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Update On The J Brothers (October 2009)

October 30, 2009
Update on The J Brothers
Little J aka JeremyContinuously from my previous post about Jeremy going on Pre-school.
Many people been asking me, why Jeremy go to school during this time ?
It’s already coming to School Holiday .
What can i say ? I had no choice . But i had NO regret too.
Perhaps i m glad i made a right choice !! choose a right kiddy !!
He love his school, his friends and his teachers.

1st day ( start Wednesday )
8:20 am
Reach school happily , introduce to his teacher (Miss Rainie).
8:30 am
Show him where his classroom, toilet ,
Where to put his bag and shoes ….
8:35 am
All Students assembly at the pouch and sing song . (Malay, Mandarin and English Songs)
As for lil J, he refuse to sing , probably he doesn’t know the song yet.
He went to playground and have some fun by himself.
At the same time looking for me on and off.
8:45 am
I try to play “hide and seek” with him ,
see how his reaction when i was dismiss,
Watching him from far.
He get a bit panic when his not seeing me but no cry.
9.00 am
Every children go in to their classroom and have their own activities .
The Assistant Principle came to me and said : “Your boy is quite steady, u can go” !!
9.05 am
I leave and wait at home.
11.30 am
Got a phone call from the kiddy . I got Panic , thot something happened !!
The Principle said : “Your boy doing great, behave good and no crying for mummy “.
But he do looking for mummy once ( One time only… hmmmm ??!!)
12 noon
Pick him up and mummy gave him a big wave and hugs 🙂

2nd days
8:25 am
Reach School
8:30 am
Every kids when to their own classroom.
8:40 am
I leave quietly after he when in to the classroom.
12 noon
Pick him up

3rd days
Reach School
and straight looking for his teacher.
( I think he feel comfortable and feel save when his teacher was around with him)
Mummy leave happily to work !! No worry ..
and smile all the way to work 🙂
12:oo noon
Pick up by grandpa

I think he is doing good and being happy at school .
According to his teacher, he is good, able to eat and follow what his friends doing.
Quite social , easily mingled with his friends.
The ONLY TWO Things .
1) He don’t like to share things (toys, books……) with others .
2) He don’t like to tuck in his shirt , even teacher and principle tuck in for him,
he will pull the shirt out again .

I m proud of my boy as for this 3days of schooling.
Let’s hope for this to continue next month as he is going for full days.
8:30am to 12 noon (Kindergarten) 12noon to 5:30 pm (Daycare)

As for Baby J aka Jareth
After the surgery.
Baby have some problem with his bowel movement,
He used to pass motion EVERYDAY , at least 2 to 3 times a day before the surgery.
But after the surgery, for the 3 weeks, his bowel movement was messed up.
Worst, he poo-poo ONE time after 7 Days , then …
5 Days once , 3 days once , 2 days once …
Up to today everyday Once … “better then nothing” as he is drinking alot.
At the moment he is drinking 5Oz every 2 to 3 hour .
Most of the time on BM and also top up 1 to 2 time formula milk.

I always have problem with baby J’s sleeping time even until now.
He wake up quite often at night and even daytime.
According to nanny, he hardly sleep !!
Several small 30 minute naps through the day.

1 hour and sometime 3 hours (very very rare).
At Night,
He can wake up at 3am and only fall sleep after 2 to 3 hour.

Or wake up at 5am and fall sleep at 7am.
Between that 2 hour , he was goo and gaa then cry until i pick him up.
He just want to be carry or drink on mummy milk.
Even we offer pacifier , he can’t sleep as well !!
Up to a point, i have to put him to a small carrier and rock him to sleep.
( as the photos show above)
This can took me up to 30 minute to 1 hour time.
After he is in deep sleep , only i carry out to his bed .
Other wise i just leave him in his carrier until the next feeding .
Cos i was too tired and try not to wake him up ..
So mummy can have 2 to 3 hour sleeping time !!

That’s all for The J Brothers.

After all …. I realize ……. It’s not that bad.
We’ve just gotten used to the hard work, the juggling,
the busy-time table and being organized.
It’s parenthood ,it’s part of the growing journey…. it’s life.

And learning how to love it, is perhaps the most super thing about it.


Brothers by birth Friends by choice ..

