My Confinement Food .

This is a backdated post, But i like to share and jot this down .
Many women observe the traditional confinement period,
but not everyone finds it easy.
It’s based on the belief that when a woman has given birth,
her body is “cold and weak”
Sometimes, Chinese older folks make like this period very complicated .
In order to bring herself back to health,
she must observe at least 30 days to 40 days
of certain lifestyle and dietary changes.

This round i appointed a pui yuet poh ( Confinement Lady),
I followed the confinement diet strictly for the first 30 days,
it was hard not to , cos i think we are paid to this service,
and we had to follow in order to bring back a strong body
& not wasting $$ for appoint a CL .. Not Cheap !!

According to the pui yuet poh.
There’s a whole list of weird and Chinese foods that are said
to nourish the woman’s body, revitalise health, expel wind,
create warmth and even increase the supply of breast milk.
I just take in whatever she said is good .
For 30 days only mah …
so still can tolerate and kuai kuai eat all the food she prepared .

I had breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12noon, tea time at 3pm,
dinner at 6pm… and the last supper at 9pm .
3 heavy meal with 2 light meal every single day ….
NO WAY to go on diet .

No plain water. Instead, i drink a special red date tea at all times.
But i like this drink and i been drinking alot too .

Below are some of the Confinement food. Not able to take all the pictures.
Cos sometime i m hungry and forget to take the photos… hahha
I like most of the food that the CL cook … at least for the first 3 weeks.
The last week … i started to slow down … too meaty and oily .
Btw, i can’t recall all the Confinement food. As i know got ..
Peanut & Pig’s Trotter Soup 花 生 猪 脚 汤.
Pork Knuckle in Ginger and Vinegar 猪 脚 姜 醋.
Double Boiled Angelica Chicken Tonic Soup 当 归, 北 芪 炖 鸡 汤
Broccoli Stir Fried with Ginger 芥 兰 花 炒 姜 丝
Steam Fish with Qi Zi 枸 杞 蒸 鱼 排
Steamed Fish with Ginger 姜 丝 清 蒸 鱼
Steamed Drunken Chicken 蒸 醉 鸡
Fried Rice with Ginger.
Mee Suah with Ginger Wine.
Chicken and Black Fungus With Glutinous Wine Soup.
Papaya with fish and wine soup.
and many more……..

After too much of oily and meaty food every day.
I m so so so look forward to the dessert below during every tea time.
Red bean with longan &
Ginger, brown sugar, pandan , longan and sweet potato soup.
I love this as it gives me a calming effect.


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