helps him develop the ability to cope with frustration.
Kids cant always get what they want,
Learning to accept disappointment will give them important coping
Skills to deal with emotional stress later in life.
Is not easy to discipline him , cos sometime he seem doesn’t understand well .
When he is well behave , he can be really lovely and melt your heart.
He seem can seat long on the trolley during shopping,
On the stroller during outing and eating out at the restaurant now.
Lately he is more patient on waiting for his turn or wanted something ,
Also he is patient on doing art and craft with me .
What he love??
He still love his dinosaur & car very much .
See what we get him ? i guess this is a perfect toys for him .

We are still wandering whether to get him ALL the Dino sets or not ??
That’s also depend on how well behave he is , as a reward !!
Last, he is still very dear to me no matter how !!

That’s all for the Updating on my two boys —–
“One skinny handsome boy and one chubby cutie pie”
Another long weekends to go !!
Happy Holidays to everyone who drop by here .
Take care and tata.

Art & Craft : Caterpillar

December 7, 2009
Art & Craft of the week : Egg Carton Caterpillar
We had another art & craft to keep the lil hand busy.
I realize Lil J love to do art or craft since the Apple Tree.
Mummy have to search more idea from Internet,
To get more idea and suitable art and craft for him.
But no worry …
You can find hundred of crafty blogs from the Internet !!

Yah, yah … our Christmas Tree is up,
& the Caterpillar is just nice on the Christmas tree.
Another type of caterpillar.
Lil J love this, cos it had a BIG eye .
The egg carton caterpillar even look nicer on our garden plants.

Well, more art & craft on the way,
Since December had more Holidays,
Means more time with him at home.

Hope you’ll like Lil J’s Egg Carton Caterpillar.