October 26, 2009
When will Sibling rivalry started ??
I guess mine started early … 😛

Sibling rivalry is the jealousy, competition and

fighting between brothers and sisters.

It is a concern for almost all parents of two or more kids.

Somehow we still help Jeremy deal with the feeling towards his lil brothers.

Even before Baby J was born .

Of cos we cant expect a perfect relationship at this moment .

Sometime is work, sometime is not !!

Sometime he can be very gentle and love Baby J,

Sometime he behave rough to Baby J .

Seem like another phase to go through.

As i continue to remain unplugged –

Let me share with you these lovely pictures ..

Hope they make you smile 🙂

These are the amazing pictures we had done over the past weekend.

The best part of this picture is it was mostly spontaneous .

Here’s the not so loving part of the Two J’s

Here’s the most loving moments being brother to each other.

( Brothers by Birth, Friends by Choice)

These are real blessings.

October 23, 2009

I was counting blessing today while I m driving to work .

I thought, what a blessing. I m here today .

I have a work that not so stress , sometime busy till no end,

and sometime free till I can blog hopping and relax 🙂

& the best part, i can go home on time and paid on time !!

And then, as I drove along, i thought

I m bless that I m a mother , a wife and many roles and I m happy of them .

My life is not perfect, there’s happy and unhappy along the way,

But i couldn’t change it for anything.

And my kids. Lil’J & Baby J are so wonderful.

Even when they drive me insane and crazy till i wanna cry ,

Even when they’re not sleeping .

Even when there are crying for no reason…..


At least for Lil J he can run and jump and hop around like silly little monster .

At least for Lil J he can shout, Some kids cant’s even talk, sing and laugh.

At least for Lil J he can play and full of energy and spirit, Some kids can’t even move .

At least for Baby J he can drink well and smile while I calling his name.

At least for Baby J … God give him a double eye lid with big eye that are so beautiful.

At least for both my boys, they have legs and hands that work .

At least for both my boys they have perfectly body that is healthy.

Today this 2 boys,

Make me a loving, grateful and blessed mum.

not forget… there make me a crazy mum too … 🙂

I can’t believe that my hubby and I get to raise these precious children.

And my Hubby. He is such a fantastic companion and helper and friend.

And my Parent in law being they to help us in no time and they love my kids so much .

I just love them ALL ,

Especially my two J’s more than I ever knew was possible.

As for me,

I m bless that I able to lost around 14kg out of 15kg in 2 months time,

Even I have to go tru hard time and stress while taking care my two J’s.

These are real blessings.

And there are so many more… a mind to think,

fingers to type, air to breathe… endless really.

Count some blessings with me today or tomorrow.

Yours may be different than mine .

Thot to practice this everyday .

Keep me moving forward for how blessed I m.

Think about the good things in your life,

often to stop yourself becoming too unhappy about the bad things.





Happy Weekend Everyone .

Is Jeremy Ready ??

October 22, 2009
Is my Lil’ J ready for Preschool ??
I wander why i m more “kan cheong” and worry then him
He the one who going to school !!
As what my friends always said … (孩子考试,变成妈妈也考试了,好痛苦 !!)
Is the same scenario as ..once the kids having exam, parent even more worried!!
Just like the parent having exam too

By looking at the pictures below, i think he is ready for preschool !!
Just the matter of CRY or not if i leave him at Kindy.
This morning he wake up and carried his school bag ,
Saying ” 我 要上学” ( i wanna go to school).
Keep my finger cross and hope everthing will be just fine and smooth.
Not crying for too long, too many days or weeks !!

Will update about this next week .

Btw, lately he like to take pictures with one eye open and one eye close.
I always ask him to open the eye ..Cos i cant see his eye and
Jeremy doesnt have big eye like Baby Jareth … 😛
Somemore give me all kind of posing and funny faces !! “slap forehead”My funny boy !!

My Confinement Food .

October 20, 2009
This is a backdated post, But i like to share and jot this down .
Many women observe the traditional confinement period,
but not everyone finds it easy.
It’s based on the belief that when a woman has given birth,
her body is “cold and weak”
Sometimes, Chinese older folks make like this period very complicated .
In order to bring herself back to health,
she must observe at least 30 days to 40 days
of certain lifestyle and dietary changes.

