A Complete Haze …..

Baby Jareth sleeping and feeding time was a mess,
He would need to feed every 3 hours, sometimes 2 hours or every hour.
During the day, irregular feeding patterns were fine ,
He sleep more during daytime. But at night, it was terrible…
Especially from 10pm to 1am + … he hardly sleep, and wake up very very often.
Being very cranky and wanted to carry or milk milk..
by the time he were in deep sleep, that will be nearly 2am , can up to 3am.
Woke up follow by 5am, sometime 4am … then 6am …
The sleep deprivation was bad… i was drain out sometime !!
Not only baby is cranky, mummy is cranky and irritable too.

The worst ….
Baby Jareth is going to have a surgery coming Thursday at SDMC (SJMC)
Why ??? Cos my poor baby is having Inguinal Hernia.
According to pediatric surgeon ..
Surgery has generally been recommended for all inguinal hernias
to avoid complications such as strangulation.
Infants who have inguinal hernias have a much higher risk of strangulation
than older children and adults.
So surgery for inguinal hernias in infants is not delayed like it can be for adults.
That’s is why we couldn’t wait for few more months as we plan earlier.
Sometime i wander, izit becos of having hernias
that make him so cranky and discomfort most of the time ?

Is a one day admission, unless baby was not being good and unstable.
So, we pray that baby Jareth is all fine after the surgery and being
able to go home by night time .

Baby Jareth will be the 1st patient to have Surgery that day at 830am.
So doctor can have more time to check and observe him.
According to doctor, is a minor surgery. Around 45 minute.
Even is a minor surgery…. for me is still a surgery.
What more …. my baby is not even 2 months old!!

How do i manage all this ???
I just have to get on with it … really !!!
I do what i CAN do and not what i wanna to do …
I was living in a complete haze. Like a Zombie…
Just hang on this few months…
Everything will be back in shape in few more months …hopefully !!


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