Small yet very Happy .

I m back to Work … back to my “workstation”.
Once u see my scrap LO again .. see my baby J on the header .
u know i m back to blogging .

Physically i m back to work but mentally i m still in lala-land.
Will have to change my time to suit the working routine and time all over again.
Last Saturday we had a small Birthday Bash for this lil J.
Lets the pictures tell the story.
Pictures show everyone was enjoying the ice cream .. especially the kids.
Of cos … Jeremy was the most happy boy that night.
With lots of birthday gift .
No time and no mood for baking this round,
But we made a right choice to had a Ice-cream cake from BR.
At least the birthday boy enjoy his ice-cream. Cos he don’t eat cake.
Perhaps everyone love ice-cream, especially from Baskin Robin.
We had 6 different tastes of ice-cream on the top (cone).
& a Peanut Butter Chocolate as the base for the cake. Love it !!

This round mummy able to made some Jelly for sweet treats.
The main menu go to seafood tom yam. Cook by mummy too.
We had KFC and some pasta tuna salad ( no photo).

Where is baby J ???
My baby J was slept tru out the whole night,
even we made alot of noise….
He was sleeping soundly.
Layout from Ruth. Thanks …

Thank you all for the Birthday Wish.
& Thanks for those who drop by and made the Birthday a Happy one for Lil J.
Perhaps is a nice gathering for the family too.


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