Update on The J Brothers & Mummy ( November 2009)

Update on The J Brothers ( November 2009)

This is a long post.

Baby J was 3 months old on the 8th &

Lil J was 37 months old this coming 17th,

Perhaps mummy is getting 1 year older today …

ya.. mummy Birthday today (13 Nov) .

Baby J aka Jareth @ 3 months old milestone :

He weights about 8kg , I haven actually gone into clinic for next check-up.. .

The last weight measure was 7kg nearly 3 weeks ago..

Now he is getting heavier !! Love it too bite …

Drink 5 oz milk , can up to 6oz for BM…

Still top up with formula milk .

Taking Novalac IT which introduce by doctor due

to bowel movement was not /and still not in very good condition .

He sleeping time getting better during night time …

From every hour awake to 2 hour, to 3 hour and can up to 4 hour.

He can turn his head and lift his head very well ,

He been smile a lot ….can make eye contact with people around him ,

If u talk to him and call his name, he will immediately goo and gaa with smile,

laugh and sparkle his eye….

He is just so cute to cuddle and play with at this baby phase.

He love sucking on his hand … bashing himself on the chin and face until full of saliva.

I m so glad he is not that type of baby which is fragile, small, petite and helpless …

He is strong enough to handle his kor kor roughness …

otherwise ….mummy cant imagine .

Everyone love him to bite … as I said, he is really cute at this stage !!

Lil J aka Jeremy @ 37 months old milestone

He love learning .Sending him to kiddy is a good choice for lil boy like him,

He is full of curiosity and question , love learning new things and very busybody .

Of cos there is good and bad time in kiddy for him and for mummy.

As I said in my earlier post, mummy just have to learn to let go

& let him learn to be independent .

I know he can, he is strong enough to handle it without mummy.

Even mummy been sad over some incident in kiddy which

make him helpless and embarrassment, is ok …

Sooner or later he will blossomed into a smart, sociable,

Confident little boy .

I know that .

After baby J had become our family member,

I cant deny that Jeremy is getting more difficult to handle ,

He is loosing temper very easy and wanna to gain our attention.

He’s still going through a “Terrible Stage” where he’s constantly naughty

and pushing our boundaries …It’s been hard work!

He can speck well and communicate well with us .

In the progress of learning to speck in English, improving after 1 week of school.

Quite a independent boy … especially going kiddy without mummy worry,

No cry .. just a bit misbehavior in kiddy, can eat, can go toilet ,

Can wash hand, can brush teeth, can wear pants, shoes…

Can do a lot of thing by himself .

Perhaps he is very helpful when u need help …

This boy of mine is easily fall in love with other people that treat him good..

example … his teacher, his jie jie, ku ku and etc etc ….

Then he start to look for them …

and claim that was HIS teacher, HIS jie jie ….

( 我 姐姐, 姑姑 我的 teacher ….)

He love putting cream on his face and body,

Mummy have to give him a Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream

for him to put on his face

Tell you, he is good on this. 2 drops on the 2 cheek and 1 on forehead .

& rub it evenly like a pro … hahhaha …

Later follow by mummy foundation …

ahhh …. I have a daughter too …but don’t get me wrong,

He is still a very manly lil active boy …

Life will never be dull with him ….

Last .. Happy Birthday to me !!

No celebration (i guess).. just another day for me .

But i got a sweet and funny surprise early this morning …

Sweet … cos i got a surprise Birthday Gift from Hubby..

Funny … cos he is the one who hide the gift under my pillow last night..

and also he is the one who shown me the gift this morning…

cos mummy was very blur and didn’t realize there’s a gift under the pillow ..

I even told him .. Should put ON TOP on Baby J , then only i can see mah ..

wakakakakka ….

Guess what ???

People used to say … the smallest the gift .. the more valuable.

My darling husband, who knows me too well..

and know what i love the best .. a pair of diamond earring.

Very true … Love it very much …

Not forget those who wish me on my Facebook, sms, call , e-cards … tqtq…. You make my day !!

BTW… i reward myself a gift too – jeans skirts from espirit .

Have a great weekend ahead for you and for me as well .

A new header for a happy day.

Perhaps … they are my Best Birthday Gift .


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