This round i appointed a pui yuet poh ( Confinement Lady),
I followed the confinement diet strictly for the first 30 days,
it was hard not to , cos i think we are paid to this service,
and we had to follow in order to bring back a strong body
& not wasting $$ for appoint a CL .. Not Cheap !!

According to the pui yuet poh.
There’s a whole list of weird and Chinese foods that are said
to nourish the woman’s body, revitalise health, expel wind,
create warmth and even increase the supply of breast milk.
I just take in whatever she said is good .
For 30 days only mah …
so still can tolerate and kuai kuai eat all the food she prepared .

I had breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12noon, tea time at 3pm,
dinner at 6pm… and the last supper at 9pm .
3 heavy meal with 2 light meal every single day ….
NO WAY to go on diet .

No plain water. Instead, i drink a special red date tea at all times.
But i like this drink and i been drinking alot too .

Below are some of the Confinement food. Not able to take all the pictures.
Cos sometime i m hungry and forget to take the photos… hahha
I like most of the food that the CL cook … at least for the first 3 weeks.
The last week … i started to slow down … too meaty and oily .
Btw, i can’t recall all the Confinement food. As i know got ..
Peanut & Pig’s Trotter Soup 花 生 猪 脚 汤.
Pork Knuckle in Ginger and Vinegar 猪 脚 姜 醋.
Double Boiled Angelica Chicken Tonic Soup 当 归, 北 芪 炖 鸡 汤
Broccoli Stir Fried with Ginger 芥 兰 花 炒 姜 丝
Steam Fish with Qi Zi 枸 杞 蒸 鱼 排
Steamed Fish with Ginger 姜 丝 清 蒸 鱼
Steamed Drunken Chicken 蒸 醉 鸡
Fried Rice with Ginger.
Mee Suah with Ginger Wine.
Chicken and Black Fungus With Glutinous Wine Soup.
Papaya with fish and wine soup.
and many more……..

After too much of oily and meaty food every day.
I m so so so look forward to the dessert below during every tea time.
Red bean with longan &
Ginger, brown sugar, pandan , longan and sweet potato soup.
I love this as it gives me a calming effect.

Small yet very Happy .

October 19, 2009
I m back to Work … back to my “workstation”.
Once u see my scrap LO again .. see my baby J on the header .
u know i m back to blogging .

Physically i m back to work but mentally i m still in lala-land.
Will have to change my time to suit the working routine and time all over again.
Last Saturday we had a small Birthday Bash for this lil J.
Lets the pictures tell the story.
Pictures show everyone was enjoying the ice cream .. especially the kids.
Of cos … Jeremy was the most happy boy that night.
With lots of birthday gift .
No time and no mood for baking this round,
But we made a right choice to had a Ice-cream cake from BR.
At least the birthday boy enjoy his ice-cream. Cos he don’t eat cake.
Perhaps everyone love ice-cream, especially from Baskin Robin.
We had 6 different tastes of ice-cream on the top (cone).
& a Peanut Butter Chocolate as the base for the cake. Love it !!

This round mummy able to made some Jelly for sweet treats.
The main menu go to seafood tom yam. Cook by mummy too.
We had KFC and some pasta tuna salad ( no photo).

Where is baby J ???
My baby J was slept tru out the whole night,
even we made alot of noise….
He was sleeping soundly.
Layout from Ruth. Thanks …

Thank you all for the Birthday Wish.
& Thanks for those who drop by and made the Birthday a Happy one for Lil J.
Perhaps is a nice gathering for the family too.

Jeremy Turns 3 Years Old

October 17, 2009
Just lil note for this post …
Today my lil’ J turns 3 , how time flies ya ??
We will have a small Birthday party for him tonight..
(stay tune for more update about this)

Not Forgetting Him …..

October 12, 2009
Not forgetting Him.

Apart being madly busy with baby J.

I m also busy with my Lil J ….
Out of the blue that nanny told me she not going to take care
Jeremy coming November.
(She suppose to take care till end of this year or middle next year)
So … I been running up and down to look for kindy, nursery, day care …
Compared here and there.. what’s more is coming to school holiday now.
But i guess somehow he has to start his journey in pre-school.
Finally we had decided a kindy + daycare.
Will have to enroll him this November.
I was abit nervous and unsure.
Will he enjoy ? Will he freaked out ??

