Update On The J Brothers (October 2009)

Update on The J Brothers
Little J aka JeremyContinuously from my previous post about Jeremy going on Pre-school.
Many people been asking me, why Jeremy go to school during this time ?
It’s already coming to School Holiday .
What can i say ? I had no choice . But i had NO regret too.
Perhaps i m glad i made a right choice !! choose a right kiddy !!
He love his school, his friends and his teachers.

1st day ( start Wednesday )
8:20 am
Reach school happily , introduce to his teacher (Miss Rainie).
8:30 am
Show him where his classroom, toilet ,
Where to put his bag and shoes ….
8:35 am
All Students assembly at the pouch and sing song . (Malay, Mandarin and English Songs)
As for lil J, he refuse to sing , probably he doesn’t know the song yet.
He went to playground and have some fun by himself.
At the same time looking for me on and off.
8:45 am
I try to play “hide and seek” with him ,
see how his reaction when i was dismiss,
Watching him from far.
He get a bit panic when his not seeing me but no cry.
9.00 am
Every children go in to their classroom and have their own activities .
The Assistant Principle came to me and said : “Your boy is quite steady, u can go” !!
9.05 am
I leave and wait at home.
11.30 am
Got a phone call from the kiddy . I got Panic , thot something happened !!
The Principle said : “Your boy doing great, behave good and no crying for mummy “.
But he do looking for mummy once ( One time only… hmmmm ??!!)
12 noon
Pick him up and mummy gave him a big wave and hugs 🙂

2nd days
8:25 am
Reach School
8:30 am
Every kids when to their own classroom.
8:40 am
I leave quietly after he when in to the classroom.
12 noon
Pick him up

3rd days
Reach School
and straight looking for his teacher.
( I think he feel comfortable and feel save when his teacher was around with him)
Mummy leave happily to work !! No worry ..
and smile all the way to work 🙂
12:oo noon
Pick up by grandpa

I think he is doing good and being happy at school .
According to his teacher, he is good, able to eat and follow what his friends doing.
Quite social , easily mingled with his friends.
The ONLY TWO Things .
1) He don’t like to share things (toys, books……) with others .
2) He don’t like to tuck in his shirt , even teacher and principle tuck in for him,
he will pull the shirt out again .

I m proud of my boy as for this 3days of schooling.
Let’s hope for this to continue next month as he is going for full days.
8:30am to 12 noon (Kindergarten) 12noon to 5:30 pm (Daycare)

As for Baby J aka Jareth
After the surgery.
Baby have some problem with his bowel movement,
He used to pass motion EVERYDAY , at least 2 to 3 times a day before the surgery.
But after the surgery, for the 3 weeks, his bowel movement was messed up.
Worst, he poo-poo ONE time after 7 Days , then …
5 Days once , 3 days once , 2 days once …
Up to today everyday Once … “better then nothing” as he is drinking alot.
At the moment he is drinking 5Oz every 2 to 3 hour .
Most of the time on BM and also top up 1 to 2 time formula milk.

I always have problem with baby J’s sleeping time even until now.
He wake up quite often at night and even daytime.
According to nanny, he hardly sleep !!
Several small 30 minute naps through the day.

1 hour and sometime 3 hours (very very rare).
At Night,
He can wake up at 3am and only fall sleep after 2 to 3 hour.

Or wake up at 5am and fall sleep at 7am.
Between that 2 hour , he was goo and gaa then cry until i pick him up.
He just want to be carry or drink on mummy milk.
Even we offer pacifier , he can’t sleep as well !!
Up to a point, i have to put him to a small carrier and rock him to sleep.
( as the photos show above)
This can took me up to 30 minute to 1 hour time.
After he is in deep sleep , only i carry out to his bed .
Other wise i just leave him in his carrier until the next feeding .
Cos i was too tired and try not to wake him up ..
So mummy can have 2 to 3 hour sleeping time !!

That’s all for The J Brothers.

After all …. I realize ……. It’s not that bad.
We’ve just gotten used to the hard work, the juggling,
the busy-time table and being organized.
It’s parenthood ,it’s part of the growing journey…. it’s life.

And learning how to love it, is perhaps the most super thing about it.


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