Not Forgetting Him …..

Not forgetting Him.

Apart being madly busy with baby J.

I m also busy with my Lil J ….
Out of the blue that nanny told me she not going to take care
Jeremy coming November.
(She suppose to take care till end of this year or middle next year)
So … I been running up and down to look for kindy, nursery, day care …
Compared here and there.. what’s more is coming to school holiday now.
But i guess somehow he has to start his journey in pre-school.
Finally we had decided a kindy + daycare.
Will have to enroll him this November.
I was abit nervous and unsure.
Will he enjoy ? Will he freaked out ??

Sometime i dislike writing about my hard time.
or some negative thot about my kids on the blog.
Well, I guess there is much to be learnt from hard times.
And you need to experience the bad moments to appreciate the good moments.
Lately he been really hard to manage.
Many say he want attention … he being put aside ….
cos we been focusing much on baby J…. cos baby J is not feeling very well.
Yah .. is true . But not 100% true.
We still try our very best to be with him, play and give attention to him.
Daddy had been putting alot of time,
patient and effort with him compared to lastime.
Cant deny i had less time with him now.
Every single day it’s the same battle with the little one – defiance.
He completely ignores our requests. Even a simple requests.
He purposely doing the other way to make us angry.
He will throw tantrums, tears, shouting, throwing, anger, rudeness …
Thing go on and off for few months.
We have been exhausted. I am rundown, stressed and I’m quite lost.
Everyday we raising our voice and threatening some kind of discipline and punishment.
We do discipline him , being consistent on the rules.
But he keep DOING IT.
Sometime i even wanna to surrender myself to this little boy.
& pass it to my parents in law to handle and take care for a while.
I am overwhelmed, touched, grateful and appreciate that they do help alot on this.
Overall … he is not that BAD BAD boy ..
He just being playful, naughty, want attention,
or he is at a developmental stage of experimenting something ??
Rules ?? Feeling ?? or what ??

I hope this is just a part of growing up.
I keep telling myself : IT WAS A PHASE.

I know and very sure he still wanna be a baby like before.
Of cos … he is my baby forever even my baby is growing up !!
& get ready for pre-school the next month.
See the big kor kor on tha baby carrier ??
Somehow he is very pround of himself…
cos he know he is going to school soon,
he is a real big kor kor now …
and he been telling us that he like an adult
cos he is wearing underwear now …. hahhaha.
I hope that will be a new changes and new life for him when he start going to kindy.

Jeremy : if you ever read this oneday.
We just want you to know that daddy and mummy love u more then you ever know.
Even didi (baby J) is arrived. You both are the same and as precious to us.

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