Sparking Good Time

Last Saturday the kiddy was having Children Day & also Birthday Party
for those kids who celebrate Birthday on the Oct, Nov and Dec.
So Jeremy got the chance to celebrate his birthday again .
More then 10 kids was having Birthday … means more then 10 cakes too !!
They were having lots of fun and lots of games, gift and junk food.
Glad that his having his birthday celebrated by the kiddy this round,
Other wise he be upset for not having a Cake … hahahah ( i know him well)
Due to my busy schedule i have no time to bake a cake,
So i ordered a cartoon cake and i put lots of colourful candy
on top of the cake
….. it’s turn out very colourful and nice !!!

& i know i got to made something for him to
take to kiddy
and give to his classmate …. only 12 kids.
So instead of preparing goodies bags or party bags,
I choose to made Butterflies Lollipop.

( printable layout for the Butterflies Lollipop)
So cute and yet so easy to made !!
Which kids doesn’t like Lollipop ??

Well … i drop by the kiddy for a while, chat with the class teacher ,
According to teacher , Jeremy is doing well. Teacher said :
“He is new to the kiddy, still small boy and ask me don’t take things so serious ^O^ “.
On and off he did misbehavior in the class, fight with the kids sometime,
I guess most kids did, especially for boy… so …is fine.
Perhaps , they are training him to be patient,
“wait for his turn” , be polite & sharing.
Keep my finger cross for more good news from him.
Instead of telling me things like : Teacher scold, frens hit/bite …. ^O^.
boy ar boy ^O^ ^()^ .. please be good boy !!

*O* ^O^


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