These are real blessings.

I was counting blessing today while I m driving to work .

I thought, what a blessing. I m here today .

I have a work that not so stress , sometime busy till no end,

and sometime free till I can blog hopping and relax 🙂

& the best part, i can go home on time and paid on time !!

And then, as I drove along, i thought

I m bless that I m a mother , a wife and many roles and I m happy of them .

My life is not perfect, there’s happy and unhappy along the way,

But i couldn’t change it for anything.

And my kids. Lil’J & Baby J are so wonderful.

Even when they drive me insane and crazy till i wanna cry ,

Even when they’re not sleeping .

Even when there are crying for no reason…..


At least for Lil J he can run and jump and hop around like silly little monster .

At least for Lil J he can shout, Some kids cant’s even talk, sing and laugh.

At least for Lil J he can play and full of energy and spirit, Some kids can’t even move .

At least for Baby J he can drink well and smile while I calling his name.

At least for Baby J … God give him a double eye lid with big eye that are so beautiful.

At least for both my boys, they have legs and hands that work .

At least for both my boys they have perfectly body that is healthy.

Today this 2 boys,

Make me a loving, grateful and blessed mum.

not forget… there make me a crazy mum too … 🙂

I can’t believe that my hubby and I get to raise these precious children.

And my Hubby. He is such a fantastic companion and helper and friend.

And my Parent in law being they to help us in no time and they love my kids so much .

I just love them ALL ,

Especially my two J’s more than I ever knew was possible.

As for me,

I m bless that I able to lost around 14kg out of 15kg in 2 months time,

Even I have to go tru hard time and stress while taking care my two J’s.

These are real blessings.

And there are so many more… a mind to think,

fingers to type, air to breathe… endless really.

Count some blessings with me today or tomorrow.

Yours may be different than mine .

Thot to practice this everyday .

Keep me moving forward for how blessed I m.

Think about the good things in your life,

often to stop yourself becoming too unhappy about the bad things.





Happy Weekend Everyone .


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