Sometime i dislike writing about my hard time.
or some negative thot about my kids on the blog.
Well, I guess there is much to be learnt from hard times.
And you need to experience the bad moments to appreciate the good moments.
Lately he been really hard to manage.
Many say he want attention … he being put aside ….
cos we been focusing much on baby J…. cos baby J is not feeling very well.
Yah .. is true . But not 100% true.
We still try our very best to be with him, play and give attention to him.
Daddy had been putting alot of time,
patient and effort with him compared to lastime.
Cant deny i had less time with him now.
Every single day it’s the same battle with the little one – defiance.
He completely ignores our requests. Even a simple requests.
He purposely doing the other way to make us angry.
He will throw tantrums, tears, shouting, throwing, anger, rudeness …
Thing go on and off for few months.
We have been exhausted. I am rundown, stressed and I’m quite lost.
Everyday we raising our voice and threatening some kind of discipline and punishment.
We do discipline him , being consistent on the rules.
But he keep DOING IT.
Sometime i even wanna to surrender myself to this little boy.
& pass it to my parents in law to handle and take care for a while.
I am overwhelmed, touched, grateful and appreciate that they do help alot on this.
Overall … he is not that BAD BAD boy ..
He just being playful, naughty, want attention,
or he is at a developmental stage of experimenting something ??
Rules ?? Feeling ?? or what ??

I hope this is just a part of growing up.
I keep telling myself : IT WAS A PHASE.

I know and very sure he still wanna be a baby like before.
Of cos … he is my baby forever even my baby is growing up !!
& get ready for pre-school the next month.
See the big kor kor on tha baby carrier ??
Somehow he is very pround of himself…
cos he know he is going to school soon,
he is a real big kor kor now …
and he been telling us that he like an adult
cos he is wearing underwear now …. hahhaha.
I hope that will be a new changes and new life for him when he start going to kindy.

Jeremy : if you ever read this oneday.
We just want you to know that daddy and mummy love u more then you ever know.
Even didi (baby J) is arrived. You both are the same and as precious to us.

It’s been a long wait .

October 3, 2009
The night before surgery :
2:30am :
Last milk ( i gave formula milk, thot can last longer).
2:30 to 6am :
Plain water
after 6am :
stop everything, no milk no water.
Baby started to cry at 5am …. cos hungry !!
7:30am :
We reach SDMC.
7:40am :
Register and call up the insurans by the SDMC.
Bad news : Our claim was being rejected by AiA, further investigate is needed.
We are aware of this …
but we are still appeal and get reference letter from few doctor.
8am :
I was with baby J in side the day care surgery room.
( only one parent is allow to go in)
Baby was still sleeping .. while i m looking around the surgery room.
It’s was very cold and quite .

8:10am :
Nurses checking on baby …examination was done by 8:20am.
Baby was carried to operating theatre and put on ‘sleep’ by doctor.
( i gave baby a kiss on the forehead before he was carried away)
8:50am-910am :
Have a quick breakfast.
9:15am :
Dr was out to see us and explain the whole surgery.
9:30am :
Baby was out and still in “sleeping” mode.
Only one parent is allow to go in to see baby.
( i ask daddy to go in first … cos i scared to see baby in many tube or …. i duno).
i know i will cry if i see that … yah, i m not a strong mum .. O.o
10:15am :
Daddy came to me and say baby is sleeping without tube,
is like normal sleeping.
10:30am :
Then only i dare to see my baby…
Almost 12noon:
Baby have his first feeding ( breast feeding),
Glad he is sucking well even fall asleep in between.

2pm + :
2nd feeding…. drinking well.
3:45pm :
Doing the payment , getting medicine and …. final check on baby.
Nurses make sure baby have at least 2 to 3 feeding only can discharge.
yes … we got a bil from SJMC, it’s was a “BOOM” … expected !!
Is ok … as long baby is well and heathly !!
Before 4pm :
Baby is allow to discharge .
Finally we are able to go home.
It’s been a long long day for us .

Surgery was done on the left and right abdomen.
Repair of inguinal hernia, there’s is a stingulated hernia according to doctor.

Baby was doing well at home. The day after surgery, baby was tired and less active, sleep most of the time.

The 2nd day .. back to his habit… cranky, crying and drink often. As usual.

Perhaps.. he is smiling often now.