Spending Time With The J Brothers

Long holidays means more time with the kids,
At the same time more tired , more fun, more busy ,
more laughter, more yelling, more crying, more scolding, more playtime….
As a mother, sometime i wish my kids grow faster ,

Toddler age like Jeremy can be very handful and difficult to take care .
You need lots of patience and love … otherwise …. he will drive you up the wall.
On the other hand, if they grow older faster .
I will surly miss the baby stage like kissing them, cuddle them,
playing with them, hugging them … etc etc ….

As for baby J , i wish … forever he is as cute as this age,
Don’t grow so fast, this phase of baby is really too cute.

Instead of staying at home .
Hubby brought us to Shopping Mall and also back to my Granny House.
At first i was worried …
We hardly bring The J Brothers out to shopping mall all by ourselves .
Not sure can handle or not … how if one is crying, 2nd one is behave naughty??
But yesterday outing was not that bad as i thot,
Perhaps turn out to be very happy for nearly 5 hour.
“phew” …
One on the stroller, one on the baby carrier .
Now can consider to bring them out more often “wink”
I got this dino hat from KiKo WHS, it’s cost only RM5.
But i only able to get one, is actually for baby J.
But surly the big kor kor also wanna to wear,
So both have to take turn to wear .
I believe in future, what ever we buy, we must get TWO.
One for the big and one for the small.

Apart from that, i also prepared some art and craft for Jeremy,
Just to keep him busy and gave him something new to learn.
The art and craft for the week was : Apple Three
Learn to use scissor and glu .
Here’s the Apple Three & Orange Tree.
As for the blue colour tree, he claim as Grape Tree .
Another simple cook over the weekend
Vege fried rice with dry meat.
Last , hope you all have a great holidays ahead.
December is a great month to enjoy and celebrate !!
We had School Holiday, we had Christmas, we had New Year.
Lots of shopping ….. yah ….
Hope everyone had a great month.


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